Holiday Rambler Alumascape Suite

Model Alumascape Suite made by Holiday Rambler got 7 consumer complains. Consumer complaints with reference, among others things, to structure, tires.

Model 2007

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 2007 holiday rambler travel trailer 32' presidential. frame problems, welds not welded and i beam failure. not repairable dealer says! found out this is a common problem! consumers and insurance co. are paying for it before and after frame failures. i had springs fail and hitch failures first. then this year had cracks in my frame steel, took to the dealer to told it wasn't repairable. and to get a lawyer. *tr
 We own a 2007 holiday rambler travel trailer. we had 4 new secura tires installed on 9/6/09. on 8/9/10, 11 mos. after purchase and less than 3,000 miles the right front tire blew out (tire pressure was checked before leaving); when that tire was replaced, the tire shop said the 2nd tire on the right side was ready to blow so we replaced it. two hours later on the same trip, the left front tire blew out. we replaced both tires on the left side. the tires were 225-75r-15/e.
 Goodyear marathon tires - tread delaminates from tire even when used at rated speed and load. i have had my travel trailer for 2 years and the same failure has occurred on 4 tires. approx. 3000 miles. on occurrences 2 & 3 the trailer was empty, minimum load. you have 31 complaints for the same problem and 27 under tire general defects. this problem is also wide spread on the internet particularly on rv enthusiast websites. i work for a major car company as avp of parts and service with over 30 years experience. this is a real problem with life threatening potential. i still have the remains of the most recent tire failure available for inspection. i was foolish not to keep the others, however the replacement history can be documented at my local tire dealer. i'm not interested in restitution, i have already ordered a different brand of tire to replace these before i have another failure. when the tread delaminates it is slung off the tire carcas and often cause significant damage to the trailer. between the number of complaints you have received and the widespread buzz on the internet you should have more than enough information to open a formal defect investigation. *tr