Honda Accord Lx, Dx

Model Accord Lx, Dx made by Honda got 23 consumer complains as well as 1 investigation. Consumer complaints with reference, among others things, to electrical system and latches/locks/linkages. The car had one investigation (wheels).

Model 1990


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Consumer Complaints

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 The ignition switch on a 1990 honda accord. i recently was driving my car and i noticed that when i speed up the car just shuts off and it goes back on. it does it around 55 mph. i haven't replaced the part. but i really think that you take this complaint seriously because i wouldn't want to see anyone or myself getting hurt because of this issue. *tr
 Consumer had the distributor replaced twice. dealer told the consumer that honda knew that the distributors was defective. *ak
 The drivers side door has operated fine for years then one day it was closed normally and is never to be opened again (from inside or outside, locked or unlocked). it appears there is a fault with the internal door latch. at this point, the door will just not open. i am unable to remove the door panel to diagnose the problem because the door is closed. it's a real catch22. i am now forced to enter and exit the vehicle from the passanger side. which has me concerned because if i have to exit in an emergency it may be a problem. right now i am trying to get someone to give me an estimate on what it would cost to repair but no one can because they say they have to remove the door panel first. i feel this is a defective part due to it's design (if the door latch is to fail from normal wear and tear then there should at least be some means to open the door so it can be repaired!) so far no deaths or injuries have occured but i would hate to see something like that happen because of someone not being able to get out of their car.
 Inside door handle cracked and broke the whole handle assembly. the consequences have made it to where the door cannot be opened from the inside, god forbid if there was an accident or a fire, how would my passanger get out of the car in a hurry?*ak have been told to replace it myself........why? obvious default if you look at all the other consumer complaints.
 The driver side door lock actuator broke. i had to cut door open from inside door to replace. dealer wanted $800.00 to replace. then i replaced the actuator and 1 year later it is broken again. after reading the complaints on this site, i see it is an on going problem. i refused to pay $800.00 for this job so i guess i'm stuck exiting the vehicle from the passenger side. then when something happens because this is an obvious manufacturer defect by all these reports filed, i'll just sew the hell out of honda for not fixing the problem!!!!!!!!!! *la
 Tl*the contact owns a 1990 honda accord lx. while the vehicle was parked all of the seat belts were fastened but the seat belt warning light remained illuminated and the warning sound continued to alert as if the seat belt was unfastened. there were occupants in the vehicle when the failure occurred. the manufacturer was made aware of the failure and advised the contact to take the vehicle to the dealer for diagnostic testing. the vehicle was not repaired. the approximate failure mileage was 61,000.
 Tl- the contact owns a 1990 honda accord lx. while parked all seat belts were fastened but the seat belt warning light remained illuminated and the warning sound continued to alert as if the seat belt was unfastened. there were occupants in the vehicle while the failure occurred. the manufacturer was made aware of the failure and advised the contact take the vehicle to the dealer for diagnostics. the vehicle was not repaired. the approximate failure mileage was . ds
 Tl-the contact own a 1990 honda accord. while driving 25 mph there was a loud noise intermittently coming from the seat belt whenever she is driving? the seat belt works fine but the noise is coming from the buzzer. the vehicle was taken to the dealer who stated they cannot repair the noise because it does not go off when it is at the dealer. the manufacturer was contacted and informed her as long as the seat belt was in working condition the noise does not matter. she stated the noise was making it unsafe for her to drive. she cannot concentrate because the noise was too loud. the vehicle was not repaired. the failure mileage were 96,
 I just purchased a 1991 honda accord lx and the automatic seatbelt is jammed it does not go back to where i can wear it, thus i only have a lap belt. i was told that honda does have a lifetime warranty on the seatbelt and its components. i was also told that it was up to the dealer as to whether or not the seat belt track was under warranty. honda states that the seat belts and their functioning components are under a lifetime warranty. with this said, honda states that it is up to the dealer as to if it is covered. i took the vehicle to a local honda dealer and he said it is only the safety belt itself that was covered. the warranty states different as i mentioned above. a seat belt is the most safest and important part to the car, and i would like honda to stand up to their warranty and fix the track to my automatic seat belts. the car cannot be properly inspected because the seatbelts have to be in proper functioning order. *tr
 I have a 1990 honda accord lx with automatic seatbelts. the driver seatbelt will not retract into place. i called the honda dealer in maplewood, minnesota to have them look at the problem. they were unable to come up with a solution and charged me $95 for their time to diagnose. is this a safety issue if i get into an accident with a fautly seatbelt? how do you think i should solve this problem, since the honda dealer cannot even fix the problem. the year is 2003, which is not an option on incident date.
 Front driver & passenger lap belts are stuck in the buckles. *ph
 I have a 1990 honda accord lx. my driver seat does not stay in the adjusted position. it is designed to slide forward and backward to accomodate one's height. i attempted to adjust the seat forward, and it does not stay in the designated position. this causes the seat to freely slide forward and back without constraint. when accelerating, this pushes the driver backwards, away from the brake pedal. when braking, this causes the driver to come flying forward towards the steering wheel, in turn causing the brakes to depress very hard. in my opinion, this is a major safety issue and should be covered in honda's safety restraint system. unfortunately, i was (very rudely) informed by the service manager at robertson honda, in north hollywood that this was not considered a safety concern. instead, i was blatenly told that this is simply a case of a worn part, and that since my car is older, it is not immediately covered by honda. i feel this should be looked in to, as this is an extremely precarious situation for any driver to find him/herself in, causing a potentially serious accident.*ak
 The driver door on honda accords 1990-1993 the door is jamming closed won't open the only way to get it open is to weld the door off, this cost is 700.00 to have this done every honda repair and dealer i have called said they know about this and it is happening to accords 1990-1993, i think there needs to be an investigation done this is very dangerous if the owner can't afford to fix it right away and has to drive it like that what if there is an accident and the only way out is that door and it wont open or the window does not roll down for what ever reason this is happening to these cars how will a person get out? *jb
 Tl- the contact owns a 1990 honda accord. while driving approximately 10 mph approaching a stop the contact heard a noise coming from underneath the vehicle as if something had dropped. the vehicle was towed to the independent mechanic where the technician replaced a bolt and pin which had fell from the vehicle. the failure happened again after the repair. the same repairs were made and the technician stated the bolt and pin was drilled into the vehicle and stated the failure would not happen again. after the repairs were made the vehicle started swerving and the contact started hearing noise from underneath the vehicle as if something snapped off.the approximate failure mileage was 127,000. ds
 Honda motors does not have inspection criteria for ball joints. they have no technical publications on this area as confirmed by their central customer service. it is therfore possible that vehicles with defective ball joints may be on the road.

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