Haul-master Folding Trailer 901548vga

Model Folding Trailer 901548vga made by Haul-master got 5 consumer complains. Consumer complaints with reference, among others things, to structure, unknown or other.

Model 9999

Consumer Complaints

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 I purchased a haul-master trailer made by changzhou nanziashu tool company through harbor freight on february 18, 2011. i have had two problems with the fender supports: the first problem occurred while on a trip when the right fender support broke and the fender flew off the trailer. this occurred around may 15, 2011 and we have no idea when it happened or where. i discovered the missing fender at a gas stop. the second event was the left fender support breaking. this time the fender collapsed onto the tire causing major damage to the tire. we were on a major interstate and we able to get off the road before the tire blew. this event occurred on march 31, 2012. both of the fender supports broke at the same place. they broke just above the mounting holes where the supports attach to the trailer. the break was horizontal across the support on both occasions. i think this is a design problem in that the brackets are not strong enough to withstand the weight and vibrations of the fender.
 Tl*the contact owns a 2011 harbor freight haul-master 901548 trailer. the contact stated that the utility trailer comes in a kit with instructions to assemble but the parts were not labeled; therefore; it was impossible to assemble. the contact was concerned about the safety risk since someone could assemble it incorrectly which could result in a major crash. the manufacturer was contacted but offered no assistance. the trailer was assembled.