Hi-bird Qh125-10

Model Qh125-10 made by Hi-bird got 2 consumer complains. Consumer complaints with reference, among others things, to electrical system, steering.

Model 2007

Consumer Complaints

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 Contact owns a 2007 hi-bird qh25gy. contact stated that while starting the motorcycle the plastic body covering and panels started melting from the exhaust pipe. contact has no miles on the motorcycle. contact also stated that the motorcycle was missing a consumer handbook.jrb
 New model chinese motorcycle hi-bird qh125-10 has a safety problem with loss of steering control, leading to possible fatal crash. the front anti-theft fork lock on the hi-bird qh125-10 motorcycle has two screws which were installed in the factory loosened over a time period because of motor vibrations and normal use. when they loosened up about 1/4 inch they prevented the driver from steering the motorcycle in the desired direction. this immediately led to a crash if which occurred while moving. this happened to me on a busy highway in kansas at us highway 54 at night. i pulled out of a gas station on the side of the road and attempted to turn on to the east bound lane. after turning the steering was jammed and i could not stop the turn. i ended up going into the opposite lane and falling off the motorcycle at low speed because i was able to slow the motorcycle down with the brakes. if any traffic had been coming in the opposite direction they would not expected such a thing to happen and would not have been able to avoid crashing into me. no traffic was coming. i sustained a scraped knee, and s there was slight damage to the motorcycle . in the morning at daylight i was able to find the screw that loosed and caused the accident. i took photos of parts in question and the accident scene the next day. *ak i feel if something is not done about these screws loosening up and causing crashes someone will die soon. i was lucky. please do something to prevent this from happening again. thank you. christopher risher 9012 mt. carmel el paso, tx 79907 915-328-9152 chrisrishermn32@yahoo.com

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