Consumer Complaints

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 Door locks not working, initial rear passenger lock making a buzzing noise followed by not opening. now the front passenger door is buzzing and opening intermittently. *tr
 Passenger rear door lock actuator and rear latch lock actuator broken making it impossible to enter the car from those two doors
 My 1999 jeep grand cherokee limited w/42,000 miles. yes . not a typo . 42,000, orignal owner & scared to death to drive this suv. i have alot of the already problems, that have been reported. had to pay many, w/my own cash. this suv schould have came in 1 color lemon yellow. it is an accident watng to happen. the recent problem is now i have no a/c-heat or defroster. ths is due, to failure of the automatic temp control to work. i t started 1st by intermittently working, till now not working at all, this is just 1 more, to the list , of many other problems. i don't think that it is an coincidence that all my issue have happenned, almost exactly, in the order, of all the other complaints. i can't undestand how a company can get away w/this. this new problem can cost up to $2000, if it is, like previous reported problems, happens to be the blend doors. as a handicapped driver i drive less than 4,000 miles a year. this is the only auto i drive, thus the many, many probs have yet to raise thier head. i have read almost all complaints(too many to read) this suv schould be a total recall, i have never heard more complaints & problems, in my life, for any automobile. this suv schould be studied & reseached, on how not to build an automobile. just read the many complaints here & on the internet. we are not making this stuff up. i don't know how they stayed in business as long as they did. we, the taxpayers, bailed them out. who is bailing out all the owners, of this death-trap? if that is not absurd enuff, many problems could have been repaired, by jeep & still can. what is the purpose, of nhsta, if not to intervene? you have all the complaints. hundreds of them. you have them posted, yet, we taxpayers/owners safety, has been at risk ever since this suv was driven out of the showroom. how did you not make a recall on the rotor/brakes issue which was reported at 3,000 miles? i am so frustrated. is braking problems not a safety issue? please, help us! *tr
 Have been going out to unlock jeep and will not unlock. this is now happening every day where the door will not lock or unlock on the drivers side. i have heard that several other people with the same jeep have the same problem. now the dome lights will not go on until i close the door and then will not go out. so i am forced to drive with them on and the door unlocked. i don't feel very safe in this anymore. *tr
 I have a 1999 jeep grand cherokee limited. i have had the vehicle since it had 29,000 miles and it now has approx. 81,000. i have replaced three of the five locking mechanisms on the vehicle and now have two more that need replacing. this is not acceptable. the door locks allow for me to open the corresponding door or rear hatch sometimes but most of the time do not allow me to open the door or rear tailgate at all. when the rear tailgate lock is allowing for me to open the rear tailgate it will not lock at all. my vehicle has sat in my driveway every night without anyway for me to lock it. when it is stuck in the locked position it will not open because there is no way for me to manually open the rear tailgate. when the driver side lock went out it locked me out of the vehicle because there is some type of electrical drain on the vehicle as well, the key less entry fob could obviously not unlock the other doors. this is just one of the frustrating issues that i have had with the locking mechanisms on my vehicle. i was told by the dealership that it would cost approx. $250 per door in locking mechanisms alone to get replaced this time! i am pissed off and at a loss. i have replaced these locks before and it should never be an issue for me the entire life that i own this vehicle, especially not this many times. i may have the previously repaired items for review. please help me find some type of solution to this problem since i am out of money and out of patience. thank you. *tr
 Rear passenger door, lock malfunction. door does not lock with auto lock button. this allowed my car to be broke into. *tr
 The driver door lock f&r make a squeaking noise when being operated keylessly. this is an ongoing problem with 99-00 jeep gr. cher. locking is an issue and a safety concern. *tr
 Door locks(automatic)drivers side and rear drivers side doors have to locked manually dealer says between 200 and 500 to repair out of extended warranty i feel this is a safety concern and should be recalled please help!!!! *tr
 1999 jeep grand cherokee limited rear passenger side door lock failure. could not unlock door. took car to don davis auto group who replaced the lock for $185. *jb
 1999 defective chrysler grand jeep cherokee.***no answer required***. *mr the consumer experienced repeated problems with the rotors, pads and calipers. the consumer has experienced hard vibration not only in the front end of the vehicle, but the steering wheel, floor, seat and instrument panel. the vibration was so severe the consumer would lose control of the steering wheel. the rotors would heat up, the caliper froze. the intermediate shaft was replaced, the rear latch was lubricated due to squeaking. the battery was replaced because the consumer had a hard time starting the vehicle. *jb
 1999 jeep grand cherokee loredo exhibits the following problems: 1) lurch when shifting from park to reverse along with a noticeable 'thump' noise 2) humming noise at highway speed (65-75 mph) that graduated into a sudden 'pop' noise. this issue caused a loud grinding noise which i am now trying to deal with. dealership informed me that this was a common problem in 1999 and 2000 model year for rear differential due to diffential supplier to chrysler overtorqueing differential components. 3) driver's side door lock failure*ak
 The vehicle experienced multiple problems. the horn failed. the interior lights failed. the door locks were inoperative. the abs light and the brake light came on and remained on. the vehicle overheated when at idle for more than a few minutes. this problem has been addressed more than three times with no resolution. the brakes vibrated and this has been a problem since the first year of purchase. the consumer has requested jeep to buy back the vehicle. mr scc *nlm
 The air bag light was intermittent. *jb the passenger side window and the driver side lock assembly was inoperative. the dealer was not willing to do anything to help. scc
 When adding windshield washer fluid, the hood came back down and hit me on the head. very dangerous safety situation. according to the dealer the hood struts need to be replaced. *nm
 The wind gust from an oncoming semi caused the hood on my 99 jeep grand cherokee to pop open. the secondary latch held thankfully
 Vehicle's hood came crashing down suddenly and without any warning on my head while i was trying to check the engine oil level. dealer's representative rather non-chalant about it. could cause serious injuries as hood is heavy and bulky. i rarely check the oil level. dealer's service people have lifted the hood a lot more than i have had during servicing. is a definite safety hazard. told to use broom handle to prop hood up like the service techs do at the dealership. there should be a fix and recall of defective parts, especially when dealer service personnel are using broom sticks to prop the hood up to prevent the sudden dropping of the hood.*ak
 One of the two rear liftgate pistons which are designed to hold up the weight of the liftgate snapped violently when opening the hatch. this piston shot up and wedged inside the crease bewteen the liftgate and body of the vehicle. because it became wedged in this crease, thankfully the liftgate did not fall hard therefore did not injure anyone. the car body is dented from the impact. the part replacement cost approximately $70. jeep would not pay for the replacement part even though they admitted it was not something that should fail. pistons holding up the vehicle hood also are faulty, as are the pistons that hold up the pop-up window glass. none of these pistons can reliabilbly hold the weight of the items they were designed for.*ak