H-d Vrscf 2009-2011

Model Vrscf made by H-d got 8 consumer complains. Consumer complaints with reference, among others things, to electrical system, fuel system, gasoline.

Car model

Name Consumer Complaints
H-d Vrscf 2009 14
H-d Vrscf 2010 8
H-d Vrscf 2011 15

Model 2010

Consumer Complaints

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 I washed the 2010 harley davidson vrscf motorcycle with water from a hose. the next day the gauge cluster had a small amount of water visible. the digital readout on the cluster cycled erratically until finally stopping on one section and was then unresponsive until the vehicle was shut down. bike is still under manufacturer warranty, but issue should not have occurred.
 The fuel gauge on my 2010 harley davidson v-rod muscle frequently fails. even after completely filling the tank, the gauge fluctuates in its reading, sometimes saying i only have 3/4 tank, and sometimes 1/4 or less. within 10 minutes of steady riding, the gauge shows the tank as being completely empty. i have taken the bike to tucson hd, where they recently replaced the entire gauge cluster, but that has not fixed the problem. the gauge continues to fail despite the repair, indicating a constant low/no fuel condition.