Harley Davidson Vrscb

Model Vrscb made by Harley Davidson got 6 consumer complains. Consumer complaints with reference to fuel system, gasoline. .

Model 2004

Consumer Complaints

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 I have a 2004 harley davidson vrscb v-rod; my gas gauge does not work and gives false readings all the time, to make matters worse there is no reserve tank on the v-rod. if you polled v-rod owners you would find at least 80% of the 2002 - 2005 v-rod have this problem and as far as i know there is no fix. this problem has left me stranded on 5 occasions, i try to keep track of my mileage but does not always work. twice i ran out of gas on the express way and came close to being hit both times. harley no longer even attempts to address this safety hazard as the newer models do not use the same set-up.