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SB-10-07611/25/201010036938Honda: steering wheel is hard to turn quickly at low speeds. when turning wheel, quickly, while driving at low speeds, it is hard. especially while driving in parking lots. there is not enough assist from the power steering pump. steer04/20/2011

Consumer Complaints

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 I have a 2010 honda odyssey with 15,000 miles on it. in august of 2011 i noticed that it was easily drifting to the right and so had it realigned at a local honda dealer. this did not solve the drifting problem. so i took it back to the dealer who rotated the front tires and also checked for tire pressure and wear. road crown also has nothing to do with it since the drift is noticeable even on flat surfaces such as parking lots. since then i have taken the van in three more times to the same dealer who insists that everything is within factory specifications. i have also taken it to another honda dealer who checked the alignment and rotated the tires front to back. the problem still persists and i am very concerned about safety and the immense driver fatigue caused from having to constantly correct the steering to prevent the van from drifting off into the next lane
 Vehicle pulls right and/or left depending on which way you turn into a curve, especially when rounding curves at high speeds on the freeway/highway. it has required multiple wheel alignments which really don't help. now it has issues with steering when at slow speeds, particularly in parking lots and/or going in/out of driveways, making loud clunking noises.i received notices regarding updates for which i took the vehicle into the dealer to complete. this did not help with the steering issues. when driving long distances it will cause arm fatigue due to fighting to keep the vehicle in the correct lane. i almost had a head on collision on highway 95 ( 2 lane hwy) in nevada due to the constant pulling and floating. i've been told it has to do with the road conditions, my driving, etc. none of this is true. the last time i took the van in, it changed lanes into the left turn lane just by letting go of the steering wheel. i was previously told that due to the natural curve of a street, the center being higher, that any vehicle will float slightly to the right if in the center lane (middle of the road). if this is true then i would like to know why my vehicle went left. is honda waiting for a serious accident before they deal with this issue? i am not exactly sure of the initial date and mileage when i first took this vehicle in for the steering issues, i only know it was very new (within 2 -3 mos. old). on subsequent visits the dealer was unable to duplicate the problem. this seems to be their standard line. i have my maintenance, including tire rotations, done on a regular basis.
 Power steering no work from slow speed. sometimes very hard to turn wheel even highspeed.
 Car pulls to right after making a right turn. if last turn was to the left car drives straight. when puling to the right is pulls hard enough that is will cause fatigue in your arms after awhile of driving. also it you allow it the car will change lanes in less than 3 seconds. the car has been back to the dealership 6 times for this problem without being corrected. they have rotated tires, realignment, replaced steering rack, replace both upper strut bearings, all without fixing the problem. this car in this condition is unsafe to drive but we have no choice but to use it. we are to meet with the honda rep. next week for the second time. don't know what else to do but keep taking it back to the dealership as it is a new car.
 At 7000 miles, the transmission made a very loud grinding and rattling noise, shaking the vehicle, when shifting from r to d. this was repeated at 25,000 miles several months after the software upgrade. in july of 2010, vehicle was brought in for memory steering, they replaced the right strut. november of 2010, the vehicle steering is unstable at low speeds when turning left. the sensation is either over-activity of the power steering pump or under-activity. vehicle seems very unstable under low speed driving conditions, especially on bumpy roads. vehicle taken to dealer, they could not identify anything abnormal.