Consumer Complaints

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 My mother's 2005 honda civic airbag warning light came on and stayed on,she took it to a mechanic she trust and he said that it was probably the seatbelt tensioner but to be sure he hooked the car to the computer and sure enough it was. he said that he sees a lot of hondas with problems with the seatbelt that cause the warning light to come on and was wonder why there wasn't a recall on this problem. the fix cost my mom about $600.00 between the computer dignostic , labor and parts. he car only has 27000 miles on it and hasn't been in any accidents. she is 84 years old. i went online to look up this problem and there are a number of people that have this problem in fact the lady i work with has this problem with her honda crv that's about the same year as my mother's civic..just wonder if anything is being done? thank you for your time. *tr
 Tl-the contact owns a 2005 honda civic. the contact stated that while driving 65 mph, the front passenger air bag deployed even though the vehicle was not involved in a crash. the vehicle was not taken to the dealer. the manufacturer was contacted and stated that the vehicle was no longer under warranty. the failure mileage was 151,568 and the current mileage 151,600. sm.
 Tl- the contact owns a 2005 honda civic. the contact stated while driving 65 mph when the side passenger air bag deployed. he stated that he did not crushed into no one or no one crushed into hit the vehicle was not taken to the dealer. the manufacture was contacted and they stated that the vehicle was no longer under warranty. the failure mileage was 151,568 and the current mileage 151,
 2005 honda civic 4dr manual transmission frontal collision at highway speed - airbags did not deploy, front seat belt failed to restrain driver who contacted steering wheel. driver injured and transported to hospital via ambulance; vehicle towed and insurance adjuster states vehicle damaged beyond repair and a total loss. based on my experience (7 years as a 911 emt) the airbags ought to have deployed with this severity of impact, and their failure to do so needs to be investigated.
 Tl-the contact owned a 2005 honda civic. the contact stated that while driving 35 mph, she crashed into another vehicle and the air bags did not deploy. the contact also stated that neither front seat belt retained her or the passenger seated in the front passenger seat. the contact and the passenger were taken directly to the hospital, via ambulance, to treat injuries. the vehicle was destroyed and towed to an insurance lot. the failures were never diagnosed. the manufacturer was made aware of the failure and offered no assistance. the failure mileage was 38,000. sm.
 Tl* the contact owns a 2005 honda civic. the contact was driving 30 mph when the vehicle was involved in a head-on collision and the air bags did not deploy. there were no prior issues with the air bags. two people were reported injured and a police report was filed. the vehicle was destroyed. the contact called the manufacturer who stated that there were no related recalls to the air bag failure. the current and failure mileage was approximately 55,600.
 Tl-the contact owns a 2005 honda civic. the contact stated that while driving 30 mph, the vehicle was involved in a head-on collision. the air bags did not deploy; there were no prior issues with the air bags. two people were injured. a police report was filed. the vehicle was destroyed. the contact called the manufacturer who stated that there were no related recalls. the current and failure mileages were approximately 55,600-bk
 Tl-the contact owns a 2005 honda civic. while driving approximately 30 mph she noticed the air bag light was on and and stayed on. the contact stated the air bag light stays on constantly. the vehicle had not been checked by an authorized dealer or mechanic. she stated the failure had been ongoing for two weeks. the failure mileage was 175,000 and the current mileage was 176,000. vwb
 2005 honda civic was stopped on the road with traffic in front of me. vehicle was rear ended at around 40mph. the vehicle was turned at a 90 degree angle and hit another vehicle that dented the whole passenger side. none of the air bags deployed during accident. driver was rushed to the hospital and suffered head, neck and spinal injuries. car is waiting to be examined by insurance company.
 Tl* the contact owns a 2005 honda civic. while driving into a merging lane at speeds of 30 mph, the contact rear ended a vehicle in front of her and the air bags did not deploy upon impact. the contact sustained injuries to the neck and back. the vehicle was towed to a local repair shop where the contact was awaiting a diagnostic of the failure. the vehicle was not repaired. the failure and current mileages were 87,000.
 After i pushed the seat back to allow more room between the steering wheel and the seat the airbag sensor light came on and has been on the entire time the car is driven. the airbags will not deploy and the car is now not safe to drive. i have not gone to the dealer since i have read where honda has known of the problem and refuses to fix the problems and dealers take advantage of car owners charging them for various repairs that don't fix the problem. *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 2005 honda civic. while driving approximately 50 mph on normal road conditions, the vehicle was struck on the front end of the driver's side and the center of the hood. there were no warning indicators illuminated on the instrument panel. the air bags failed to deploy. the contact sustained moderate injuries. the police was called to the scene and a report was filed. the vehicle was completely destroyed. roadside assistance was called to the scene and the vehicle was towed to the collision center. the contact was in the process of notifying the manufacturer. the failure and current mileages were 48,000.
 2005 honda civic hybrid. i was involved in an accident in which i was hit on the driver side door. my specification sheet on my car states that i have side airbags which is one of the important reasons i bought the car. the accident totaled my vehicle but the side air bag never deployed. i ended up in the emergency room and was told i had a concussion. i was released later that day. *tr
 I was driving and took a left turn going to fast about 40-50 and the car rolled over upside down. the airbags didn't go off while i was hanging upside down. *tr
 My father was involved in a crash with a 1997 chevy 1500 pickup while driving his 2005 honda civic. the damage to the honda is extensive. the driver's air bag did not deploy and his neck was broken. the damage literally peeled back the front of the car and exposed both air bag sensors. he survived he accident and is now in rehab. we have two obvious questions: 1) why did the air bag not deploy? 2) could a broken neck have been avoided? *tr
 An accident occurred with one other vehicle. my civic was hit on the front left drivers side. when the accident happened i hit the windshield and then the air bag deployed hitting my chest and not so much my face, resulting in massive swelling on the left side of my face, a 6cm hematoma on my forehead and scalp from hitting the windshield , 2 black eyes and a fractured wrist from hitting the bottom of steering wheel. i had my seat belt on and so did the passenger. from the seat belt on the passenger's side, his injury was a punctured small intestine. *nm
 My daughter has a 2005 honda civic hybrid. her car was involved in a one person accident. her boyfriend was driving and fell asleep at the wheel. he hit a dip in the road on california highway (blue slide rd @ neymouth bluff rd). he went off a 15 foot drop off and then rolled the car 150 yards to the bottom of a ravine. he had his seat belt on. the car had four airbags - none of which deployed. they had to cut the seat belt to get him out and then cut off the top of the roof. there was no front bumper left on the car. he is in critical condition in a california hospital with major head trauma and no facial bone left intact in his face. if the air bags, even one of them had deployed the damage would have been far less. *nm
 I was involved in a 3 car wreck, where a lady going approx 45-55 mph hit my 2005 honda civic which was stopped and knocked me into a truck ahead of me which was also stopped it totaled my car. both front and back were completely crashed in and my air bag did not deploy, causing injury. *nm
 Dt: consumer stated her son was involved in a rollover accident. prior to the accident the anti-lock brakes did not work and the air bags did not deploy on impact. the dealership told her the airbags could still be checked to see if they are defective. the vehicle rolled twice and the front end hit the ditch. there was dew on the road and there was a deer in the road. he then slammed on the brakes and they locked up. there was a police report filed. he sustained a bruise collar bone, bruises on his legs, a bump on his head and he has to go to the dentist this week to have his teeth checked. the vehicle was totaled and when the consumer called the dealership they told her to call and file a complaint. *nm
 Tl- the contact owns a 2005 honda civic. while the contact was driving approximately 30 mph a vehicle crashed into the front drivers side of her vehicle. the airbags deployed with exception of the drivers air bag. the driver did sustain bruises and injuries to her chest, back, stomach and knees. there was a police report filed and the vehicle was towed to the dealer where they informed the contact the vehicle was totaled. the failure mileage was 108,000.
 2005 honda civic contain only the driver and the air bag did not deploy,driver sustain fractured shoulder and extensive bruising in the chest area,and swollen sternum. i love honda but with this happening i'm not happy at all and nothing is being done to compensate me for my injuries because it's stated that honda carries a good name, the service, and the product and yes that's what convinced me to buy but with this happening i have change my mind, because it's said that airbags suppose to deploy in the event of an accident,especially if your the only one in the vehicle. when you hit someone from the rear a sensor should react and it didn't for me. know with this being said i think another look should be taken into consideration on when the airbag should come out. i could have lost my life. how would you feel with it was you or your love one. *tr
 Was the 3rd car in a 3 car accident on i-5 north heading to seattle going 60mph. the passenger side airbag deployed, but not the driver's side, and there was only the driver in the car. *tr
 2005 honda civic airbags did not deploy in an accident. consumer states that the airbags did not deploy and would like honda to pay for medical bills. *kb
 Tl*the contact owns a 2005 honda civic. while driving 25 mph, the contact swerved to avoid striking a cat and rear ended a parked vehicle. the air bags failed to deploy. a police report was filed. the dealer stated that the air bags would not deploy at low speeds. the current mileage was 26,500 and failure mileage was 25,500. updated 09/16/08 *bf updated 09/19/08. *jb
 Car was involved in a front end collision and the driver's air bag did not deploy resulting in chest injuries to the driver. *tr
 04/22/06 auto accident. front impact at 50 mph and airbags did not deploy. impact appears to be just above the bumper on the right side but on the bumper on the drivers side as both fenders and the hood and the front grill and bumper were damaged. pictures are available on request. *nm
 Dt*: the contact stated the airbags did not deploy in a crash. at approximately 30-40 mph the vehicle exited the road and hit numerous trees, landing in a ditch. everything on the vehicle was damaged except the driver's side door. the vehicle was totaled, and a police report was taken at the scene. the insurance company determined the airbags did not deploy because of the angle at which the vehicle collided with both the trees and ditch. *ak
 I was traveling 25-30 mph when a blazer pulled out in front of me, after hitting them...i realized that neither airbag deployed ( i don't have an airbag on/off switch) . this was odd because we hit directly in the middle on the front of our 2005 honda civic (4-door) and the tow man said that there was a senor on both the drivers side and the passenger side, but only the passenger side looked as if it hadn't been hit. now while speaking with the police my wife was asked how fast we were traveling at time of impact and she was not sure, asking the officer how fast do you need to be traveling to deploy the airbags? because it must not have been that fast neither one had triggered. the officer stated well he would have to go check this out because the accident scene and the honda's damage he had just assumed that the airbags were deployed. now i have 7 stitches above my eye and bruised chest and knees, and my wife has a chipped bone in her neck. i would not be so upset but this car had about 3500 miles on it and i had made 3 cars payments, and everytime i search for honda and safety features the thing i read the most is how it had a 5 star rating for front impact for airbags. i have also read up on the new airbags with the settings for how fast, size, and position of the passengers, which in this case my wife and i were both looking forward and both she and i are full sized adults and i am not sure of the speed in which these new airbags fall under, but 25-30 is still enough speed for a good impact and we hit right in the front of our vehicle...we also had my 13 month old daughter who was fine. but with all this said i don't understand with everything stated and we the car as far as we know right now considered totaled why we are hurt more because there were no airbags to save us. thank you for your time. *jb
 Resentments tuve un accidente con mi vehiculo honda civic 2005. el impacto fue uno fuerte en la parte delantera de la unidad; estaba utilizando el cinturon de seguridad y aun asi las bolsas de aire nunca se activaron.
 Automibile accident occurred on december 27, 2004 for failure of brakes, on impact excessive force of deployed airbag caused hand injury. brake pedal fade when car was in idle, clicking sound of brake line when stepping on brake pedal. car was serviced for a faulty gear positioning sensor as well. *ak
 Purchased vehicle new 7/6/05. on 12/18/06, 31k miles, brought it to dealer with srs light on. dealer determined the passenger seatbelt tensioner needed replacement. repair was effected. srs light on again, brought to dealer 1/2/07, 32.5k miles. the passenger seatbelt buckle was replaced. srs light on again (observed after going over a section of uneven pavement), brought to dealer 1/16/07, 33.4k miles. i think that time they reset the computer component. srs light on again 1/20/07, 33.5k miles, passenger seatbelt tensioner replaced again. srs light on again 5/2/07, 39.5k miles, the entire passenger restraining system and computer component were replaced by dealer. srs light on again 6/5/07, 41k miles, car is with dealer now. during this time i have been unable to determine any action that triggers the srs light to come on. this last time the passenger seat had been empty for the previous 2 days.
 Dt: consumer has a new honda civic. the srs indicator light has not worked properly since he owned the vehicle. the srs indicator light alerts consumer of potential problems with airbags or seat belts. the srs light has been on since he first purchased vehicle. took vehicle to dealer 4 times for the srs light, and the light remained on. dealer reset the computer, hoping the srs light would not come on any more, but srs light continued to come on. also, dealer replaced passenger front seat ,belt and this did not keep srs light from coming on. seat belt was replaced on may 12, 2005, vehicle was at dealer for srs light on march 31, 2005, april 29, 2005 and june 2, 2005. owners manual stated that ignoring the srs indicator could result in serious injury or death if the airbag systems or sea tbelts do not work properly. *ak
 I was driving and took a left turn going to fast about 40-50 and the car rolled over upside down. the airbags didn't go off while i was hanging upside down. *tr