BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
SSM-3622410/25/200710032248Jaguar: directional indicator operating with the stalk in the central position. if condition is found, replace the directional indicator switch. no model years listed. *pe02/25/2010
3030907/01/200210012381Malfunction indicator lamp illuminated 3.0 l v6 false flagging of diagnostic trouble code p1383 or p1388 reprogram powertrain control module. *eh02/28/2005

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 Recently (10/16/08) purchased a 2001 s-type 4.0 with 74316 mi. 2nd day i had it transmission started slipping. within 1 week had to be rebuilt. all coils replaced and #4 & #5 keep going bad. dealership stated coils were broken. sent home with broken coils. window regulators needed to be replaced. check engine light on dealership stated no problem. poor service, poor quality. *tr
 2001 jaguar s-type v-6. i receive an engine failsafe mode message on dash. the car hesitates and may stall while driving. computer says it is the throttle body housing to throttle pedal unit (which has been replaced.) this occurs primarily in the morning when i first start driving and it will stay in this mode from 5 to 10 minutes then go to normal driving mode. the last time it stayed in the failsafe mode for about 30 minutes. two mechanics think it is the throttle body control but they cannot say for sure but in their opinion this is a part that fails on many jags. the failure is a real safety issue since you do not know when it can happen. at some stop lights it will just die in mid-turning of a corner. after replacing the throttle pedal which was one of the possible parts problems, it returned with the same problem after about a week. i cannot get any information from jaguar to see if this is an ongoing problem for jaguars. the only real information is on blogs and chat rooms on jag repairs. this has to be a design flaw that owners should not have to bear the burden of buying a $ 2000 part, especially if it is being ignored by the manufacturer. *tr
 Ltr from (fl) re defective coils on her 2001 s type jaguar, request that jaguar recall the vehicles, reimburse her money and replace all coils. *ts *nm
 When i bought the car a week later it blew hot air, i was told it only needed freon. i found out later that there was a leak and it is $1200. a week after that the car would not start the dealer picked the car up and said that the battery was dead because i left the radio on, it has happened over 30 times, not true there is something wrong. i have replaced tires at least six times. tires completely separate. i was driving and car slowed down on freeway and i was almost hit, i pulled over and it stopped and did it again and i had to push the traction control button, almost cost me my life! it now happens when i hit a bump. when i turn the car makes a extremely loud noise, (embarrassing) i was told it is a ball joint and can catch on fire. engine light has always been on and is now blinking and the car shakes and hesitates. i had to pay to get the brakes fixed 2 months after purchasing. radio turns on for no reason and runs battery down. i was told i have two leaks in my shocks and it is $1800 each. when i back up and turn the steering wheel vibrates. i can't even use the cigarette lighter to charge my cell because it does not work and has been replaced twice. the remote just stop working and i was charged $100 to reconfigure. the brakes act funny, can't even explain it. this car is unreal, a complete piece of junk. i can't even remember half the stuff i have endured and the money i have spent. *nm
 While driving my 2001 jaguar s-type 3.0, the car sometimes shuts off, i could be on the interstate or on a secondary street the same thing happens. the check engine light come on and also a message on the dash board saying,( engine fail safe mode ) and at that time the car shuts off. this is a safety problem. *jb