Harley Davidson Fxds

Model Fxds made by Harley Davidson got 1 consumer complain. Consumer complaints with reference to electrical system. .

Model 2000

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 2000 fxds harley davidson ignition switch failure. nov. 2009, jan. 2010, march 2010, april 2010, may 2010 and final date 6-8-2010. switch starting losing contact when hitting a bump or required turining back and forth several times to make initial contact to get full ignition powere. checked all connections and determined it was inside actual switch. leaned all contacts, spray electrical cleaner in switch and it worked for a while longer until it melted the ground wire from heat and melted inside the switch. at this point (6-8-2010)the full on position quick working and the bike was inoperable. complaint form wouldn't accept serial number.