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01070107/01/2001624388Information on: which models have seat belt tensioners. *et11/05/2001
00010101/01/2000610337Information on replacing the seat belt tensioners. *tt04/25/2000

Consumer Complaints

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 Dt: the consumer experienced a malfunctioning of the seat belts in the middle row of the vehicle. they have been replaced by the dealer six times. the seat belts worked correctly for a short time then failed to retract. the dealership was aware of the problem at this time. *ak (12/02/05) (the right and middle seat belt) there was a vibration in the steering wheel while the vehicle was in motion. *sc
 1)power sliding doors do not operate properly. intermittently, doors won't open, doors open partially and stop, and doors close partially and stop. more importantly, power doors do not stop and retract when pressure is applied in accordance with manual. today was the fourth time that one of my children hesitated when exiting the van and was stuck within the doorway when the door was automatically closing. not only did the door not stop and retract when it reached my child's body, but did not stop even when i placed the full pressure of my body against the door. today, my daughter was thrown out of the van to the ground and i incurred bruising on my left shoulder where i had braced my body against the door to stop it from advancing over her body. i have reported these problems to the dealership time and again. in 2000, they replaced some parts but the problems still occur with regularity. 2)some of the seat belts, particularly the one in the second row, driver's side, jams constantly. we are very often unable to use that seat because the seat belt gets stuck when being drawn out to be buckled. 3)the rear hatch is sometimes inoperable. the unlock button of the remote must be pressed 5 or more times for the hatch to unlock, and even then, it releases only partially. since there is no release inside the car, this is extremely inconvenient and could be dangerous, in combination with the doors not working properly. *jb
 Rear right seat belt tightened around child's stomach and wouldn't unlock. child's air was cut off, and seat had to be cut.*ak
 When i bumped a metal sign in the walmart parking lot on feb 18 2002 driving 5 mph, my airbags deployed and the seat belts froze. i found in the manual that they are only suppose to deploy upon moderate to severe impact. i along with 3 other body shops and my insurance, state farm, felt that the air bags deployed faulty and never should have gone off. there was no other damage to the vehicle, demonstrating how lightly the sign was hit. this was an expensive defect that i would like to report, in case it should happen to someone else. *ts ****dimsii ivoq entry posted after 12/12/02 cut over to artemis****760765
 Driver seatbelt buckle has become inoperative, will not latch in seatbelt, causing a loss of protection. defect has occurred only after 1 week of owning vehicle. dlr claims cannot determine cause of defect. part replaced by honda. *ak *ml
 Rear seat belt on driver's side, got caught and would not release. my son was stuck in seatbelt and everytime he moved, it tightened. it was so tight around his stomach that he had a hard time breathing, and it was so tight that it wouldn't retract. had to make an emergency stop, asked two men to help release my son. they couldn't so we had to cut seatbelt. also, seatbelts come undone on their own. *ak
 Second row seat belts do not remain in locked position when using with an infant car seat. the seat belt will remain locked for 1, 2, or 3 days. but we have found the belt locking mechanism to eventually release. checking the belt to see it's locked at the start of your trip only to find at the end of the trip the lock has released. since the van is out of 3 yr / 36,000 mi warranty, we were told we would have to pay for the repair. the van is model year 2000 with 32,000 miles. *nm
 Rear restaint belt tightened up on accupant, cutting off the occupant's air.*ak
 I am filing this with you because i cant seem to understand hondas logic in dealing with a serious safety equipment malfunction on a newer car that is supposed to be under warranty. the specific problem is that the middle passenger side seatbelt on my 2000 honda odyssey ex has broken and will not retract. the general problem is that i need to go all the way to canada from seattle to get it fixed. my wife and i purchased our 2000 honda odyssey ex four months ago with 29,000 miles on it. the van was purchased from a private party who had bought it with 192 miles on it from a dealer. with the purchase came an extended warranty leading us to assume that we would be taken care of if the honda odyssey ex had any serious problems. i think of a broken seatbelt that holds in my children as a serious problem. my regular mechanic told me to take it to a dealer because he said honda has a lifetime warrantee on their seatbelts. my extended warrantee company (heritage) does not cover seatbelts or airbags but insisted that honda should. we took it to a honda dealer (burien honda) who said that seatbelts are always covered by honda. they took my info and said they would order the parts. a few hours later i got a call from the dealer stating that because the car has a vin indicating it was purchased in canada it was not covered. i then called honda (in america) customer service center they were nice but told me that cars sold in canada are not covered by honda we did not know the vehicle was from canada, although that should not matter. it is my understanding that all 2000 honda odysseys were made in canada and all have the same familiar honda logo on the hood. i can not imagine seat belts being very different between canada and america. in an auto accident, someone could get injured or even killed because of this broken seatbelt. this week, we go to canada. thank you for your help, marc, natalie and madison its my seat belt that is broken mccann. *ak
 All seat belts failed to retract properly.*ak
 Rear seat belt on driver's side, got caught and would not release. my son was stuck in seatbelt and everytime he moved, it tightened. it was so tight around his stomach that he had a hard time breathing, and it was so tight that it wouldn't retract. had to make an emergency stop, asked two men to help release my son. they couldn't so we had to cut seatbelt. also, seatbelts come undone on their own. *ak
 Another car turned left in front of me, with no signal or no notice. i hit her and my air bags deployed and my seat belt held me fine. my kids were in the second row seat with seat belts on. they both hit the seat in front of them. i think the handles that are on the seats (bad design). my son lost 4 permanent teeth and had lacerations to his face. my daughter had a concussion and now has a huge scar on her lip and chin. i guess the shoulder straps failed to lock?*ak
 The seat belt locking mechanism activated when the consumer's grandson attempted to pick something off the floor with the seat belt on. *ph the seat belt retracted even more when the child tried to pull the shoulder strap in the process to unlatch himself. consumer tried to look for a method to deactivate the locking mechanism of the seat belt in the owner's manual but with no avail. that led to a decision to cut the belt with scissors. *la
 Rear bucket seat buckle unbolted from its structure without any impact or force being applied. *ak there were problems with the temperature control knob. (the entire heat a/c control panel was replaced), the front brake pads had to be replaced and the rotors had to be cut, the check engine light had come on, and gasoline was smelled each time the engine was shut off. *sc *jb
 Seatbelt design defective on odyssey minivans. in the center row of seats, with a bench seat configuration, the seatbelt does not protect the seat occupant from the risk of serious injury or death from a side or corner impact collision. i have contacted honda and they have indicated that this is the design of the seatbelt and that the flip down armrrest is what would protect the belted occupant from harm, which is nonsense. the ford windstar has the proper restraint - there is a secondary latch used to properly restrain the seat occupant in the seat. this is a very serious defect insofar as people may also place baby seats in this seat and assume the seatbelt will protect the child. it won't - the child seat would slip out from under the belt. please advise on what steps happen next.*ak
 Tl*- the contact stated that his seat belt is very uncomfortable due to his large size. he stated that he called the manufacture and they said that they wouldn't be able to provide a seat belt extender. the contact is concern about his safety and would like to know what is the next step he can take.