Harley Davidson Flhs Series

Model Flhs Series made by Harley Davidson got 2 consumer complains. Consumer complaints with reference to electrical system. .

Model 1992

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 Happened 4 times: last occurrence could have had disasterous results had a pull off not been available. complete electical failure. 1st time at a stoplight. 2nd time in heavy traffic. 3rd time riding in light traffic. 4th time on an interstate (i-295). had it happened 10 seconds sooner, i would have been run over by a truck. after 2nd time, took the motorcycle to my dealer...he stated there was no recall for the 1992 flhs and could not do any service as a recall. however, if i wanted to pay for it...and now, i see that there is a recall for the 1994 -1998 flhs for the very same thing. (nhtsa campaign id number 98v158000) all four times: after allowing the motorcycle to stand for a minite or two, the circuit breaker reset itself and the vichicle started and continued on as if nothing ever happend. this recall should go back to 1992 or before. *ak
 Driving on freeway motorcycle stalled. pulled to side & waited. finally was able to restart again. did not take to dealer due to problem not reappearing. *ak

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