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SB-10-FL-01511/01/201010037278Hyundai: some vehicles require a software update. there is a malfunction light lit with trouble codes for a misfire or evaporation system leak. *rm05/17/2011
SB-10-FL-01511/01/201010037278Hyundai: some vehicles require a software update. there is a malfunction light lit with trouble codes for a misfire or evaporation system leak. *rm05/17/2011
TSB-10-01-02506/01/201010034489Hyundai: ecm update-mil on with dtc p0456. some vehicles may experience malfunction indicator lamp illumination for dtc p0456 (evaporative emission system-very small leak detected). *pe11/19/2010
TSB-09-01-03712/01/200910033652Hyundai: audio and bluetooth system updated 2 (service campaign ta2) provides the procedure for updating the bluetooth software of vehicles. *pe09/01/2010
TSB-09-01-01204/01/200910029246Hyundai: dis navigation system software update. the installation procedure to upate the dis a/v navigation system to the latest production level software. *pe07/01/2009

Consumer Complaints

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 Driving on the freeway and the throttle just cuts off, no throttle power. car is still running. quickly had to pull over on to the side of the road and had to shut car off and then restarted it. it worked but it continues to happen. it happened 7 times in one day, with my child in the car. at one point there wasn't a shoulder to pull over to i had to stop in the middle of the freeway. hyundai has no recall for this issue. i find that strange since this could be a serious issue. the esc and check engine light comes on.
 (electrial issues) reported to dealer that radio crackles and stop working as well as the blue tooth that only works maybe 1/8 of the time. they found no problems (on my first of 5 trips to the dealer within 7 months back up camera stopped working. (replaced) steering wheel stuck up in the high position driver seat cushion buckled and had to be replaced, (replaced in feb 2011) fuel gauge/warning light failed which caused me to run out of gas. (no warning lights came on and the miles to go states i had 56 miles) part is on order for radio or radio replaced not sure as of 9/27/11. hoping all this will also fix the blue tooth as the dealer states this is no problem. dash light go out. so after only 7 months of owning this car, the car has been back to the dealer at least 5 times (with problems), the most recent, 9/26/11 i took car in and told them to keep it until all fixed (they have had the cars for 3 days so far). the problem is that it is electrical and unless they see it they can't fix it. with each of failure this car has i would document with a picture to proved i wasn't crazy!! so whats the deal with the blue tooth, its not my phone as it is paired and connected. the only way it will work is that if i unpair my phone while in the car before starting, start the car, pair the phone, connect the phone, wait 5 min and i might get lucky than it will work. i can dial thru the car, shows who i dialing, my phone say blue tooth on, but will not work, display pad, will show repeated that the call has ended, and flash back and forth to dial pad and message call has ended,while i had to switch from blue tooth to speaker and talk directly to hand held phone. when a call comes my phone rings, the speaker in the car rings, but the bluetooth is unable to p/u the car. so frustating!
 Traveling to indiana from north carolina on the 6th of may 2011. on a rural road traveling approximately 55 mph, all of a sudden the engine light and esc warning lights came on. after that when i pressed on the accelerator, there was no power. electricity was still there and the engine was still on, but no power from the gas pedal. i had to turn the emergency lights on and moved onto the side. i was lucky because there weren't many cars around. it would have been pretty dangerous if there were cars around and my car suddenly stopped. i was able to turn the car off and restart. when i restarted the car the engine light remained on but i had regain the ability to accelerate. i pulled into a hotel and called hyundai. the closest dealer was gaddis hyundai of muncie, indiana. the service department was closing but i discussed with technician. he indicated that it was common problem with the throttle sensor. he indicated that he would be able to fix it monday, but that if the light went off and it was running ok, it may never happen again. i told him that i need to be durham , nc on monday. he indicated that if it happen again. to turn off and restart and it should reset. on my way back from indiana to north carolina i stayed in the right hand lane. on 4 separate occasions the vehicle lost power and i was unable to accelerate. each time i was able to pull over to the side of the road, turn the vehicle off, wait a few minutes and then restart and continue. the car is currently at the stevenson hyundai dealership in jacksonville, nc. here is a forum web site that reflects similar problem identified on numerous occasions related to the hyundai genesis v6 and v8. http://www.genesisowners.com/hyundai-genesis-forum/showthread.php?t=4459.
 Tl- the contact owns 2009 hyundai genesis. the contact stated that all of the lights on the vehicle go out from time to time. the contact stated that the headlights and the dashboard lights go out. the dealer replaced the wiring harness on the vehicle, but that did not correct the problem. the failure mileage was 4000 and the current mileage was 20000.rl