CampaignManufacturerManufacturing dateType# of units affectedDate Owner notified MfgRecall Initiated byManufacturers of recalled vehicles/productsReport Recieved DateRecord Creation DateRegulation Part NumberFMVSS Number
99V178000HYUNDAI MOTOR COMPANYfrom 03/25/1999 to 04/30/1999V (Vehicle)1153007/14/1999MFRHYUNDAI MOTOR COMPANY07/07/199907/14/1999
Defect SummaryVehicle description: passenger vehicles equipped with automatic transmissions. the automatic transmission pressure control solenoid valve seals do not remain sufficiently elastic, resulting in transmission fluid leakage. this leakage can result in reduced pressure application to the clutches, brake, and kickdown servo, allowing them to slip.
Consequence SummarySuch slippage can cause premature deterioration of the friction element surfaces and could cause the vehicle not to accelerate, or not accelerate as expected, when the driver presses the accelerator pedal.
Corrective SummaryDealers will replace the pressure control solenoid valve.
NotesOwner notification began july 14, 1999.owners who take their vehicles to an authorized dealer on an agreed upon service date and do not receive the free remedy within a reasonable time should contact hyundai at 1-800-829-9956.also contact the national highway traffic safety administration's auto safety hotline at 1-888-dash-2-dot (1-888-327-4236).


BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
TSB-09-AT-01307/01/200910030984Hyundai: automatic transaxle range switch diagnostic trouble codes p0705 (range switch signal problems), p0707 (range switch open circuit), and p0708 (range switch short circuit or multiple inputs). an improperly adjusted or improperly op12/29/2009
15102/01/200510015733Automatic transaxle diagnostic trouble codes list. *tt08/10/2005
024001203/01/2002631420Subject regarding automatic transaxle diagnostic trouble codes list. *yh05/23/2002
024001003/01/2002631408Subject on automatic transaxle harsh or delayed park reverse or park drive engagement. *yh05/23/2002
990100207/01/1999608143Some vehicles equpped with automatic transaxles may slip during downshift from 4th - 2nd gear, slip during an upshift from 2nd - 3rd or 3rd - 4th gear, slip when accelerating from a stop and slip causing the vehicle to not accelerate or not11/08/1999
994000805/01/1999605841Some vehicles may experience an oil leak behind the torque converter. *tt07/29/1999
054001811/01/200510018890Automatic transaxle diagnostic trouble codes list. *tt01/19/2006
034002212/01/20030140006110005268Automatic transaxle pulse generator diagnostic trouble codes p0717 & p0722. 2004 accent included. *tt02/18/2004
034000703/01/20040340007110002344Ata solenoid diagnostic trouble codes p0740, p0741, p0742, p0743, p0745, p0747, p0748, p0750, p0752, p0753, p0755, p0757, p0758, p0760, p0765. *tt *mj08/22/2003
0140006112/01/2001633870Automatic transaxle pulse generator diagnostic trouble codes p0717 and p0722 - revised. *jg09/26/2002
024001606/01/2002633851Subject regarding automatic transaxle oil leaking from oil pan gasket. *jg09/25/2002
004001711/01/2000618331Subject regarding transaxle diagnostic trouble codes. *tt04/11/2001
01010101/01/2001618056Information on performing a test drive for transaxle shift quality. *tt04/03/2001
004000706/01/200099400122614057Subject regarding automatic transaxles - not interchangeable. *tt09/27/2000
004000806/01/2000614058Subject regarding the automatic transaxle tester i designed to troubleshoot the new generation transaxle for all 2000 models. *tt09/27/2000
004000505/01/2000613468Some transaxles produced prior to 05/15/99 may experience an oil leak in the bellhousing behind the torque converter. *tt07/19/2000
994001310/01/19996089276Subject regarding automatic transaxle modifications. *tt01/18/2000
9940012210/01/1999994001216089275Subject regarding automatic transaxles - not interchangeable. *tt01/18/2000
994001208/01/1999607530Information regarding 1998 - 1999 automatic transaxles - not interchangeable. *tt09/28/1999
994000404/01/1999605010Subject regarding automatic transaxle diagnostic trouble code p1613/1614. *tt05/24/1999
024002410/01/200210000568Improved clutch release shaft upper and lower bushing. *tt03/25/2003

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 I have read many of the complaints about the hyundai. i've eliminated practically all the same complaints about the engine performance by tuning the engine every 30 to 35 thousand miles. the gas mileage and performance has been very acceptable. yes i too have had to replace the manifold, mas air sensor, and other small maintenance parts. the only thing i haven't been able to repair is when i'm setting at a stop and idling, the engine tends to overheat. but when i began to drive it quickly cools back down. my hyundai now has approximately 230,000 miles and is still in service but still overheats. any suggestions?
 While speed sensor was being replaced for failure the odometer was also replaced which brought the mileage down to zero consumer concerned that original mileage is no longer present on new odometer. nlm
 Purchased 1999 hyundai elantra in april of 1999. on 1/15/2001 vehicle died and was towed to dealership. transmission replaced. mileage at the time-33,663. on april 24, 2008, i was advised by mechanic that the transmission was slipping. vehicle does not properly shift into gear. entire car shakes if driven over 50 mph. car speeds up when accelerator pressed. when i noticed there was a manufacturer's recall, in regards to the transmission, i contacted dealer who refused to replace pressure control solenoid valve. was told that the recall did not involve my vin. contacted hyundai corporate office and was told the same thing. vehicle now has 134,000 miles on it. recall id #99v178000. neither dealer nor hyundai will honor. this is a definite safety issue and needs to be resolved immediately. numerous complaints have previously been filed regarding the same issue. *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 1999 hyundai elantra. the contact stated that the transmission was failing and the vehicle was not accelerating properly when the pedal was depressed. instead of gaining speed, the vehicle hesitated while driving 15 mph. through online research, he discovered nhtsa campaign id number 99v178000 (power train:automatic transmission) and took the vehicle to the dealer. he was informed that his vin was not included in the recall; therefore, they were not responsible for the repairs. the failure mileage was 55,000 and current mileage was 76,000.
 Tl*the contact owns a 1999 hyundai elantra gl. the contact stated that the check engine light illuminated and the vehicle would shift hard when going from first to second gear. in addition, the vehicle would not shift into reverse or over drive. the dealer stated that the transmission caused the failure. there is a recall for the power train automatic transmission (nhtsa campaign id # 99v178000) however; the dealer stated that her vin was not included. as of december 5, 2007, the dealer had not repaired the vehicle. the failure mileage was 160,000 and the current mileage was 170,000. updated 01/07/08. *lj updated 12/31/07 *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 1999 hyundai elantra. the vehicle stalled while driving 15 mph. the mechanic stated that a new transmission was needed. the current mileage is 138,000 and failure mileage was 135,000.
 I took my 1999 hyundai elantra in to obrien auto park in fort myers service center to get looked at and fixed. i had trouble codes that i had checked prior going there at autozone that were codes po747, po743, po442. the first to are codes involving my automatic transmission. i viewed on your website that there were recalls on the pressure control solenoid that involved code po747 which states it was in the stuck on position! i told the service manager all of this there and he told me there were no recalls on the solenoid and that he couldn't do anything for me! i had 2 other codes that were, po732, and po734 pertaining to the 2nd and 4th gear ratio being incorrect! i explained that at first there was a electrical issue which change the codes to the state it's in now and he told me we'll look at it and call you when we find out anything. i said ok, he called a few hours later and told me the service tech said i needed a new transmission. i said no, i am not an idiot! there was an electrical problem and this is why i brought it in. he stated to me that, he could not go by the codes i had from autozone because they were generic codes and hyundai wouldn't except them. my only option was to have the transmission replaced. this guy is lying and i know it! even the guy at autozone told me it was a electrical malfunction caused by the solenoid!!! please help. now i am out of work 2 days now and even may loose my job over this! nothing was done to correct this problem and i would never buy a hyundai again!!!!!!!! *jb
 Dt: the vehicle is leaking transmission fluid. right now it will not shift gears at all. when driving will be in second or third gear and the vehicle will shift down on its own. recall id 99v178000 concerning automatic transmission was issued. this happened on september 3, 2005. it made a revving sound before doing this. contacted dealer, who said this vehicle was not included in the recall. *ak
 Dt: the transmission would jump out of gear or down shift and the check engine light illuminated afterwards while driving after the vehicle was parked overnight. the check engine light remained on. basically this only occurred in the morning. sometimes however, it would feel as though it was not shifting properly. has not been taken to dealer. this started recently. took vehicle to an auto parts store to check diagnostically, it was noted there was a problem with manufactured control module, input/output speed sensor, and the transmission range speed sensor. no repairs were made or corrections to this vehicle done at this time. dealer's information was unknown by consume at the time of this complaint.*ak
 When driving 35 mph, the transmission slips gears. the vehicle is still drivable. the dealership was notified, but did not resolve the problem. the cause was not determined. please provide more information. *nm
 I bought the car brand new. after about 8 months the car would get stuck in second gear when slow down. the car also kicks very hard while it does this. one time i was rounding a turn after it rained and as i slowed down around the corner the car kicked and the rear end of the car slid out into the plastic divider poles between the lanes. the poles caused a ding in the car an cracked a window. at the time it happened so fast i thought i had hit something and only a week later when the car kicked again did i realize that was probably what happened. i brought the car down to the dealer and was told i would be given a new pulse generator under warranty. then there was a recall on a part in the transmission and that was fixed. the problem still persisted and i have had the pulse generator changed four more times. my warranty is now up and the problem has come back. i have even installed a brand knew transmission. *jb
 Recall 99v178000, while driving vehicle lost power. dealership would not repair vehicle because the vin was not included. *ak
 Consumer stated while driving automatic transmission didn't shift properly. *ak the transmission would shift hard while accelerating and decelerating. *nm
 I purchase my car a 1999 hyundai elantra, sept 0f 1999, since the purchase of this car i've had a problem with the car not accelerating when pressing on the accelerator and the car decelerating while driving, i've contacted hyundai numerous times over the past 4 years and have not been able to get hyundai to fix this problem even though i've told them about the recall nhtsa campaign number 99v178000, they refuse to acknowledge that my car should have been part of this recall, even after telling hyundai my car is experiencing all the problems mention in this recall, i informed hynudai that this problem is putting my families life at risk, and this problem is now accurring every time i drive. i done all the things hyundai recommended which was having a diagnostic, which so far i've had 2 done, and gettting a complete tune-up, the problem is still there .after the first diagnotic i was told that the computer reset itself, so that now no problem shows, and they claim they cannot go in and check without the diagnostic showing a problem, i think this is a despective practice since the computer resetting now hides any pre-extisting problems. this situation is causing me a considerable amount of stress and fear for my family safety and i feel i am now stuck with a car that is now undrivable and that hyundai is putting my families life at risk.*ak
 The consumer complained about a transmission problem. the transmission slipped repeatedly. *ak
 Upon accelerating, consumer states the vehicle speed stays at 30 mph no matter how far you press the gas pedal. took to dealer and they replaced the transmission. please provide any further information. ts
 Consumer states that the defect stated in recall number 99 v 178 000, happen while driving causing an accident, but vehicle not included in recall due to the vin #. *mr
 While driving a pin came loose in transmission, causing it to lock up. had part replaced, but problem reoccurred. *ak
 While driving vehicle will not change gears and wouldn't increase in speed. contacted dealership, cannot find problem.*ak
 Transmission made car buck severely when it slipped between second and third gear. fluid was also leaking.transmission was replaced at 23,000 miles by the dealer. the car still slips between gears and now makes a clunking noise when decelerating. manufacturer seemed unconcerned that transmission will need to be replaced for a second time. *ak
 The automatic transmission slips and jumps out of gear, causing the engine to climb in rpm. at other times the transmission the trans waits to grab then jerks the car forward. as of this time the car has been in for the same problem at 12000, 39000, 42000 and it is going back in. the last time this happened the car was in the shop on 8/24/2000, after picking the car up from repairs the same problem returned on the way home and the car is going back in on 8/28/2000.*ak
 Rotors were warped;trunk lid do not close properly. you can stand beside the car and look down inside the trunk. transmission jerks while stopped in traffic . while in th process of stopping the transmission feels as though it's going to fall out of the car. i've taken the car back to the dealer for these and other complaints and they continue to tell me that no problems can be found. please help me get these issues resolved.
 In-shop for transmission 3 times (on 3rd trans); paint peeling on bumper (dealer refusted to paint);clear coat cracked and bubbled on spoiler & side mirror (dealer repainted); noticed a/c didn't work right after purchase; check engine light on (reason for replacing engine coil, etc. and converter); interior driver's door handle broke; dealer always fights getting us a loaner/rental car (but we have to have one since its our only car now!); always in shop an extensive amount of time except when they are paying for us a rental; manufacturer contacted by phone in may 2001, but offered no help. *ak
 When slowing down to approach a complete stop transmission seems to pop or slip out of gear, causing the car to jerk very hard at times. only happens when car is decelerating between 20-15 mph.*ak
 While driving vehicle hesitates and then transmission slips out of gear, cause unknown. dealer cannot identify problem. *ak the vehicle could not start because the charging system failed to maintain the battery. afeterwards, the vehicle experienced rough acceleration, cutting off in idle, surging back and forward. brakes pulsing and squealing. later on, the air system stopped completely due to the heater fan and motor assembly failure. check the engine light came on due to burned spark plug wires. *yh
 3rd failure involving transmission or transmission component since car purchased. *ak
 Transmission not shifting properly causing hesitation. nlm
 Transmissions keeps failing. consumer has replaced transmission 3 times. cause is unknown.*ak
 Solenoid valve seal failed prior to recall notice (99v178000). nlm
 We've had the elantra in the shop 7 times and the transmission replaced 3 times. the case number with hyundai is 508316, the case number we had with the bbb is hyu-9980560. the transmission will slip into neutral when passing or accelerating, creating a possible life threatening situation. after the last time it was serviced in december, the car ran fine until just last week. now it is happening again. therer is a recall nhtsa campaign id number 99v178000--and according to the dealer, this has been serviced. we are not getting the support we feel we need from the dealer, and also feel that this could be a problem with others based on the number of transmissions that have been replaced in out car. *ak
 While accelerating onto the highway and reaching a speed of 50 mph transmission began to lose power and eventually failed to change gears, causing vehicle to completely shut down. cause unknown. please give any further details. *ak
 When applying the gas pedal engine revs up, and gears do not catch right away. dealer has tried to fix it, but problem still exists. *ak
 At 2,235 miles i was experiencing a harsh 2 to 3 upshift and alot of chugging noise. a whole new transmission was installed. the at 5.630 miles i had a leak in the brake master cylinder. both items are being repaired under warranty but it is very inconvenient and frustrating to have a new car have these serious problems.
 Vehicle experiencing problems with shifting gears and accelerating, prior to recall notice (99v178000). howerver consumer wanted recall repairs done through the dealer consumer purchased the vehicle from, but dealer would not fix it, consumer went to another dealer for repairs. *yc
 Transmission would make clunking/shattering and whinning noises. took to dealer & transmission replaced with new one. the whinning & shattering noises still exist. had the final drive unit (transaxle) & bearings replaced. it had a high pitch whine. after replacement, noise still exists, but now it bucks. *ak
 Transmission would make clunking/shattering and whinning noises. took to dealer & transmission replaced with new one. the whinning & shattering noises still exist. had the final drive unit (transaxle) & bearings replaced. it had a high pitch whine. after replacement, noise still exists, but now it bucks. *ak
 When shifting the transmission gears into drive, vehicle would hesitate before catching or accelerating. happens only when pressure is applied on pedal. have taken to dealer for repairs. *ak
 Vehicle hesitates to accelerate when consumer presses the accelerator, this has almost caused an accident. *slc
 Transmission case cracked. nlm