BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
040400406/01/2006060400210020177Proper connection information to avoid blown 125 amp fuse and various interior electrical system condition when jump starting vehicle. *tt08/03/2006
0604S00105/01/200610020161Diagnostic information to clarify effect of secondary air injection system on headlamp flicker. *tt08/01/2006
060400304/01/200610019956Intermittent no crank, no start. *tt05/17/2006
060400105/01/2006060400410019124Malfunction indicator lamp (mil) on check engine light on, dtc p0526 set. *tt02/13/2006
050400305/01/2006060400110015906Diagnostic information on headlamps flicker or momentarily dim while driving. *tt diagnostic information to clarify effect of secondary air injection system on headlamp flicker. *tt08/16/2005
050500203/01/200510014784Service engine soon light on diagnostic trouble code p0741 harsh shift cruise control inoperative. *eh05/09/2005
050100202/01/200510014780Service engine soon light on. *eh05/09/2005
051200203/01/200510014797Automatic dual zone hvac battery draw. *eh05/09/2005
050100404/01/200510014787Service engine soon light on diagnostic trouble code p0483. *eh05/09/2005
050400102/01/200510014782Various interior electrical concerns ip gauges lighting inoperative hvac controls inoperative blower motor inoperative radio inoperative flasher inoperative. *eh05/09/2005
051300103/01/200510014798Error codes on radio display their cause and corrective action. *eh05/09/2005
050100301/01/200510014781Service engine soon light on. *eh05/09/2005
050500102/01/200510014783Service 4wd light on 4wd inoperative harsh engagement of 4wd no communication with tccm dtc c0550 set. *eh05/09/2005
0404S00306/01/200410008407Low voltage display on (ip) instrument panel gauge, lights dim at stop lights, battery discharged, no start, slow cranking, dim lights at idle, low generator output. *tt07/30/2004
0404S00105/01/200410008010No start or battery drain condition, after ignition switch replacement. *tt07/19/2004
0404S00103/01/200410006656Replacement of mirror actuator. *tt05/07/2004
19112/01/200710023774Abs, red brake, svc and 4wd light on, hvac blower inoperative. *nj01/31/2008
9612/01/200710023761Dtc c0327 with or without additional dtc's setting. with 4wd. *nj01/30/2008
060500109/01/2007070500110023132Service 4wd light illuminated, dtc c0374 set. *nj10/29/2007

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 I have owned this car for three years and in that time heres the issues, rpm, oil, tempature, speedomter gauges have quit. the car virbrates extememly hard when sitting still. if the ac is on, its virbrating harder, the front vents have quit working and only the defrosters and rear vents work. the car likes to die at red lights. i see the oil and tempature gauge as a safety issue. there will be no warning if the car is too hot and the oil pressure is to high.the engine light stays on no matter what we fix. it says the car had a cylinder one missfire. can be caused by a bad spark plug, a bad coil or vacuum leak. replaced the first two and had it inspected by a mechanic for the second. nothing. the cold to hot setting on the heat, only one side of the light works, but if i slide the knob up and down fast, the light comes on. sign of a short.
 While driving one night, my left headlight went out, first the dim, then the bright. my wife and i both smelled a smell like rubber burning, so i stopped the car and checked under the hood to detect the origin of the smell, but to no avail. not much later that same night, my right headlight also burned out. luckily, we were only 1 mile from our house and limped home. when i checked under the hood the next day, i found that the electrical connections to both headlights had burned and melted the wires at the point where they attach to the back of the headlight assembly. has this been a common problem for other ascender owners?
 Insrument panel cluster performed irractly and then stuck at 30 mph. restarting the car then reset to 0 mph. no gauges are working including fuel and speedometer. this is a safety issue.
 Tl- the contact owns a 2004 isuzu ascender. the contact stated the speedometer moves back and forth and does not show the correct speed. the speedometer will read over 100 mph and stick and the vehicle has to be turned on and off in order to get the speedometer to read correctly. the dealer feels it is a problem with the computer, but the contact feels it is an electrical problem. the contact stated the fan select has to be set at 5 of the instrument panel starts to malfunction. when this occurs all of the warning lights will light up on the instrument panel until the fan is placed back to level 5. the vin was unknown. the failure mileage was 50000 and the current mileage was 92000.rl
 The computer system of the vehicle is broken down. the speedometer jumps from 0 mph to 120mph and never shows the correct speed. airbag sign flickers and turns on and off at times. the gear stick jams on one mode and car starts stalling. dealership doesn't want to accept it as a lemon car that is eating away our money. and wants thousands of dollars to fix the problem. *tr
 Service engine light remains on, service department unable to fix problem. *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 2004 isuzu ascender. the contact started the ignition and noticed that the digital odometer and gear gauges were inoperative. also, all of the warning light indicators were not working on the instrument panel. there were no warnings prior to the intermittent failures. the vehicle was being scheduled for an appointment at the authorized dealer. the vin was unknown. the failure and current mileages were 80,000.
 Check engine light came on while vehicle was idling. took to dealer and he had to reprogram or reboot the computer. (1 day at dealer) subsequently (approx. 6 months) the dash lights failed (no warning lights) dealer reprogrammed/rebooted computer. problem recurred on trip home so i returned car to dealer. diagnosed as bad instrument panel - took 6 days to get replacement part. parts for isuzu have to be ordered from isuzu. the exact same part is available from chevrolet, gmc, buick and was readily available from any of these but we lost use of our vehicle for 6 days waiting on isuzu to deliver the part. *nm
 The radio, anti theft device, remote door locks and tail lights did not function properly in the consumer's 2004 isuzu ascender. *ts the vehicle has been at the service dealer since dec 16, 2005 and the consumer was not given a time frame for repairs. the technician indicated that the problem seemed to be with the multi-relay and electrical system. *nm
 Instrument panel began working intermittently. took in for check. dealer repaired. left dealer and instrument panel failed again within 15 minutes. returned to dealer and had to wait for (8) days for replacement dash module. car was unsafe and undrivable as no information (speed, gear location, etc.) was available to driver. this vehicle is a gm product and is the same as trailblazer, envoy, etc. i have been told by envoy owners that they have experienced the same problem,trailblazers also. dealer service rep stated to me that gm knows there is a problem with the instrument modules. this complaint form does not allow for the identification of the manufacturer of this vehicle. it is manufactured by general motors. i had to select isuzu manufacturing due to your error in programming drop downs correctly. isuzu has no manufacturing facilities in north america. please update your information. if this vehicle is not classified as a gm product it will reduce the failure incidence of the gm instrument panels. *nm
 Dt*: the contact stated while driving 55 mph, the dashboard gauge lights began dimming. there were no warning signals prior to the incident. the vehicle was taken to the service dealer who determined that there was a short in the battery. a new battery was installed but the problem persisted. the manufacturer was notified and could not determine the problem or offer a resolution.
 Dt: went to start the vehicle and it wouldn't start because light in dashboard would say unknown driver,. according to the dealer the first time it was the wiring. second time said it was the ignition, and put in a new igition. for 3 nights after getting it back it wouldn't start at all. was towed to the dealer again.*ak