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Model Vt700 made by Honda got 1 consumer complain. Consumer complaints with reference to service brakes, hydraulic. .

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 All brake pipe parts # 45128-341-670, currently being supplied by honda as replacement parts are very similar to original parts, but threading of male fitting at either end is of slightly finer pitch than that of the original parts. all current honda motorcycles have fine threaded fittings as found on subject replacement part but earlier models have fittings of the same diameter with slightly coarser threads,perhaps only one thread per cm maybe two . this makes it very easy to start threading it into the memale fitting straightly turnig two cranks before feelig any tightness at all and it becomes only ever so essy to strip the soft aluminum threads of the brake calipher .many people woud tighten it completely thinkig they have a secure leak free fit. somewhere along the way honda changed the design specifications on all brake fittings for their is therefore conceivable that all replacement parts intended for motorcycles with brake line fittings with the coarser threads may have the same problem i have thus far described. i know for a fact all 1969-1975 cb 750k models are affected (appx 300,000 units) and most likely all subsequent years of the cb 750 k models. also, all honda's with the brake calipher located to the front of the fork casing have similar parts as the subject part if not exactly the same part. i contacted you once before ,in thr spring of 1990 ,and you found my information credible enough to take immediate action with is my sincere hope that you perform as expeditiously this time. my sincere thanks.