Honda Trailer Harness Kit

Model Trailer Harness Kit made by Honda got 9 consumer complains as well as 1 recall. Consumer complaints with reference to equipment. . There was one recall concerning equipment .

Model 9999


CampaignManufacturerManufacturing dateType# of units affectedDate Owner notified MfgRecall Initiated byManufacturers of recalled vehicles/productsReport Recieved DateRecord Creation DateRegulation Part NumberFMVSS Number
05E035000HONDA (AMERICAN HONDA MOTOR CO.)from 11/24/2004 to 12/18/2004E (Equipment)1496705/17/2005MFRHONDA (AMERICAN HONDA MOTOR CO.)05/16/200505/18/2005
Defect SummaryCertain honda accessory trailer harness kit, p/n 08l91-scv-102, manufactured between november 24 and december 18, 2004, sold for use on my 2005 honda element vehicles manufactured between december 20, 2004, and april 29, 2005. the wire harness of the trailer hitch kit has an incorrectly wired connector. as a result, the trailer brake lamps and turn signal lamps could operate incorrectly, or a fuse could blow causing a sudden loss of brake and turn signal lamp function.
Consequence SummaryImproper signaling or a loss of trailer warning lamp function without warning could cause a vehicle crash, possibly resulting in injuries.
Corrective SummaryHonda will notify its customers and instruct them to bring their vehicle to a honda dealer. the dealer will correct the connector wiring free of charge. the recall began on may 17, 2005. owners may contact honda at 310-783-2000.
NotesCustomers may also contact the national highway traffic safety administration's vehicle safety hotline at 1-888-327-4236 (tty 1-800-424-9153), or go to

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 Follow up to phone complaint 10/11/07 3:50 pm pst. no reference number, told 4 to 6 weeks before i get form to review and another 4 to 6 weeks to review. i decide to use website. i'm original owner of 1998 honda accord lx . on 9/24/02 ignition switch was recalled as engine stops running when driving. did not find recall on your website, have copy if needed. dealer is bill pearce 780 kietzke lane reno nv 89502 tel 775-789-7999 who completed warranty work on 10/12/02. daughter owns car and moved to las vegas in august a few days later engine cut off at a stop sign. after talking with our mechanic he thought it might due to key chip as car started right up or one time occurrence it was 112 degrees. on 10/5/07 driving on the freeway engine turns off at 70 mph. tries to pull over car recycles and starts. spoke to our mechanic asks about ignition switch recall. dealer confirms they replaced the part. mechanic said its unlikely to be ignition switch if replaced. daughter inquired with local mechanics who gave various solutions. i elect to retrieve car. she is a full-time student with 22 credits could not afford to be without car or spend time seeing if an unknown mechanic resolve. driving back to reno engine stops again. going about 70 mph able to pull over. drive home close to rode side. my mechanic works only on honda and toyota (own three honda cars). he determines its ignition switch. dealer confirms to him part was replaced. but had no record of part coming out of inventory and vin was not punched for recall replacement. dealer would not replace without charging (i can forward paper work on repair and other issues that occurred after they repair. concern/complaint, if replaced why almost 5 yrs to date issue re-occurred. is manufacturer part still defected? have there been other consumer complaints? odd original recall was 5 yrs from the date of purchase 10/31/97, have invoice if needed. *tr
 (1) event leading to the failure i was in a vehicle accident and my driver side curtain airbags did not deploy dispite the direct contact on the driver side door, which bolted the door permantly shut. *jb
 I'm filing this complaint to report three ongoing problems and one new problem, all related to the rear sliding door latches, locks and handles: 1. the door latch on the rear passenger-side sliding door of our 1999 honda odyssey lx becomes loose while the vehicle is in motion, causing the interior lights and rear door-open indicator to flash on intermittently. 2. the rear sliding doors often are extremely difficult to open from the outside. the van has been serviced for these two problems at no cost on three separate occasions by a local honda dealership (trickett honda). 3. sometimes the locks on the sliding doors don't engage when the automatic lock button is pushed. 4. the outside door handle on the rear passenger-side sliding door does not retract back into the indented slot and no longer opens the door. *nm
 I had auto accident, i was going 15 to 20 miles an hour. when i hit small tree. the steering wheel crushed my chest and i suffered a spinal cord injury at the t~2 level and now i'm now a quadriplegic. my seat belt failed to hold, the seat belt assembly had been recalled mine was replaced under recall. in 1996 recall no.- 95-028 i was still having trouble with the belt latch not staying fastened called the honda company to correct the problem they didn't help me at all. a dealer told me honda has a lifetime seat belt warranty on all honda vehicles, it covers any seat belt components that fails to function properly. the american honda motor company said it's my responsibility. now i'm paying the price. buyer beware you might end up, like me in a wheelchair. this recall only infected 3,300,000 vehicles, roll the dice? take a change. i'm sure there are more victims out there, while some i'm sure you planted them...*jb
 I own an acura tl type-s and the transmission keeps going out. the dealer keeps replacing the transmission, but the problem is not fix. the transmission has been replace 3 times. *jb
 Electrical problems, with door lock actuators and srs systems wheel alignment brake problems, transmission problems yes , parts were replaced, repaired but i still have the same problems, after spending thousands of dollars. *nm
 I own honda civic lx-01. while i was driving transmission just died. it only had 54,000+ miles, which is less than the average 12-15,000 mi /yr. was serviced regularly and certainly not abused. i had an extended warranty, which honda would not honor. this happened a few months after warranty ended. american honda would not pay for repair which was $2,500+ for new tranny. they said because i did not have tranny fluid changed at honda, they would not pay for it. i took it in for service at 25,000 mi and sherwood honda never changed tranny fluid or said i would need to change it in near future. their negligence which cost me alot of money. i had fluids changed regularly at jiffy lube. nowhere in maintenance book does it state honda fluids must be used, but recommended. nowhere does it say tranny oil must be changed at 30,000 mi which they claim. honda has had recalls of '01 trannys in other models. this defective tranny was indigenous to this car not because of action or inaction on my part. would never buy another honda. i am a senior. it is much too dangerous and costly. supposed to be a consumer friendly company and reliable car. great ad campaign, poor results. honda does not back its product and placed my life in danger. *tr
 Electrical problems, with door lock actuators and srs systems wheel alignment brake problems, transmission problems yes , parts were replaced, repaired but i still have the same problems, after spending thousands of dollars. *nm
 I will be driving and my car will just shut off, i also have the extended stopping problem and braking causing me to manually steer. i have also had trouble with the car not starting or starting slowly. i was told there were several recalls before i purchased the car and they were repaired - the abs was done last year but the problem continues. i would like the abs replaced. i checked your website for outstanding recalls and found. i called the dealer and was told the abs was done 2/04 but the truck continues to have the same problem - extending stopping. i have had my passport 3 years and have only received one recall - but the problem currently exists ... extended stopping distance. the only recall sticker in the door is for the pedal. additionally, i have also had a problem with the truck turning off in the middle of a turn (forcing me to manually steer my car) 98v70 (describes it completely) my truck also refuses to start properly. it starts and then shuts off - sometimes it takes up to 3 times to turn on and stay on. (sb03-03-s003 describes this as well) since i cannot determine who performed the other recalls, how can i be certain they were done or done properly? my vehicle continues to have the identical problems associated with the following recalls: nhtsa campaign # 02i002001 - service brakes, hydraulic; anti-lock (5/29/02) 98v170000 - electrical system - wiring, front underhood (7/23/98) 98v170002 - electrical system - wiring front underhood (7/23/98) 00v058000 - suspension, rear (2/29/00) 97v206002 - other (11/11/97) i have not had any accidents as a result, but i am afraid to drive with my children in the car if my car just shuts off in the middle of a turn, or on the freeway and at low speed. i have also had it accelerate while on the freeway revving the engine constantly - these have all happened for the last 3 years with no recall notices.*jb

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