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SB-08-05508/01/200810026825Honda: sliding door does not open all the way even though window is closed. the window regulator is not contacting the lever army properly, making the sliding door control unit think the window is open. *pe12/22/2008

Consumer Complaints

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 My 2004 honda odyessy aoutomatic power sliding door opened while driving onthe highway going 55 mph. it also opened while driving 35 mph. it opens on its own whenever it wants and will not close or lock completely. i have contacted honda corp and they state that i have to pay the $100's or more to get diagnosed. i feel it is a safety issue!! and should be fixed for free. an automatic door that opens on its own is a safety issue. i have contacted the dealership i bought it from and they state i should pay for it as well. i am not the only owner with the same issue. a kid could fall out when the door opens or if i get in an accident and that door opens the person sitting there would be dead!!! i have video taped it opening while driving!
 Sliding doors don't open/close as they should trapping people inside.
 While driving on the highway my passenger side power door kept opening and closing on its own. i tried to manually shut it and it still will not completely shut. the same happens with the driver side power door.
 My 2003 honda odyssey keys haven't been able to open my driver's side door for almost a year. a few weeks ago i started having the same problems with my ignition. it's getting harder every day and taking more time to trick my key into the ignition lock. if i don't wiggle it in perfectly it will get stuck half way in and i have to trick it back out of the lock. i have an appointment at the honda dealership tomorrow to fix whatever the problem is but he said to plan on at least $500 for new cylinders and/or ignition, plus possibly new keys. i'm really frustrated with this because it looks like so many people are having this problem so it must be a defect.
 There were no events or issues leading up to the event. while traveling at a speed of approx 35 mph the latch on the slider door (driver's side) became disengaged and the slider door opened. the door was properly closed and and locked. the slider failed to close after that. put the vehicle in for replacement of latch.
 Factory installed safety alarm signals false . the alarm horn and lights causes calls to police as to a possible crime attempt police are threatening to issue a false alarm citation known as a booking violation the vehicle cannot be locked without being watched and is a safety hazard honda dealers ,garages say they have no way to diagnose this system and cannot disable this feature it occurs any time of day or nite will not occur for several days then will go off many times. *tr
 We have a 2004 honda odyssey and the passenger
 We have a 2004 honda odyssey and the driver's side sliding door will not securely close. it closes most of the way then, instead of latching, stays just unlatched and keeps the warning going off. i hear this is a common honda problem. i am concerned because my has to turn off the electric doors in order to drive the vehicle (even after bumping the door closed) and that (1) negates the warning feature and (2) makes the vehicle unsafe in my opinion because the doors do not function properly. *tr
 The rear hatch on my 2004 honda odyssey will not open. the handle appears to no longer be attached to the opening mechanism. i know there are screws on the bottom of the inside door panel to remove this panel, but because the door won't open, i am unable to reach the screws. *tr
 Driver side rear door will not close securely and will not lock. door slides open in transit. door has had difficulty closing intermittently for several months and will no longer close securely at all. *tr
 The drivers side sliding door will no longer latch. it started out a month ago springing open as it was about to shut all the way. then we had to help it, by pushing as it shut to get it to close all the way. after a few weeks, that did not work either and we had to hip check it to get it to close all the way and lock down. now even that will not work and it will not latch at all. this should be considered a safety issue with this vehicle. we will consult our mechanic. *tr
 My daughter and i both opened her door at the same time (she with the handle and i with the button on the key). the door opened just a little and then stopped. i asked her to open the door and she said, no, you open it. she began to get in the car (through the small opening in the door) and i pressed the button. the door closed on her - it did not stop. it pushed hard enough against her to cause a huge mark on her arm. it is completely black and blue and she screamed out and cried loudly from the pain. the door after closing on her reopened. it should have never closed on her. the sensor should have caught it. - we took pictures of her arm if you need them. i have also been caught in the door a couple times (twice) when i was buckling my kids in and accidentally pressed the button. the door didn't stop even though i was in the doorway. i looked online to submit a complaint to honda, but they don't have a way to do it online. i have not yet complained directly to them. let me know if i should. *tr
 Latches/locks/linkages:doors:latch while my wife was retrieving my 1yr old daughter from her child restraining device my 3.5yr old son activated the automatic sliding rear/left passenger door crushing my wife causing bruses to her left shoulder. neither child were hurt in this incident.
 Dt*: the contact stated the brake pedal of the vehicle started rocking left to right when depressed, even if the vehicle was immobile or at any speed. no warning light were illuminated prior to the incident. the vehicle was taken to the dealership who determined the brake pedal rocking movement was normal. the contact was concerned because it could be connected with other unnoticed safety problems. the manufacturer was not contacted. the sliding door actuator was replaced. the side door sepaker was replaced. updated 12/01/06. *jb
 The safety danger i want to report is locking a child in a vehicle with ignition turned on and no way to get inside the vehicle. vehicle: honda odyssey minivan 2004 lx model. this model has automatic door lock once ignition is turned on. however, unlike most other vehicles where automatic door lock operates and locks doors when vehicle is in motion, on honda odyssey - there is simply a fixed time delay ~10 sec between start of ignition and locking of all doors. the problem with this is: (a) in a parking lot - i started the car by sitting on the driver's seat and with all doors closed, and immediately decided to open the door and step out to verify that i have put all the groceries back in the van - the van door shut locked - there was an adult inside the car who could open the door for me - but there was also a 18 month old baby in the car seat - and i am worried that this can happen to others. (b) on 22nd january morning, i started my car in the my garage and since it is cold got out of the vehicle to come in the house - but today i did this too quickly (within 10 sec?) and ended up locking myself out of my van with van engine running. i got my spare key to open the locked doors. again - am very concerned that not everyone has spare keys easily accessible (could be with some other member of the family). the greatest safety danger is locking a child in a vehicle with ignition turned on and no way to get inside the vehicle. *nm
 My 3 year olds leg got stuck as the automatic door was opening to our honda odyssey. the door kept opening pinning his leg between the door and the floorboard. i had to manually pull on the door multiple times before the door reversed and started closing so i could get his leg out. his leg was badly bruised with deep red marks on each side. the next day i went to the dealer to see if the doors safety mechanisms were not working properly and was informed that the door had no safety mechanism to stop it from opening if something (like a leg) was stuck between it and the floorboard, that it only had safety mechanisms for as it closed. there only option was to disable the doors everytime the kids were in the car. this is a tough solution as when the doors are deactivated they are very hard to open and close. even my 7 year old cannot open them manually. also i feel as if there should be a safety mechanism for the door as it opens as well as when it closes. if i had not been right there to force the door to open, his leg would have been broken instead of just bruised. also in the future i have to constantly make sure the doors are off now when he is in the car. *jb
 1month ago i opened the passenger side automatic door on my 2004 honda odyssey and it pinned a publix bagger and shopping cart between my vehicle and another vechile. the door did not stop and continiued to ram itself open. thankfully, the bagger was not injured, but the my vehicle has several significant dents and scrapes. in dec. 2004, we had taken the van in for door problems; not shutting properly, stopping during closing for no reason etc. i'm very concerned about the door's safety features, especially regarding my 2 y/o. the dealership 12/04 & 7/25/05, states that no abnormalities were found. i'm very concerned and will seek legal advice.
 7 year old child's finger was closed into the automatic door of our honda odyssey minivan. the door wuld not open again until it had fully closed on the finger. we thought the door had a failsafe device to automatically open if it encountered resistance. this did not happen. we will consult with our honda dealership to see if there is a problem with our vehicle.
 The automatic sliding door sensor failed to work. this caused the consumer to be locked in the door. consumer sustained minor injuries. dealership was notified, but did not resolve the problem.*ak
 Automatic sliding door closed on consumer's 31/2 year old child's right hand. child sustained cuts and bruises. dealer was notified. *ak
 Intermittently driver's side sliding door opened and closed on its own. a two year old child was unsafe while consumer was driving the vehicle. *ak
 My daughter opened the car door and , not realizing this, i pushed the keyless entry/door open button. these actions made the door stop with a small opening. my daughter then tried to maunally open the door at the same time i pushed the button again. this resulted in her hand being crushed/caught and shut in the van door. i ran and maunally opened the door to see her hand crushed. this all happend in a matter of seconds. we iced it and upon her pediatricians request,took her to the emergency room for x-rays. it turned out that her hand was not broken but briuised badly. this van is supposed to have a safety feature to not crush people/children in the door! *ak