BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
07099812/18/1998603101Subject on viscous fan drive service. *yc02/02/1999
180310309/05/20031802702100039864.0l rough engine idle after restart following a hot soak. *tt11/10/2003
090030308/01/2003100035384.0l multiple cylinder misfire. *tt10/23/2003
09010002/18/2000610001Subject regarding normal accumulation of a foamy oil emulsion in the 4.7l engine oil fill housing. *tt04/13/2000
18010002/04/2000609988Subject regarding misdiagnosed leak detection pump systems with diagnostic trouble codes p1494, p0442 p0455, or p0456. *tt04/12/2000
18429812/18/1998603152Some vehicles may exhibit long crank times (1 to 1.5 seconds) with engine temperatures between 7 - 60 c ( 46- 140 f). *ak02/05/1999
180120202/25/2002630965Subject regarding cold start rpm flare. *jg04/30/2002
1802300A12/21/20001802300618403Subject pertaining to engine performance enhancements. *jb04/12/2001
180010101/26/20011802300A618401Information regarding engine performance enhancements. *jb04/12/2001
180230012/01/2000616726Some vehicle engines may exhibit part throttle or wide open throttle spark knock; sag or hesitation following a cold engine start; rough idle; idle sag when decelerating to a stop. *tt03/08/2001
140600A09/15/20006092299Customers may experience a longer than normal engine cranking time prior to engine start. *tt12/04/2000
090100A09/11/20000901006092301Customer may complain of an oil emulsion accumulation inside the engine oil fill housing. *tt12/04/2000
08149905/21/1999606347Conditions with vehicle start and stall or vehicle no-start. *tt08/17/1999
18159906/18/1999606167Several revisions have been made to the idle strategy of the 4.7l engine. one change is to the upstream oxygen sensor (o2) biasing / switching when the transmission is in park or neutral. *tt08/11/1999
18149906/18/1999606166The vehicle driver may experience a drone like noise during warm engine idling. *tt08/11/1999
18139906/18/1999606165Exhibiting an engine no-start condition. *tt08/11/1999
18179906/25/1999606169Concerns with an engine die-out when following an engine start, or an engine stall during a parking lot maneuver. *tt08/11/1999
18169906/25/1999606168Information regarding engine start-up improvements to compensate for seasonal changes to fuel quality. *tt08/11/1999
18409812/18/1998603150Some vehicles may exhibit high idle rpm during deceleration and/ or parking lot maneuvers when the engine coolant temperature is greater than 103 c (217 f). *yc02/05/1999
18419812/18/1998603151Some vehicles may exhibit an idle undershoot condition whil ethe vehicle is slowly moving at 1-2 mph in low range four wheel drive with the throttle closed. *yc02/05/1999
18459812/18/1998603140Some vehicles may exhibit an engine vibration, repeating beat like sound, or a drone like sound with a warm engine during idle. *yc02/03/1999
18379812/18/1998603137Some consumers that inadvertently flood their engines during starting may try to perform a clear flood procedure to help start their vehicles. *ak02/03/1999
18439812/18/1998603138Some vehicles may exhibit an engine sag when the a/c compressor cycles. *yc02/03/1999
250040105/11/2001620071Subject regarding additional diagnostic for diagnostic trouble codes caused by an evaporative system leak. *tt07/11/2001
83909/01/1999608100Emissions recall to reprogram your vehicle's powertrain control module. *tt11/02/1999
80704/01/1999604986Emissions recall regarding incorrect vehicle emission control information (veci) label. *tt05/21/1999
25029810/23/1998602881Subject regarding i/m ( inspection maintenance ) testing - obd ii carb readiness monitor information. *yc01/20/1999
84009/01/19996089743Oxygen sensor wiring which may contact the mini-catalyst. *tt02/24/2000
18449812/18/1998603139Some vehicles may exhibit a sag/ hesitation following a cold engine start or partial cool down re-start, could be caused by the oxygen sensor entering closed loop prematurely/is experienced within first 30-40 seconds into the drive cycle.02/03/1999
18319809/25/1998602432Subject on the oxygen sensor (o@) operating differences. *yc11/04/1998

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 While driving at 55 mph, the vehicle lost all power, guages all dropped to zero. the steering wheel was tight to turn and the brakes hard to apply, had no acceleration while pushing gas pedal down. all lights and radio still was working after getting it off the road turned jeep off would not restart for 3 hours. this has happened numerous times mechanic can not diagnose the problem no codes come up. have already replaced battery alternator and crank sensor have no idea what is wrong, with three children i am scared to drive this it is unsafe. also having problems with heat they said heater coil is bad and all motor doors in dash is broke and dash would have to be taken apart to be fixed this is also affecting the a/c. there needs to be a recall as there has been plenty complaints already. this is a death trap waiting to happen
 Tl* the contact owns a 1999 jeep grand cherokee 4x4. while driving 70 mph, the contact stated that the vehicle stalled and lost complete power. the dealer was not notified of the failure. the manufacturer was notified and updated the information in their system. a local mechanic attempted to repair the defect, but the failure recurred. the failure and current mileage was 171,000.
 Tl- the contact owns a 1999 jeep grand cherokee 4x4. while driving 70 mph, the contact stated that the vehicle stalled and lost complete power. the dealer was not notified of the failure. the manufacturer was notified and updated the information in their system. a local mechanic attempted to repair the defect, but the failure recurred. the failure and current mileage was 171,000. rvk
 Tl- the contact owns a 1999 jeep grand cherokee 4x4. while driving 70 mph, the contact stated that the vehicle stalled and lost complete power on the road. the dealer was not contacted. the manufacturer was notified and was updating the information in their system. a local mechanic attempted to repair the defect, but the failure recurred. the failure and current mileage was 171,000. nw
 Tl-the contact owns a 1999 jeep grand cherokee. the contact stated while driving at various speeds the engine stalled with the illumination of the warning light. the engine failed to restart. the vehicle had been towed to an independent mechanic on two different occasions for the identical failure. the first failure occurrence, a diagnostic test was performed which a trouble code was not detected. the failure occurred ten different times; eight of the failures the engine restarted. currently, the vehicle was being repaired by an independent mechanic. the manufacturer was not made aware of the problem. the approximate failure mileage was 150,000. js
 Tl- the contact owns a 1999 jeep grand cherokee. the contact stated that while working on the vehicle he noticed that the oil pan has holes in it and the fluid leaks out. chrysler was contacted and an oil pan was ordered and still has not arrived and that was over 90 days ago. the contact also stated that a 2002 jeep grand cherokee he has been working on has the same issue. the failure and current mileage is approximately 130,000. vin unknown. rd
 Tl*the contact owns a 1999 jeep grand cherokee. the contact was driving approximately 5 mph on normal conditions. the engine stalled without warning, and restarted. the vehicle was taken to an independent mechanic on three separate occasions with replacements of the crank shaft sensors. the technician was unable to locate the problem. the identical failures continued after the repairs were performed on the vehicle. the failures occurred whenever the vehicle was in operation and traveling between 5-20 mph. the vehicle had not been repaired at this time. the failure mileage 100,000. the vin was unavailable.
 I own a 1999 jeep grand cherokee laredo. it stalls all of the sudden while i'm driving it. there is no pattern to it- it will stall going 70 mph on the highway, driving in town at 25-35 mph, while turning a corner, while in the drive through-- it has happened in all those instances. it doesn't matter if it is hot or cold either. the engine just suddenly shuts off, but the lights, radio, etc. all stay on. it occurs during cold and hot weather, with electrical devices on or off, in park, neutral and drive. it is very random and very dangerous. once it stalls the steering gets very hard and the jeep has to be shut off and restarted. when this first started happening the jeep would always start again on the first try. now the jeep will always start when i first get in the car in the morning, but once it stalls out, it takes 20-50 minutes to restart. luckily, this problem has not caused an accident yet, but i am afraid to drive it. we have replaced the battery (8-2009) and the pcm was replaced a few years back. we have brought it into the repair shop to get it fixed, but they can't find anything wrong. they told me to bring it back when the problem is happening, by i don't know when it's going to happen so i can't. some weeks it will happen several times in a day, and then it will go days or weeks without doing it again. this problem puts us and the other motorists on the road in potential danger. i read on several websites that the 1998 jeep grand cherokees were recalled for this problem, and so were jeep commanders. hopefully, the 1999 will also be checked and possibly recalled. *tr
 Blower motor burned out the plug on the blower motor resistor plug and now the resistor is blown. *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 1999 jeep grand cherokee. while driving 50 mph, the vehicle stalled without warning. the vehicle had to be placed into neutral first before it would restart. the dealer seemed to be unaware of the failure, but stated that it could be due to the filter. through online research, the contact discovered other consumers who were experiencing the same failure. the failure and current mileages were 125,000.
 My air condition and heater do not blow air into the cabin. chrysler tells me that it is the blend doors. i was also told that this is very common with this vehicle. the estimate for repairs is $2,200. if it was something i did to the vehicle i could understand but i now have a 1999 jeep grand cherokee limited with all the bells and whistles and air or heat. *tr
 My daughter was driving her 1999 jeep grand cherokee down a twisty road at 40 mph, the car suddenly began to accelerate. she applied the brakes and the car would not stop or slow down. she tried to pull up on the gas pedal but the pedal would not release. she then turned the car off and managed to pull over to the side of the road. this happened one week after we had it at the dealership to replace the crank shaft and cam shaft position sensors because the car turned off on its own when she was driving it. we can no longer let her drive the vehicle as it is unsafe for her or anyone on the road. *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 1999 jeep grand cherokee. while driving various speeds, the vehicle would completely shut down. there were no lights and no power steering when the vehicle shut off. there were no warning indicators prior to the failure. the failure also occurred several times while driving 75 mph. the contact had to wait 2-3 minutes before the vehicle would restart. she took the vehicle to the dealer a few times and they stated that the crank sensor was the cause of the failure. the dealer removed and replaced all the codes; however, the failure recurred three times afterwards. she returned to the dealer in april of 2008 and was informed they wouldhave to run more tests. the contact then traded in the vehicle for a newer model. the current mileage was 83,074 and failure mileage was 81,808. updated 07/15/08. *lj there was a noise coming from the steering when the consumer made left turns. the hatch shocks were replaced
 My 1999 jeep grand cherokee began to stall in traffic without warning. as i approached a stop light or traffic ahead and as the motor would return to idle, it would stop running resulting in no power steering or power brakes. the last time i was able to wrestle the vehicle into a parking area where it wouldn't start. a friend completed a computer scan of the vehicle and it was throwing out a bad crank position sensor code. once the crank position sensor was replaced, the vehicle started and has since operated fine. this occurred with around 110,000 miles on the vehicle. *tr
 99 jeep grand cherokee with engine problems customer states that the rpm's would immediately go up to the 200 or sometimes higher as soon as he starts up the car and also accelerate when the brakes are applied**cc the consumer stated various parts were replaced, however the problem returned. the consumers wife was driving, when all of a sudden the vehicle started to accelerate on its own, she applied the brakes as hard as she could, however the vehicle continued to proceed in a forward motion. the only solution was to place the vehicle into park. after placing the vehicle in park, the consumers wife placed it in drive again and immediately it started to accelerate uncontrollably. applying the brakes with full force did not solve the problem. when aaa arrived and started the vehicle, nothing happened. the sudden acceleration happened again while the consumers daughter was driving. during one of the sudden acceleration incidents, the consumers wife was injured. the right front wheel speed sensor was replaced. the coolant radiator fan relay and water pump were replaced. the air bag light was on, the transmission seal was leaking. the fuel pump was replaced. the right and left hub bearing were replaced. *jb
 Dt*: the contact stated the oil gauge failed to indicate the oil level; the front end vibrated badly at 50 mph, and the wheels shook and made a clicking sound while making a turn in either direction, which caused a vibration felt through the steering wheel. in addition, black smoke discharged from the tail pipe and the engine emitted a hesitation. when inspected by an independent mechanic, oil and gas were visible on the spark plugs. the service dealer and manufacturer were notified.*ak
 Recall 04v112000 concerning crank shaft position sensor wiring: consumer stated that this recall information found on nhtsa website was the same problem that his vehicle was experiencing with stalling at any speed. dealer was notified. they informed consumer that this vehicle was not covered under this recall. *ak
 This problem has been happening for approximately 2-3 months. there has been nothing specific to cause the problem. my 1999 jeep grand cherokee will, without warning, act as if it is running out of gas. i have more than once attempted to cross an intersection only to have the vehicle loose all fuel power, therefore leaving me in the path of other vehicles. this problem will last anywhere from 5 to 15 seconds (approximately - i have not actually timed it) before it straightens back out where i can again accelerate. i have had vehicles have to slam on their brakes to keep from hitting me because i can not accelerate. below is a what i have done to attempt to correct this problem (in the order it was done): 1)plugs were replaced at home 2)fuel injectors were cleaned by certified mechanic (not at dealership) 3)power train control module (computer) (used part) replaced at dealership (at this time i did contact jeep because the computer was only 2,000 miles passed the warranty - they would not assist me the replacement) 4)coil pack replaced at home this vehicle has spent many days in the shop and with all the work that has been performed and all of the diagnostic tests, they still can not tell me how to fix this problem. i have replaced $600 worth of perfectly good parts. this vehicle is extremely dangerous to drive. so much that i will no longer allow anyone to drive it. i spoke with a customer service rep at jeep again today and because the vehicle is no longer under warranty (approx. 83,000 miles), they will not consider helping me. however, their technicians also stated that they were stumped.
 Water pump rear wheel bearings. *ak
 1999 jeep grand cherokee limited. only 45,000 miles. vehicle stalled when making turns and now stalls when operating at high speeds. last time vehicle was traveling approximately 65 miles an hour and stalled. usually the vehicle will start back up as soon as it is put in neutral and you turn the key. but on some occasions vehicle has had to sit for approximately 15 minutes before starting again. vehicle has been towed to a dealership on 2 occasions and each time when it arrives and is checked by mechanics it starts up. mechanics and computer checks revealed no problem at the dealership. people have said that is possibly a computer problem in the vehicle and the reason the dealers found nothing wrong is the computer resets itself each time the jeep is restarted. not sure but the dealerships cannot give me any advice on what to do to fix the problem. i cannot afford another vehicle and i am worried that vehicle stalling at high speeds is going to result in an accident. please let me know if this is a problem you have found in other jeeps and if you know a remedy. jeep has also had electrical problems in the past such as two auto door locks going bad, air conditioner went bad, and the battery failed. not sure if this is related somehow or not. check of past owner records shows maintenance for check engine light at 21418 miles (2/19/01) and 33488 (2/28/02) and automatic transmission problems at 33488 miles. *tt
 The vehicle experienced multiple problems. the horn failed. the interior lights failed. the door locks were inoperative. the abs light and the brake light came on and remained on. the vehicle overheated when at idle for more than a few minutes. this problem has been addressed more than three times with no resolution. the brakes vibrated and this has been a problem since the first year of purchase. the consumer has requested jeep to buy back the vehicle. mr scc *nlm
 The vehicle experienced the following problems: no horn, interior lights, or door locks, the abs/brakes lights were on, continuous overheating when idled, despite repeated brake work, they were still a problem, the dashlights didn't get bright as normal, hissing noise in the brakes (booster was replaced), blower motor was inoperative along with mode position (replaced blower motor resister wiring harness), front pinion seal leaked and was replaced, there was a broken bolt in the rear stabilizer bar (removed), when the vehicle was placed in drive from park, it shifted hard (replaced driveshaft), the control module was replaced, the brakes pulsated on numerous occasions (tsb was completed), the blower module was replaced, all gauges stopped working,all warning light would come on, the engine temperature climbed higher than normal (replaced the fan power transmitter), the windshield wipers had become inoperative, and the arm had broken (replaced the rear arm). the consumer requested the dealer to back the vehicle. mr scc
 We are in a disupute with dialmerchrysler regarding a engine repair with our 1999 jeep grand cherokee laredo. on dec. 23, 2002 we broke down on the highway because a rocker arm spring broke causing a rod to break through the valve cover and drop down into the engine causing $1600 in damage. the jeep has 43,000 miles on it and is no longer under warranty. we purchased the jeep in feb. 2002 and since that time we have replaced the rotors, a leaking seals and now the engine problem. when we approached chrysler about possible assistance with the repair bill, we were told that there was no previous history of enging problems and we did not purchase the extended warranty so they would not help us. our point is that it would have been doubtful that the engine would have had this kind of problem (nor should it have this problem) with such low miles. also, we were never offered an extended warranty at time of purchase. when we discussed this with the salesman he stated that cost was an issue when buying the jeep so he didn't want the price to be any higher. isn't cost always the issue when buying a new car and shouldn't we have been offered a chance to purchase the warranty? we feel that a $6 spring shouldn't cause $1600 to an engine anyhow. is there any way you could be of help to us?
 Consumer called complaining about having problem with the recall part. dealer has the part and didn't call the consumer. please provide further information. ts
 Oil pump seized up, causing vehicle to cut off at highway speed.ts...*ak
 Consumer states that while driving at 20mph and without warning the vehicle will shut off causing consumer to pull over. dealer notified. ts
 While driving the vehicle caught on fire in the engine compartment. nlm
 The temperature control was inoperative, the dealer recalibrated the instrument panel control assembly. nlm
 My 1999 jeep grand cherokee limited w/42,000 miles. yes . not a typo . 42,000, orignal owner & scared to death to drive this suv. i have alot of the already problems, that have been reported. had to pay many, w/my own cash. this suv schould have came in 1 color lemon yellow. it is an accident watng to happen. the recent problem is now i have no a/c-heat or defroster. ths is due, to failure of the automatic temp control to work. i t started 1st by intermittently working, till now not working at all, this is just 1 more, to the list , of many other problems. i don't think that it is an coincidence that all my issue have happenned, almost exactly, in the order, of all the other complaints. i can't undestand how a company can get away w/this. this new problem can cost up to $2000, if it is, like previous reported problems, happens to be the blend doors. as a handicapped driver i drive less than 4,000 miles a year. this is the only auto i drive, thus the many, many probs have yet to raise thier head. i have read almost all complaints(too many to read) this suv schould be a total recall, i have never heard more complaints & problems, in my life, for any automobile. this suv schould be studied & reseached, on how not to build an automobile. just read the many complaints here & on the internet. we are not making this stuff up. i don't know how they stayed in business as long as they did. we, the taxpayers, bailed them out. who is bailing out all the owners, of this death-trap? if that is not absurd enuff, many problems could have been repaired, by jeep & still can. what is the purpose, of nhsta, if not to intervene? you have all the complaints. hundreds of them. you have them posted, yet, we taxpayers/owners safety, has been at risk ever since this suv was driven out of the showroom. how did you not make a recall on the rotor/brakes issue which was reported at 3,000 miles? i am so frustrated. is braking problems not a safety issue? please, help us! *tr
 What a lemon! we are averaging $2000/year in repairs. power windows that stop working, water pump breaks, brake rotors need replacing before brakes wear out, leaking differential, transmission, and now we're told by dealer service department we need a new transfer case. whoever designed/built/sold this vehicle doesn't have much pride in their workmanship.
 While driving at 40 mph, and upon pressing down on brake, vehicle shaks very hard, rotors appear to be very worn, vehicle has been taken to dealer approximately 5 times already. *ak consumer also stated there is a ticking noise from engine when starting up,steering damper and drag link assembly were loose,transmission shifts hard into reverse, right rear turn signal bulb was replaced, vehicle began to overheat, right side mirror was cracked,speaker was inoperative, the trim on the door panel was loose, exhaust system was loud, parking brake needed to be adjusted, passenger side seat belt was inoperative, passenger wiper blade was not cleaning the window, keyless entry remote was inoperative*slc
 The oil pressure switch failed causing the oil pressure gauge to read high. nlm
 The heater fan in my 1999 jeep grand cherokee stopped working and there was a burning smell in the car. mechanic found that the fan resistor (computer) and pigtail that connects to it were burned up. he checked with jeep and there are 3,000 of these items back ordered because this is a problem on many of these vehicles. its winter and 17 degrees in my car i could freeze with my family or my dashboard could catch on fire. *jb
 Tie rod ends replaced . cooling fan sensor , front wheel bearings, rear differential completely rebuilt, what's next? will never buy a chrysler product again!!!!!!!!*jb
 Electric cooling fan falure in my 99 jeep grand charrokee whitch in turn over heated the jeep ruptured the radiator causing $884 in damages. come to find out new fans are back on order this is a problem that is ongoing with jeeps 98-2002 if i would have known this would have been more carful picking out my new car thanks john
 Dt: 1999 jeep grand cherokee. the vehicle has 48,677 miles currently. at 14,754 miles they resurfaced the front brake rotors and replaced the pads, this was on october 18, 2000. then on july 15, 2002, at 28,186 miles the front brake rotors had to be replaced and the pads. on may 3, 2004 at 42,123 miles, the rotors had to be resurfaced and replace the pads. on monday, july 11, 2005 at 48,502 miles the vehicle was taken in for a lube job and the consumer asked to have the brakes checked because he felt pulsation in the brake. she was told the rotors need to be replaced again and new pads would be needed. the dealership states the brakes are not covered under the warranty because they are considered wear and tear items and only covered for 12 months or 12,000 miles. after speaking with the district service manager, she was reimbursed, $211, for the work done on may 3, 2004. according to the service department, this model is having problems with the front brake system. it is due to the fact that they are no longer made of asbestos. when she called the manufacturer, all they did was read the warranty to him. *ak there was a vibration under the vehicle, pulsation from the brakes, a leaking transfer case, rear differential leak, vibration in the front end, a slight brake pulsation, regular pulsation from the brakes, grinding sound rear end, and radiator leaking. *sc *tt
 My 1999 jeep grand cherokee's radiator fan failed to work, causing the vehicle to overheat. this was diagnosed as an inoperative fan relay by a jeep dealer. this issue is one of many intermittent mechanical problems plaguing this vehicle since purchasing it new, however this complaint is being filed for 4 specific reasons: 1) this type of problem resulting in total failure should not occur in such a new vehicle, 2) a breakdown of this type (overheat) may cause collateral damage to the vehicle which will not be known about until a future event occurs, 3) i am a women who travels alone often and any breakdown puts my personal safety at risk, 4) to help prevent others from experiencing this if this report assists in determining that this issue is a systemic problem with this vehicle. i understand that proactive resolution of this problem was not likely, however i have attempted to find out information on systemic problems with 1999 jeep grand cherokees in order to be an informed consumer and be proactive in my maintenance checks of my vehicle to avoid breakdown. this information is not readily available from the dealerships, therefore it puts the consumer at more risk than necessary. daimler chrysler should take more responsibility and improve communication on these issues. this model year vehicle has been plagued with known problems, two of which cost me the loss of my vehicle over 2 different weekends, 2 different breakdown events while i was driving alone, in addition to at least 12 other service events. *ak
 Consumer is having problems with the vehicle.
 The radiator fan and radiator failed causing the vehicle to overheat. nlm
 Engine with a serious knocking sound. though car was metricoullously maintained, it still failed after 130000 miles
 Tl*the contact owns a 1999 jeep grand cherokee. while driving at speeds of at least 45-55 mph, the vehicle would stall without warning. upon stalling, all interior lights and electrical elements of the vehicle would engage for 2-10 seconds. the vehicle was taken to the dealer where they could not duplicate the failure. there were no repairs made to the vehicle. there were no recalls on the vehicle pertaining to engine stalling. to date, the vehicle would continue to stall. the failure mileage was 60,000 and the current mileage was 130,000.
 1999 jeep grand cherokee laredo has had numerous problems with the fan clutch assembly. symptoms include loud noises from the engine compartment from startup until a few miles are driven, almost like that of a loud airplane. vehicle has approximately 155,000 miles and has been one owner since new. fan clutch assembly has failed more than four times at this point, requiring the replacement of the fan clutch assembly on each failure. one repair was completed at a jeep dealership under the factory warranty; a second repair was made also at a jeep dealership outside the factory warranty at a cost of over $350.00. third and fourth replacements of the fan clutch were made using genuine new mopar/jeep parts, but not at a dealership location at a cost of just under $300.00. now the dealership has diagnosed this fault for a fifth time, with an estimated replacement cost of $350.00. it seems abnormal to have to replace the fan clutch assembly every 30,000 or so miles, and that the manufacturer of these units may have a faulty design. *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 1999 jeep grand cherokee. while driving between 30 and 50 mph, the vehicle shut off in the middle of the road without warning. the contact almost crashed at the time of the failure and lost control of the vehicle before pulling off to the shoulder. the vehicle would not restart immediately most times, but would start approximately three to four minutes later. the dealer could not determine the cause of the failure. the failure mileage was 135,000. updated 11/17/08 *cn the consumer believed the problem was electrical. updated 11/24/08. *jb
 Crankshaft counter balance weights scraping against internal engine block due to main crankshaft thrust bearing wearing out at 115,000 miles due to bad oem part. all other engine parts are excellent! this wear causes an internal ticking sound that steadily gets louder as wear continues. replacement of the thrust bearing requires engine removal, engine disassembly and is not practical. after $900 for diagnostic work, mechanic says put it back together and drive it until it stops, then replace the entire engine.............or replace it now........the part will fail and be terminal to the engine. *jb
 1999 grand cherokee jeep, brake failure and head gasket replaced. *bf the consumer stated while driving and without warning, the vehicle seized up. the vehicle was towed to a garage who replaced the transfer case, rack and pinion, and spider gears. *jb
 Consumer complained about a transfer case problem. when driving at approximately 40 mph there was a loud clanking sound coming from the front undercarriage. consumer took the vehicle back to the dealer, and was told the vehicle had dusty brake pads, but that was not the issue. then, consumer was told that the constant velocity joints were leaking. also, consumer was told that the driveshaft needed to be replaced. consumer felt that the dealership did not know what the problem was, and perhaps was covering up the real problem. *ak recall campaign; component: fuel system, gasoline:fuel injection system:injectors. the consumer stated that the vehicle would not start. the consumer stated that the engine had an extended crank before starting. fuel pump assembly and pump crank repair kit installed. the consumer stated that there is a shimmy when the brakes are applied. when sitting at a stop light having the vehicle in gear it vibrates. the left outer cv boot was leaking. the engine light came on. the consumer stated that the transmission slams into gear. *tc
 My wife made a quick stop at a local store. upon returning the vehicle's engine would not turn over. she paused for a few minutes and attempted to start the engine again. there was a loud bang followed by a loud rattling. at the mechanic shop, the mechanic hoisted the jeep on the lift and we witnessed a hole and crack in the bottom of the engine about the size of a softball. the cracked piece was only being held by a bolt or some kind of rivet or else the hole damage would have been much larger. the 99 jeep gc had 96500 miles on it, regular oil changes, and it was not leaking oil. it happened without warning, and i have heard no decent explaination for this. cost $1500, and this was considered a good price. yours truly, disgrunted consumer
 Broken window motor, seat belt mounting bolts, leaking rear shock absorbers, etc...*mr the consumer felt jeep should fix the outstanding problems with the axles and the transmission and give a warranty for the power train. the vehicle experienced a noise while in motion. also the broken window lift leaked, the rear absorbers failed, the rear passenger window leaked air, the seat belt mounting bolts failed,and a potential fire hazard on the manifold debris shield, the brake pedal pulsated wildly(front were rotors turned), the passenger window had stuck shut, the exterior mirror had broken off, and the transmission slammed into reverse. there was a buzz in the rear which had progressed to a howl. refer to odi# 10027025 *scc *jb *jb *jb *cb
 Problems with failing axles and transmission. *mr the consumer felt the manufacturer should fix the outstanding problems with axles and transmission and give a warranty for the power train. the vehicle experienced a noise while the vehicle was in motion. also the window lift leaked, the rear absorbers, the rear passenger window leaked air, the seat belt mounting bolts, fire hazard on the manifold debris shield, brake pedal pulsated wildly(front rotors turned), the passenger window had stuck shut, the exterior mirror had broken off, and the transmission slammed into reverse. there was a buzz in the rear which had progressed to a howl. refer to odi# 10029353 *scc *jb
 Consumer states that while driving and no warning the vehicle will start to over heat causing the consumer to pull over to let the vehicle cool down before consumer think it safe to drive. dealer notified. ts
 Vehicle not running properly. it lost compression. mechanic replaced cylinder in engine.*ak
 Abs light, and brake light came on, indicating a brake malfunction.*ak wiring to the right wheel speed sensor was cut by lower control arm. the vehicle has electrical and suspension problems. driver and passenger side power windows inoperative. fuel pump failed. vehicle is leaking transmission fluid due to pan gasket failure. fuel is leaking from fuel tank due to defective fuel sending unit seal. abs light, air bag lights are on and a/c blinkers are not working due to ignition switch looses. vehicle makes noise due to power steering gear assembly failure. *yh
 Vehicle would stall while waiting at stop light or stop sign. would shut vehicle off & restart it. could press on accelerator & vehicle would die out. contacted dealership twice since problem had happened & nothing was done.*ak
 Vehicles dies under any circumstances...speeding on the highway at 75 mph, idling at a stop sign, driving in town at 35 mph, hot weather, cold weather, rain, sun and snow. it sometimes starts right up again, sometimes takes an hour - occasionally 5-10 hours before it will restart. instrument panel simply goes dead, engine stops, no warning. this has nearly caused accidents 15-20 times. towed 8 times...waited it out the rest. dealer will not help unless they can duplicate problem - cannot duplicate an intermittent problem, so there 'is no problem'. personal mechanic identified the problem as the computer, tried to order one from jeep several times, always told it is on backorder. interesting... back ordered part for 'no problem'. the computer was apparently replaced just before i purchased the car. *nm
 My 1999 jeep grand cherokee limited with 4.7 liter v8 has a nasty white foam where i fill the oil. looks like some kind of emulsification. maybe water in my oil. i changed the oil this weekend when it was 2 degrees out and the white foam was frozen in chunks which then fell down the tube. is there a tsb for this problem. i have heard similar problems from others with the 4.7 liter. how can i get this problem corrected by jeep?
 While driving heard a noise, vehicle started smoking,. consumerpulled over. engine blewout contacted dealer.*ak
 Vehicle would vibrate severely when applying brakes at 35-40 mph, and more severely at higher speeds. vehicle has been to the dealer on eleven occasions, and the problem has reoccurring. *ak the engine makes noise. there was a clunk noise from drive line to reverse. the vehicle would not hold in park. consumer stated that both inner and outer tie rod failed and were replaced. while driving at 85 mph the vehicle makes a growling noise. transmission makes clunking noise when putting in gear. the steering wheel vibrates while going over pumps due to front brake rotors failure, also the steering shock was replaced. *yh
 Vehicle cuts off intermittently while driving at highway speeds. dealer has been contacted. please provide further details. *ak
 While driving oil leaks from engine. took vehicle to dealer. please provide any further information.*ak
 During activation of brake system traveling at any speed there is a pulsation in the brakes, there is a squeaking noise, and vehicle pulls to the right. dealership has examined vehicle three times, and failed to remedy the problem. brake rotors and front stabilizer bars have been replaced.*ak consumer stated there was also a possible oil leak, dealer replaced the tie rod to pitman arm and the real pinion seal, also the steering dampner assembly was replaced,and the engine surges at times sometimes hesitates, also there was a leak behind the driver/rear floorboard.
 While driving vehicle stopped at red light and engine completely shutdown. please provide any further information.*ak
 When driving vehicle was stopped at red light, engine completely shutdown. *ak *jb
 This vehicle has had several problems since date of lease. although in this matter, engine blew after intial 36,000 mile coverage--diamler chrysler has agreed to pay half of repair amount. this agreement is unsatisfactory in my opinion and i wish to find out what my options are to resolve this matter and get into another vehicle. it was very fortunate that there was not a fatality involved as this happened on a major interstate with no warning. *ak
 My 1999 jeep grand cherokee laredo had a new differential install edat 15,000 miles; two new front rotors at 36,000 and should have been done way before this; back brake drum cracked at 36,000 miles; front rotors redone again at 42000 miles; and now the motor at 52,000 miles. we had not indication (noise, etc) of the motor going, i was traveling aroung 5-10 miles per hour turning into our road and it felt like something heavy dropped out of the vehicle, it sounded like metal going through a fan. a piece of the block fell out onto the road and the people at the local dealer said they had never seen any thing like it before. it was like a bomb went off inside the motor. my question -- should chyrsler be responsible for this motor, it will be in the range of $6,000. thank you.*ak
 Engine cuts off intermittently. also, backfires intermittently. dealer is aware of problems. please provide further details.*ak
 The engine, while in drive going ~60mph, from time to time, shifts into neutral and/or even shuts off completely on its own accord. at stop lights, stop sign, etc, while in drive with foot on brake, the engine shuts off on its own. i asked multiple dealers and reported it, they said it was a fuel problem. please add this to your recent jeep grand cherokee preliminary investigation.
 On five occasions, at various speeds, vehicle stalled out and died without warning. dealer has inspected vehicle several times,and has not been able to duplicate or correct problem..*ak vehicle failed nine more times and chrysler agreed to take vehicle back. *slc
 Vehicle stalls when in idle position and ready to accelerate or when ready to shift from park to drive. also will turn on maybe on 3rd try or none at all untill hours later. *ak
 I have taken my car into either courtesy motors in chico california or normandin jeep in chico california. each time, my car was returned to me unrepaired. no safety defect listed in summary. *ak
 This vehicle is experiencing stalling problems, it stalls while in parking lots or when accelerating from a complete stop, the vehicle was taken to the dealer where it was said to be fixed, however the problem occurred again, the consumer was told that the problem is known, but there is no fix for it. *slc
 Have experienced numerous quality problems including the 4 wheel drive grinding and jumping, window function problems, rear washerhose leak into rear compartment, rough transmission into reverse from park, oil gauge failure and engine clicking noise during acceleration. dealer on many occasions says they are normal for the truck to experience and not to worry. i don't believe them.
 Vehicle is having many problems with abs and brakes, on one occasion, front brakes locked up, causing skidding and shaking throughout steering wheel, tsb 879 has been complete, rotors have been found warped several times and have been replaced, brake pads have been replaced, pulsation and vibration are felt due to faulty brakes, however dealer can not remedy problem. torque converter was replaced, consumer states that a noise is in the transmission after driving a while. engine surges while driving at 55 mph and above. *slc
 This vehicle stalls intermittently when at a light/stop.vehicle restarts for now.one time vehicle stalled when moving and stopping in reverse and also when slowing for a yield sign.manufacturer very unconcerned about situation says mays have fix in novenber or december.
 When stopping at red light and idle was at a normal rate vheicle would stall. dealer had vehicle 4-5 times, but cause was still unknown. also when braking and coming to stop, steering would start to pulsate. dealer has rewinded drums, but defect kept occurring and cause was unknown.*ak
 While driving about any speed engine will stall without prior warning, and sometimes will not restart. had to be towed.*ak
 The engine has completely shut off in the middle of driving or when at a stoplight. this has occured at least 3 times in the 8 months we have owned it. all engine power and electrical power go off completely when it occurs. we called the dealership and they said, let me guess, it's been quitting on you. that pissed me off because they knew about it but didn't notify anyone of the potential life threatening effects it could have. it's obviously happened to a large number of owners and when your traveling at high speeds and the engines quits it makes braking near impossible.
 Engine failed. nlm
 Engine repaired eight times due to fuel pump, spark plug and oxygen sensor failures. yh
 While driving and coming to stop on a red light, vehicle would lose power/stall without a warning at different times. dealer could not find the cause. dealer advised consumer to keep the a/c on at all times in an attempt to correct the problem. *ak
 Whenever vehicle comes to a stop it stalls when pulling off to make a turn. dealer has been contacted. throttle body has been replaced twice, engine/transmission software updated, problem still exists. *ak *ml
 Intermittent engine idle problem. occurs when engine is fully warmed up and in gear and at a full stop. engine idle speed will fluctuate between 300 & 600 rpm . when this happens, engine roughness is very noticable and on occassion it will stall. on the first visit to the dealer, the computer was reprogrammed as per a tsb. this did not solve the problem. second visit, chrysler advised the dealer to replace throttle position sensor. again the problem still exists. the dealer has notified chrysler and is still waiting for an answer. *ak
 Stalled on many occasions in stop and go traffic. has become very dangerous with potential for accident. extremely unreliable with poor build quality. dealer unable to resolve the stalling problem. long list of problems in the first 27,000 miles. very upset with this vehicle and chrysler doesn't seem to really care at all.*ak
 Dealer examined and replaced the control unit twice. no help. idle speed is too low (400mph)! i want jeep to do something. it's a lemon! *ak
 Vehicle continually shuts down, last incident occured while driving on interstate at high speed, unable to determine cause. *mjs
 Vehicle dies for no apparent reason. have been told it will continue to happen even after it was in the shop for this problem. transmission jerks when shifting in low speeds.this happens on a daily basis. service techs at dealership have no answers for this problem. i get the feeling i will just have to live with it dying and jerking as long as i own the jeep. this vehicle should have stayed on the drawing board just a little longer i think. *ak
 When stopping vehicle idles and shuts down, and there are no warning lights. *ak *ml
 Car makes loud clunking noise when slowing, then rpm's fluctuate and car stalls. dealer contacted numerous times since vehicle first purchased. each time they said it was fixed.
 Intermittently truck stalls when it comes to a stop. dealer was notified about the problem. owner was told that chrysler knows about the problem, but not sure of the solution. please provide any furhter information. *ak
 This vehicle repeatedly stalls during operation. it has happened to me several times in commuter traffic, necessitating a complete stop and shifting into park in order to restart the vehicle. this happens in the traffic lanes in moving traffic. i fear this. *ak
 Vehicle stalls when drive gear is engaged. yh
 Vehicle intermittently stalls when at a stop.dealer cannot determine cause.please provide further information. *ak
 The bulk of the problems the car has were recognized before 583 miles. the engine stalls when driving in stop and go traffic. the problem seems to be magnified if the car goes from high speeds to an idle . the car begins to idle below 500rpm and then dies. after being in to reprogram several times, now the vehicle is hard to start, it takes from 5-10 seconds to start. the car has transfer case problems that make the car shudder at low speeds when turning. trying to fix that issue created a leak from the transfer case. the car also has a hollow grinding noise or resonance at 1200rpm in 1st gear while under a load. the car has been serviced six times. these issues still remain. *ak
 I am an owner of a 1999 jeep grand cherokee limited v8. i have encountered many problems with this vehicle but some have already been resolved under manufacturer's warranty. a couple problems still exist though. one main problem is that my vehicle occasionally stalls out on me at red lights. it idles very slow (@400 rpm) and this is usually when the vehicle fails on me. i'll lose power to the transmission, but all the electrical items will still work, such as the radio and heater. when the engine dies out, the check engine and airbag lights will display. this problem has been brought to the attention of two dealerships but has not yet been resolved. another problem i have is that i will feel a big clunk when i am accelerating, usually when i first start to drive off. the second type of clunk i feel is when i put the vehicle in reverse to drive. i will feel a big bang like somebody had hit me from behind. this will specifically happen during the shift from reverse to drive. the third problem i encounter happens when i have my heater on. i will have the control settings set @80's and the air conditioner will operate. i do not have the setting at defrost mode. it is in regular mode and when i want the heat, the ac plus the heat will trigger. i would greatly appreciate it if these problems were looked into. thank you. *ak
 Ongoing / intermittent problem with vehicle stalling out whenever it came to a stop position.vehicle been in dealer shop on two occasions and nothing can be found. *ak
 Vehicle stalls whenever it feels like doing so, this is an absolute unsafe situation that we dont feel that chrysler should have a choice in making. my family apparently don't mean to much to them. if it is all the same, we would prefer not to be put in this position by them or anyone else, my family and friends are of most importance to us. thank you very much. an unhappy damlier/chrysler customer for sure!!! ken n barb davis. *ak
 Vehicle idles irratically and has completely stalled on several occasions. control module was reprogrammed on august 24, 1999 after technical service came up with solution to problem. vehicle has since stalled again. my question is why is there not a recall or warning about this problem since the vehicle could stall at rr crossings or intersections where an accident could occur. vehicle was reprogrammed again dec. 6, 1999. does this solve problem or is it only another bandaid? *ak
 This vehicle has many/many inherent problems, it has an enging problem that causes the engine to stop running. we are told that they dont know what the problem is but would like to put co pilot in the car to log a code when the problem occurs, however we have been told that they have had this problem on other cars and have not been able to have the co pilot log in any error codes. so they bought the car back from the owners. it would take quite some time for us to list all of the inherent problems that all these new jeeps have 1999 0r 2000 models. if you could go to the site on the net and type in 4x44u you will be astounded at all the frustrated folks nation wide. the car also has many drivetrain problems to many to list, it is overwhelming. please help us, we worked hard for that $38.000 dollars we gave to chrysler and they are just putting it back on us, the customer's. thank you very much. ken and barb davis.
 I was driving home from the holidays and the trip was about an hour long on a major hwy. parked truck outside of garage, took some items in the house and when i came back outside, there was smoke coming out from under the hood. popped the hood release and tried to open the hood, but burned my hand. i ran inside to call 911 and the minute the door closed, there was an explosion and flames were under the vehicle's engine and under the hood.
 I will be stopped at a light or in traffic when all of a sudden the rpm's will become very erratic. the needle will jump up and down from 700 to 200 to 0 etc. the vehicle has stalled on several occasions in the middle of traffic almost causing a rear end collision. the problem only happens when the car is in drive, with foot on the brake. been to dealership several times. they have connected a chrysler co-pilot to monitor and record problem. have recorded problem several times. currently waiting for a response. i do know of 3 other people with 1999 grand cherokees that have the same problem. since the vehicle does stall out in the middle of traffic, it does represent a safety issue. since this obviously is not exclusive to me, chrysler needs to fix the problem immediately, or take back the vehicle. again this is a brand new jeep. for the record, i have had other defects with this vehicle, although minor compared to this one. defects include rattles, window motor failures etc.
 Engine stalled on the highway without warning. dealer had to replace drive plate sensor. problem has occurred again. *ak
 This vehicle is a potential wreck, it doesn't idle and dies, klunks and lurches forward, and roars like its losing its rear axle or transmission. a potential wreck that after repeated attempts will not improve.
 Repeated problems with ac/heat being erratic, will take vehicle in for 4th time. vehicle shuddered, fixed by changing fluid. weather seal fell off. brake shudder fixed by replacement of rotors, etc. engine stalled fixed, but the rev up and lurch at stop is not yet. setting another appointment with service. *ak
 The car fails to start at a single turn of the ignition. it takes several attempts. dealer did not look at this when it was taken into the shop because of rotor mnfr problems.
 Whenever coming to a stop, vehicle would jerk forward. would have a whistling noise while driving. vehicle would stall out. also, there's a slight delay when starting vehicle & then another slight delay after shifting into drive. took vehicle to mechanic & was informed the problem was with rack and pinion steering& needs to be corrected. *ak
 After having been driven for 5 minutes the car was parked in driveway. 20 minutes later the engine rupted in flames. fire extinguished by police and fire dept. special inspector and insurance appraiser declared the vehicle totally destroyed. after 7 weeks chrysler has given no information on cause of fire and we still do not have a replacement nor a rental car (except for the drive home from new york to florida) .a vehicle has been offered this week by resolution center but only on condition that we reimburse them $860.00 for mileage driven ( which = $.26 per mile.)
 Each malfunction has severely effected the use & safety of the vehicle. dealership is not interested in the problems
 I was driving the vehicle in traffic, when it suddenly slowed to a crawl, and the engine light never came on until after i stopped. i can no longer trust this vehicle, an it it too time consuming to keep taking it in for repairs. i need relieable trasportation. also because it is a new vehicle, no one ever has any parts and i have to wait weeks to let the dealer get them in to fix the vehicle.
 Vehicle exhibits hard upshift changing from 2nd to 3rd gear when accelerating at 1500rpm @ 20mph
 The motor has a metallic type knocking or tapping noise that increases in rapidity as the rpm increases until it becomes a high pitched screaming type sound. the dealer refuses to accept this as a problem since other 1999 6 cylinder jeeps do it also. however my 1996 jeep with the same engine didnot make these noises. *ak
 If your using any of the gears to apply engine braking in a downgrade once the tachometer reaches 2500 or more the engine enters a freewheeling state where there is little or no slowing effect. with the use of any gear, after the initial braking caused by the engine revving to match the gear speed (flywheel effect) the engine goes into a high idle state and offers no more compression braking. the only way to slow in downgrades is excessive use the brakes. use of any reasonable gear for the speed does little good. most states have laws against putting your car into neutral while moving for this reason. no compression braking in mountaineous driving will lead to brake loss due to overheating. towing a trailer would make things worse. i believe no engine braking is a serious safety defect. this vehicle requires more brake application downhill than any other vehicle i have driven. *ak
 Vehicle sag/hesitate, attempt to stall upon acceleration,dealer duplicated problem on test drive, but unable to fix. noted transmission fluid was also 1 quart low, unusual for new vehicle.
 The vehicle stalls intermittently both in drive and reverse. jeep stated that this is a software problem but has been unable to correct it. on several occasions the vehicle was almost struck by another vehicle when it stalled. the most dangerous situations have occurred in intersections and when driving on a hill. for example, when entering a busy road from a side road with poor visibility, the vehicle stalled when attempting to back up from the intersection when it became apparent that the vehicle was entering the line of traffic (it was necessary to actually partially enter the intersection to see traffic coming from the left. another dangerous situation occurred when the vehicle stalled on a hill and the driver, who was inexperienced, found the car rolling backwards when stepping on the accelerator because the vehicle had stalled.
 While driving at 60mph on the highway without warrning the vehicle engine shuts down completly, causing the consumer to coast the vehicle to a stop in the middle of the highway. dealer has been contacted. *ak
 The engine check light kept coming on. the dealer repaired the vehicle, and afterward the engine started to stall. when driving and making turns, the vehicle will cut off, and sometme's can hear a little noise coming from the engine. *ak
 While driving at 40 mph, and upon pressing down on brake, vehicle shaks very hard, rotors appear to be very worn, vehicle has been taken to dealer approximately 5 times already. *ak consumer also stated there is a ticking noise from engine when starting up,steering damper and drag link assembly were loose,transmission shifts hard into reverse, right rear turn signal bulb was replaced, vehicle began to overheat, right side mirror was cracked,speaker was inoperative, the trim on the door panel was loose, exhaust system was loud, parking brake needed to be adjusted, passenger side seat belt was inoperative, passenger wiper blade was not cleaning the window, keyless entry remote was inoperative*slc
 Gas tank was replaced mid july of 1999. after that date, the check engine light appeared. service department claimed that the oxygen sensor was bad and replacing the part would fix the problem. the following day, the check engine light appeared again. dealership was notified, but the service department was too busy to service us in the next few days. we went down to orlando fl, where we purchased the vehicle, and they saw the car immediately. the service department's diagnosis was the same as the dealership in jacksonville, fl. oxygen sensor was reported as bad and replaced a second time in less than a week's period. the following day, on the way back to jacksonville from orlando, the check engine light appeared again and the dealership was notified in jacksonville. we are scheduled to have the car service again to correct the problem. furthermore, the car is now running rough; indicating that the light is not just a malfunction, put a potentionally serious problem.
 The vehicle exhibits a sag/hesitation following a partial cool down restart, possibly an oxygen sensor problem. while making hard left turns at slow speeds (such as a u-turn), the airbag warning light illuminates and a audible chime is activated. the right side brake light assembly is burnt (internally) due to some kind of electrical overheating. the vehicle shifts hard, misses shifts, shifts repeatedly at constant speed and on a level grade. the rear differantial bumps very hard within 3-20 seconds of coming to a complete stop. an immovable fog has developed on the lenses of the composite headlight assemblies.*ak
 O2 sensors failed. nlm
 Engine repaired eight times due to fuel pump, spark plug and oxygen sensor failures. yh
 Crank sensor failed. yh
 Gas tank was replaced mid july of 1999. after that date, the check engine light appeared. service department claimed that the oxygen sensor was bad and replacing the part would fix the problem. the following day, the check engine light appeared again. dealership was notified, but the service department was too busy to service us in the next few days. we went down to orlando fl, where we purchased the vehicle, and they saw the car immediately. the service department's diagnosis was the same as the dealership in jacksonville, fl. oxygen sensor was reported as bad and replaced a second time in less than a week's period. the following day, on the way back to jacksonville from orlando, the check engine light appeared again and the dealership was notified in jacksonville. we are scheduled to have the car service again to correct the problem. furthermore, the car is now running rough; indicating that the light is not just a malfunction, put a potentionally serious problem.
 Tl*the contact owns a 1999 jeep grand cherokee. while driving approximately 70 mph, the check engine light illuminated on the instrument control panel. the contact took his vehicle to the dealer and they stated that the catalytic converter and motor needed to be replaced. the manufacturer was notified. the current and failure mileages were 68,000.
 Vehicle caught on fire while parked in the parking lot. the local fire department arrived to extinguish the fire. the fire caused damage to two other vehicle parked next to consumer's vehicle. insurance investigator believed the source of the fire started from the catalytic converter. the manufacturer was notified.*ak
 On several occasions consumer had problems with the catalytic converter being plugged, manufacturer notified. *tt
 Exhaust manifold gasket over heated and burned up in turn had caused over heating in the torque converter. this led to transmission failure. keyless entry lock had malfunction also.*jb
 On december 7, 2002 my family and i (including my 2 1/2 year old daughter) were driving down the new jersey turnpike and our 1999 jeep grand cherokee caught fire. a state trooper aided us in putting the fire out and we had the vehicle towed off of the interstate. upon our return home that evening we discovered a daimler chrysler recall notice (recall: b06) in the mail stating that a defect in the exhaust manifold may result in and underhood fire. daimler chrysler has since informed us that because the vehicle is over 3 years old they will not reimburse us for the costs of repair or provide an explanation as to how or why the fire ocurred.