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 On july 3, 2007, daimlerchrysler corporation (dcc) submitted a defect information report to nhtsa describing a defect that could result in engine stall while driving in approximately 80,894 model year (my) 2007 jeep wrangler and dodge nitro vehicles manufactured between january 30, 2006 and january 22, 2007 (nhtsa recall 07v-291, dcc recall g25).according to dcc, the totally integrated power module (tipm) in these vehicles was programmed with software that may allow the engine to stall under certain conditions.dcc will reprogram the tipm in the recalled vehicles with revised software. odi opened pe07-027 on may 29, 2007, based on 53 complaints alleging engine stall and/or loss of electrical power in my 2007 jeep wrangler vehicles.odi was also monitoring similar complaints in my 2007 dodge nitro vehicles.dcc's analysis of complaints to dcc and nhtsa found that many described events with a momentary loss of electrical power inside the vehicle and a corresponding loss of engine power.many of the reports also indicated that the instrument cluster telltale lamps momentarily illuminated during the event. dcc's engineering analysis determined that the tipm could initiate an internal reset cycle lasting approximately 75 ms in response to error messages on the communication bus.the key on signal from the tipm to the powertrain control module (pcm) is lost during a tipm reset.if the pcm loses the key on signal for longer than 40 ms, it interprets it as the vehicle ignition being turned off and begins a power down routine.after the tipm reset, the key on signal is restored and the pcm powers back up.if the rotating components of the engine contain sufficient inertia, the vehicle may restart with no input from the operator as reported in some of the complaints.if the engine does not restart in this manner, it can be restarted by the operator.a revision to the tipm software on january 22, 2007 changed the tipm reset time to 17 ms, removing the potential for pcm power down and engine stall. odi has received 178 complaints potentially related to the alleged defect in my 2007 jeep wrangler vehicles and 52 complaints involving my 2007 dodge nitro vehicles.two of the nitro complaints allege that a crash resulted from an engine stall incident, one of which caused minor injuries to a of june 1, 2007, dcc identified 151 wrangler complaints and 128 nitro complaints. this investigation has been closed with dcc's recall.

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 Tl-the contact owns a 2007 jeep wrangler 4-dr 4x4. while driving approximately 15 mph, the contact smelled a strong electrical burning odor and noticed smoke emitting from the steering wheel. the vehicle was maneuvered to the side of the road and the contact inspected under the hood where there were large flames found. the vehicle was destroyed. the fire department extinguished the fire and informed the contact that the fire originated within the engine compartment. the vehicle was towed to a savage facility. the manufacturer was notified of the malfunction. the failure mileage and vin were unavailable. kmj
 Tl-the contact owns a 2007 jeep wrangler 4-dr 4x4. while driving approximately 15 mph, the contact smelled a strong electrical burning odor and noticed smoke emitting from the steering wheel. the vehicle was maneuvered to the side of the road and the contact inspected underneath the hood where large flames ignited. the vehicle was completely destroyed. the fire department extinguished the fire and informed the fire originated within the engine compartment. the vehicle was towed to a savage facility. the manufacturer was notified of the malfunction. the failure mileage and vin were unavailable. js
 It started with a slight knock in the engine at first start up. it would go away after a few minutes. that lasted about 3-4 weeks. until one start up the engine would not stop ticking, by the time i arrived home the engine was knocking violently. oil levels were fine. had the jeep towed to the dealership to have the engine inspected, to see if it would be covered under warranty. the tech did an inspection and i was told that the engine spun 2 connecting rod bearings, bent 4 rods, damaged 4 pistons, damage to crank, and almost all oil passages in engine were clogged by metal debris. this was the first time the factory seal on the engine was opened. the dealership contacted chrysler and told them the situation. i spoke with chrysler many times over the month span that the jeep was at the dealership,i also had the dealership fax almost 20 other cases to the claims dept. that i have done research on the same situation and provided the vehicle year, make, and mileage including all of my sources. chrysler told me that they would not cover the engine repair because of the mileage and that i was not the first owner of the vehicle,the jeep has 53k on it. no one at the dealership could tell me the reason why this happened, or how i caused the engine to self destruct. i was told by another mechanic that the oil ports inside the engine going to the crank were designed too small, and this is why the crank bearings were failing. i have taken the jeep to another mechanic, he advised that a new engine should be installed. he tried to order a new engine from his supplier, but was told they are on a national backorder and that it would take about a week to receive a new one. he was told that chrysler is very aware of the situation and has refused to take any action as of now.
 My engine in a 2007 jeep wrangler unlimited had faulty bearings which caused the engine to blow.
 My complaint and warning has to do with our 2007 jeep wrangler unlimted,saraha, 3.8 litre. we had a pre-mature engine failure in our jeep due to inproper engine assembly during manufacture of the engine. the engine failure was due to the pressure relief valve for the engine oil by-pass valve being installed in the wrong order, causing the engines oil being only partilly filtered. this non-filtered oil caused the engine to fail due to the dirty oil passing through the engine and causing excessive wear of the engine. our engine failed at just over 43,000 miles and the failure could be sudden and put anyone that has this engine condition at risk if the vechicle is in motion while the failure occurs. i want to be on record bacause i do not want anyone to be injured or worse lose there life over something as simple as warning the public of this issue found in our engine, and also to be on record because who knows how many engnes were assembled this way which in my mind should be considered poor craftsmanship. total details, cost and the full extent of dammaged can be extended to anyone who needs or wants this information, if requested in writing or email.
 My engine stalls and jeep wants to turm off. i also am having brake problems rear brakes have been replaced 3 times in onle 26000 miles front brakes still look like new. have taken it to dealer multiple time but they cant find out why its doing these things.
 2007 jeep wrangler sahara with 21k miles. vehicle will not start at times. intermittent issue happens every couple of weeks. vehicle will eventually start after multiple attempts. taken to jeep service and no error codes come up. they can not find a problem. *tr
 2007 4 door sahara has stalled on several occasions while driving. i have already taken vehicle in several times to have problem dealt with for recall. still not fixed. 7/28 at 7:56 pm,9/25 at 2:38 p.m, 11/13 at 7:58 am,1/12/08 at 4:07 p.m. help very unsafe!!! *tr
 Purchased brand new 2007 4door jeep wrangler. it has stalled while driving on 5 separate occasions. we have taken it back to the dealer, and each time been told it was fixed. this car is a death trap and we refuse to drive it. dealer wont take it back so now we need to go to court. the severity of this is not showing....this vehicle stalls at high rates of speed on light power brakes...nothing......someone is going to die or kill some one. and chrysler doesn't care. help. *tr
 2007 jeep wrangler x stalled at highway speed this vehicle had had the recall for possible stalls done prior to this stalling! he was able to jump the vehicle to start. *tr
 Car engine stalls ...gauge lights flash...loss of power steering, brakes. i notice the problem mostly when entering/exiting turns and when i have driven in sand. *jb
 I had my vehicle electrical and brakes cut out 3 times (almost in an accident twice). i spoke to a dealership near me 3 times and one time they tried to replicate it. they said they did not know what caused it. through searching on this site, i found that it was a common problem and a recall (g25-reprogram tipm-engine stall) to fix it. the dealership played dumb to the issue until proof was shown, but still would not fix it because my vin# did not match recall specific list. chrysler also would not ok them to fix it (ref#16730876) because i did not have the right vin#, eventhough it is the right model, year, symptoms, etc. chrysler did not care that it was a safety issue and that it could be solved. i was told to try to replicate it for the dealership. concerned for safety, i went back to the dealership where i bought it. they instantly knew about the issue described and reprogrammed the tipm with no charge (they obviously understood the danger). chrysler needs to expand their recall list and change its policy on such a dangerous situation. luckily there was some humanity still around at the place where i bought it. *tr
 I have a 2007 jeep wrangler 4 dr x unlimited 4wd. i saw the recall notice for the vehicles stalling manufactured before jan 2007. my vehicle was manufactured i believe in may of 2007 and the stall has happened twice. radio goes off, engine died and all lights on the dash came on and appeared to reset. it's a manual transmission and the engine restarted because i was moving and still in gear. it only lasts about 2 seconds but during the time it is doing this the power steering is not functional.(i only know this because i was on a curved freeway on ramp during one of the times it did this.) i am only filing this complaint because it appears the recall (g25 i believe) does not seem to cover the full range of dates for affected vehicles as mine was manufactured in may of 2007. *tr
 While driving 2007 jeep wrangler engine stalls leaving car without power to brake or steer until restarted. *tr
 When driving my 2007 jeep, it has 2x, completely shut off while going about 70 mph in traffic. i took it to bondy's jeep dothan, looked at by service depart. and given back - nothing wrong. the second time, returned to bondy's, some wiring harnesses were replaced. then recall was issued, took it back-they fixed recall. continued to have issues, been to bondy's eight times. it has not shut completely off again that was pretty scary - but the dashboard lights up with errors and i lose power everything (air conditioner, signals, radio, entire control panel, etc?). the same thing happened when it shut off completely, so my concern is that it will happen again. if i were to pull out onto a highway, that could be it. please advise me on what action i need to take. following is a timeline of what has been going on. i have not been able to get anyone from jeep to call me to help me with this issue. i have only been working third party with my local jeep dealer, who has been great, but has not yet solved any issues. 4/14/2007 jeep cuts completely off while going 70 mph on hwy 431 all cluster lights lit up. 4/15/2007 jeep cuts off completely again pulling out of the grocery store parking lot. 4/17/2007 took it to bondy's. got it back on 4/19/2007. service dept stated it was fixed. 4/26/2007 all clusters lit up like before but did not shut off. no air conditioner, radio, nothing electric worked. took to bondy's. 7/11/2007 same thing 7/12/2007 recall received by mail, took to bondy's. 8/2/2007 it happened again. 8/3/2007 took to bondy's left it with the service dept. do not have it back yet. it has been at bondy's 39 days total since time of purchase, in the service dept. *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 2007 jeep wrangler 4x4. the contact received a recall notice regarding the engine stalling. the earliest appointment date she could schedule is for july 23, 2007. she felt that the wait time was unreasonable. no failures have occurred at this time. the nhtsa recall # was unknown. the current mileage is 383 and the failure mileage was inapplicable.
 My 07 jeep wrangler has stalled a total of 4 times while driving. 3 of the stalls were at highway speeds, 1 was at approximately 35 mph. there is no warning or sign that the vehicle will stall. just, all of a sudden, i notice the loss of power, and looking at my instrument panel, i see that all the warning indicators are lit. the stall lasts just a couple of seconds, then the vehicle returns to normal operation without anything be done by me.
 When driving engine will just stall, it seem to be about every two to three weeks. this has happen at lest 9 times, and not at the same speeds,one time i almost hit the back of a truck (lost of power brakes). it has also been at the dealer 5 times. each time they say we got it now, you should be all set now(not). this 4 door jeep sucks. maybe something will be done when a few people die in an crash, i hope not, but it will happen sooner or later. *tr
 Electronic control light appeared. engine stalled while pulling into parking place causing complete loss of all electronics as well as power steering and power brakes. due to size and weight of vehicle, without power steering and brakes, very narrowly missed hitting another vehicle before vehicle could be stopped. area was heavily populated with pedestrians. thankfully none were present directly in my path. vehicle going to dealer tomorrow however after much internet research it appears chrysler has not been able to remedy the problem. *tr
 2007 jeep wrangler unlimited engine stalled on road while traveling at 55 mph. dash lights came on, speedo read zero. lost all power. engine started back up about a second or two later. happened at about 3,200 miles on odometer. no one can fix it because the stall can not be replicated. *tr
 Driving at highway speed, radio suddenly went off, all of the dashboard warning lights lit up, and i lost all power to the car. this lasted long enough for me to realize there was a problem and shift the automatic trans. into neutral. the car regained power within a few seconds, i shifted back into drive, and went less than a mile to the dealer. they put it directly on the analyzer, no fault was detected. it was a clear day and my headlights were on.
 Tl*the contact owns a 2007 jeep wrangler 4x4. while driving 60 mph, the engine shut off. the contact took the vehicle to the mechanic. the mechanic is unable to duplicate the failure. the current mileage is 12,900 and failure mileage was 12,650.
 Jeep 2007 wrangler, engine stall saturday june 23, 2007, some time around 10:30 - 11:00 a.m. while driving the jeep on freeway at 62 to 63 miles per hour, with out warning engine felt like it cut out, car then started slowing down, instrument panel lights were coming on, noticed tachometer and speedometer dropping off, did not have to restart engine came back to life on its own, then the dash lights started going out, what seemed like one by one till they were all off, this all happened with in seconds. circumstances: 5,732 miles on odometer, automatic transmission, driving with foot on accelerator (cruise off), gas tank just over half full, 71 degrees out side, very humid day, rained previous night car parked outside. drove from home to store about 6 -8 miles, parked at store for 30 to 45 minutes then went on to freeway about 5 to 10 minutes later this all happened, ran ok rest of day. side note radio was on do not remember if it went off or not.
 I have a 2007 jeep wrangler and i have had continuous problems from it. from about 2000 miles till now 12000 miles i have had stalling problems. usually while doing 65 or better on the interstate. it happens at different times not predictable at all. i brought it to three different dealerships and called a few extra. no one has heard of it and said that it checks out fine. i recently moved to alaska for my career and drove the jeep up here. it stalled three times on the way up here. all at speeds 55 or higher. and in oregon the jeep began making loud noises at low speeds. i brought it in there. they said there was an abs recall and reset it. no explanation for the stalling. the stalling and noise still continues. first week in alaska my park quit working. 5 days later works fine. dealership has no answer of any of the problems. to them it worked fine. it has a mind of its own and unfortunately it won
 2007 jeep wrangler sahara stalled unexpectedly on two occasions while driving at low speed. the first time in early march 2007 it was pouring rain and i went through a big puddle which sent water under the vehicle. the car cut off and all the dash light lit up, and the seat belt went off. the car started back up in about 2 seconds by itself. i have assumed the water shorted out for a few seconds and thought nothing else of it. the second time it happened was on june 10, 2007. we were slowing down at stop light and it just cut out. the dash lights came on , the anti-skid light and another red light) i though the car behind us rear ended us because there was a little jerk , rear tires locked. we had to restart to car. it started right up and we continued on. i haven't been to the dealer yet. i was researching the problem on the internet and saw there had been 53 reports of the same thing happening so i figured i should report it also. *ak
 2007 jeep jk 4-door has stalled a couple of times. i've started my jeep about 10 times and the starter continues to run. i need to turn off the jeep for this to stop.
 Engine stall total electrical failure at highway speed
 Running vehicle at highway speed (60 mph), vehicle shut down immediately, leading to loss in steering and braking. engine rpm's went to zero. about 4 seconds later, vehicle started back up at normal operating rpm's for speed and gear selection (6 th gear, 60 mph, 2600 rpm). *tr
 2007 jeep wrangler unlimited sahara. stalled at 2,700 miles while traveling 45 mph on a 4 lane divided highway. vehicle completely shut off including power steering and brakes while engine continued to run. was forced to move vehicle while still rolling into grass median. vehicle rebooted 30 seconds later without me doing anything (i.e. turning off or on) and was able to drive away. luckily there was not heavy traffic as i had no means to stop quickly and the grass slowed me down in the median. took to dealer and supposedly flashed the pcm module as my warranty receipt says. the jeep has now again stalled at 3,800 miles yesterday while going 35 miles an hour down my street. *tr
 While driving my 07 jeep wrangler unlimited with 3,400 miles on it at 65 mph the electrical system momentarily cut out then all lights came on, chimes starting going, and horn was honking for a few seconds then everything went back to normal except my check engine light came on. unfortunately it was sunday and i couldn't have the computer read. on monday the check engine light was off. *tr
 At approximately 8,100 miles, while driving through a subdivision at 25 mph, vehicle engine shut off and restarted. also had loss of power steering and the radio turned off. both returned once the engine restarted. no action taken on my part, but vehicle speed did slow. total time from shutdown to restart was one or two seconds. have not scheduled dealer service yet. *tr
 At a stop sign, the engine died. i tried to start it again, but the console remained blank and nothing happened. i had to push it off the road. after trying 5-6 more times, it finally started. there was no warning this would happened; it was very sudden. i'm afraid that this will happen on the highway. it could be very dangerous. the vehicle was completely dead for approx. 5 mins. the electric windows still worked during this time. *tr
 While traveling on a divided highway, my vehicle lost all engine power, battery power and then started back up by itself. this has happened numerous times previously and the dealer has not been able to rectify. *tr
 Backing out of parking spaces and turning a corner at very low speeds, caused the esp and bas dash lights to come on and stay on. all the dash lights have come on at speeds of 5 mph while driving in a parking lot, vehicle acted like it was going to stall, but did not turn off. took the jeep in for service, dtc's were scanned dtc stored codes were found, c2205 steering angle sensor internal, c121a, steering angle sensor not initialized. all stored dtc codes were cleared and all modules were checked and new software, abs52059883ae was installed. automatic transmission vibrates between 35-40 mph, dealer could not recreate vibration or find cause. *tr
 My 2007 jeep wrangler 4 door has stalled 5 times since i bought it new on november 5 2006. it has happened at night with the headlights on, during the day with the headlights off, on the interstate, and in my subdivision traveling under 20 mph. when the vehicle stalls the dash lights up like a christmas tree, the transmission goes into neutral and the engine revs and the steering and power brakes are gone. this episode lasts for 3-5 seconds then the vehicle resumes normal operation. i have taken it to the dealer the 4th time this happened and of course no code was stored to diagnose so they checked the connectors and said that was all they could do. the 5th time the vehicle did this i had it towed to the dealership. i spoke the service associate on the telephone and they said they dad not heard of any other incidents of this nature. i called chrysler and they also had no knowledge. i find that unbelievable because with a simple search on the internet brings up tons of exact complaints. i hope this problem can be fixed. i will not let my family ride in this vehicle until it has. *tr
 2007 jeep wrangler unlimited 4 door lost all power while driving on interstate. the radio blacked out, lost all power for a couple of seconds, all dash lights came on, then off. it was like transmission slipped into neutral. very dangerous!!!!!! *tr
 I was driving toward a red light, and slowing down at 35 mph, i and had my father in the vehicle when the radio shut off, there was a slight jerk in the vehicle, all the lights on the dash came on, and then everything continued like normal. i had 1/8 of a tank of gas, and it was 87 degrees out. this was the third time that my vehicle stalled. the last time i was reversing out of a space, and damage was caused.*ak
 I was driving my 2007 jeep wrangler at about 30mph on a busy, 4 lane street when all of a sudden the gas pedal became unresponsive, all of the dashboard indicator lights illuminated and the jeep went dead. i rolled to a stop (while being honked at by the people behind me), shifted to park, waited a couple of minutes and then restarted the jeep. at that point, the vehicle seemed normal again. i have an appointment with my dealer for this issue, which i know has been experienced by many other 2007 jeep wrangler owners. *tr
 Once while driving and once while sitting at a stop light my 07 jeep jk wrangler just stalled. it had to be put back into park and restarted. this seems very dangerous! *jb
 While driving on the highway at 70 mph (cruise control enabled) the car started surging as if someone were pumping the gas pedal. it did this for approximately 10 seconds then the engine died. i was in traffic and it took a few seconds to figure out what had happened. i was lucky to have a manual transmission because the second i pressed on the clutch i lost all power steering and power brake function. i was in the middle of traffic and cars started passing me on either side. this could have easily led to an accident. i will be taking it in to the dealer asap. *jb
 My 2007 jeep wrangler unlimited 4x4 sahara stalls often while driving . *jb
 While driving my 2 month old jeep wrangler 4-door unlimited sahara on the nj turnpike doing 65 mph the power to the call totally shut off and all engine lights came on. i could not steer or brake. after approx. 5-10 seconds, the power came back on without me doing anything. i took the car to the dealer (mcdonagh in east brunswick, nj) two times and they told me they ran all the tests and that the vehicle is operating as designed. they did not fix the issue nor replace the car. the car is 2 months old with 5,000 miles on it. *jb
 Pulling out of parking spot jeep started to shudder, then the engine quit and all interior lights came on. after a few seconds, the engine restarted and resumed operating normally. ak
 Vehicle stalled while driving at highway speed for about 1-2 seconds.*ak
 While driving, the engine cut out and all dash lights came on as if the key was turned off and then back on as to start the motor all power was lost and the whole jeep bucked. after a short outage, electrical power will be restored and the engine will restart. was very scared because when it happened you have no control. *nm
 I was driving at 55mph and ran over a badly maintained road bump (a 3ft section of pavement spanning both lanes of a 2 lane rd. that had no stone in it to level it off) and my 2007 jeep 4dr wrangler unlimited sahara lost engine power. all power options in turn lost power. i managed to pull the jeep to the side of the road. i turned the key off and attempted to restart it. it started back up with no futher incident. this same power loss occured once before after driving on a wet road on a rainy day. that 2nd occurance lasted about 1second and then re-powered.
 Tl*the contact owns a 2007 jeep wrangler 4x4. while driving 40 mph, the vehicle began shaking excessively and continued to shake while she was parking. the vehicle has not been driven for a couple of days. the failure has occurred for over a year and the dealer was unable to diagnose the failure. the vehicle also shut off while driving; however, she was able to restart it. there were no warning lights illuminated on the dashboard. the manufacturer stated that there are no related recalls. the failure mileage was 500.
 Stalled at highway speed. pulled to side of road, unable to accelerate vehicle; engine restarted in 5 minutes. *jb
 On four occasions since purchasing the vehicle, while driving at highway speeds, the engine has stalled and all of the electrical components lost power for about 1.5 to 2 seconds. everything then returned to normal operation. when this occurs, all of the dash lights come on as though the ignition key was in the on position, as it is just before starting the car, then all returned to normal. this is a frightening experience at highway speeds. should a driver be in the midst of an emergency maneuver during one of these occurrences, a serious accident can happen. this first happened in december , and the dealer where the vehicle was purchased replaced the ignition switch, but this has happened three additional times, the last being the date listed on this complaint. the service department at the dealership has been notified and the service representative has informed me that he noted all four reported incidents in the computer system. *ak
 Driving through the mountains of the carolina's on i-40 at speed. vehicle shut down for a split second. all dash lights came on, cruise control turned off and vehicle slowed. vehicle restarted on it?s own. second time it has happened, this time on the highway at 70 miles per hour. (reference #10192459) this is not safe!! my wife will not let me transport our kids in this vehicle until it is fixed. going into dealer asap! *tr
 My 2007 jeep wrangler sahara unlimited has now stalled twice at highway speed. the stall is momentary, approximately two seconds, and the vehicle quickly resumes normal operation. there is an initial lurch, then all of the indicator lights on the dashboard light up, then operation resumes. it seems very dangerous and it is very alarming when it happens. on one of my two occurrences i was traveling at 70mph on a freeway, which could have resulted in a very dangerous situation. after my first occurrence i described the problem to my dealer and the response was that it was normal operation of the cruise control (obviously they did not interpret my description properly). *tr
 While driving on highway the jeep wrangler sahara 2007 model started to stall and hesitate, and dashboard lights flickered; engine light and seatbelt light came on; i pressed on the accelerator and the car kicked into gear and kept going. *ak
 Vehicle stalled upon acceleration up a hill started itself up again within 5 seconds. intermittant rough idle/chugging occuring and becoming more frequent. other times vehicle behaved as if stalled but recovered rapidly
 The problem has occurred three times now. the first time was about 2 months after purchasing the jeep on interstate 95 on cruise control at about 70mph. the jeep stalled, radio cut off, everything went blank, and rapidly deaccelerated. then the whole dash lit back up, it restarted on its own and the rpms went way up them resumed as normal with a jerk back into gear. i nearl was rear ended by a truck tailing right behind me who honked, slammed brakes and jerked around me. i took it to the dearlership for an oil change and reported the problem. they told me there were no other reports on tsb and the computer found no problem, nor could they duplicate it so it must have been working it's kinks out. i took it home. about two months later it once again did the same thing in stop and go traffic at about 25 mph on interstate 495. this time i had to put it in park, people honking and cursing and restart it. i didn't take it in because i feared the same response. the third time about about 2 months later when my husband was driving me and guest from england on interstate 95 again, not on cruise control at about 65 mph. it repeated the action from the first incident. it's been there four days now for the second try at correction with no update and failed returned calls from the service manager on an update.
 Our jeep has stalled while driving on the freeway and while sitting at idle. it is accompanied by the dashboard lighting up like a christmas tree and then the entire electrical system going out. this includes the headlights extinguishing at high speeds on the freeway--very scary.
 Tl*the contact owns a 2007 jeep wrangler 4x4. while driving 65 mph the instrument panel lights illuminated and there was a loss of power steering and brakes. this problem occurred on two occasions. the dealer stated that they were unable to duplicate the failure. approximately ten minutes after leaving the dealer the vehicle experienced the same problem on four occasions. the contact was unable to restart the vehicle and it was towed to the dealer. the dealer has not determined the cause of the failure. the current mileage was 20 and the failure mileage was 16. the consumer stated after paying $8,000 in engine parts as of 6/15/07 the jeep still will not run. the consumer stated that daimler-chrysler contacted her to offer a buyback or replacement. the consumer stated she requested the buyback option as the stall defect is still being reported on the web. at the final inspection, the consumer noticed the door didn't shut properly. updated 07/10/07 *tr
 Engine cuts out and all dash lights go on. as soon as i realize what is going on things are back to normal.has happened on at least 4 separate occasions. the first time was traveling about 45 mph. the second time was doing 70 on i94 next to a semi tractor. the third time was on an exit ramp on i55 in joliet il. the last time was on june 1, 2007 while approaching a stop light. it has been brought to the attention of the dealer and they have dismissed it. told me they have never heard of such a thing. on the last visit they said the customer states the engine hesitates so bad he thinks it has stalled then will snap back and will accelerate normally. i was very frustrated when i red this because it is not hesitation it is a stall. the vehicle completely dies. this is dangerous and if it happens at the wrong time or if someone panics the consequences could be deadly. *tr
 I have a 2007 jeep wrangler 4dr 4wd that has stalled twice while traveling at highway speeds. the vehicle has less than 6,000 miles and i've reported the problem to the dealer and they say they can't find anything wrong with it. the first occurrence occurred during the day while traveling at approximately 65mph for over an hour. the vehicle cut out, all the dash lights came on, i lost power steering, and within 3 seconds the vehicle re-started itself on its own. the second occurrence occurred several months later while traveling at 70mph for over an hour. the incident occurred at night and the same thing happened. all the sudden the engine cut out, i lost headlights, and within 3 seconds the vehicle came back on and everything was fine. again, i reported to the dealer, at they couldn't find anything. *tr
 Engine cut out (stalled) on 2007 jeep wrangler while traveling at highway speed. engine restarted after pulling to the side of the road. *tr
 Vehicle: 2007 jeep wrangler unlimited x 4x4 . i was driving in 4-wd-low down a sandy hill and i hit a rather large bump/rut and the engine cut off , rendering the power steering and power brakes ineffective. luckily , there was no other traffic in the area or obstacles in front of me, and i was able to bring the jeep to a stop in 50 yards or so on a steep down-hill section of road. after bring the jeep to a stop it started up again without problem. the jeep dealer said they have not heard of this problem although i have found other's on the web, indicating situations where the engine randomly turned off. this was a major safety issue. if i had been in a situation with any obstacles , trees, cars n front of me, there would have been no way for me to stop or steer out of the way in time. *ak
 At 75 mph the electrical and engine system stopped functioning for 1-2 seconds, then resumed normal function. power assist to brakes and steering were lost for this time, at highway speed. *ak
 While driving in heavy traffic on a busy street, i pulled into a left-hand turn lane and stopped at a red light. i was about six cars back in the line of traffic. while stopped i felt a slight engine shudder and then the engine stalled. all of the lights on the dash lit up. i placed the vehicle in park and started the engine back up. the dash lights went out and i proceeded on my way. my vehicle has just over 3,000 miles on it. it was very concerning to stall in the middle of such heavy traffic in a new vehicle. i am taking it to the dealer tomorrow to be checked. *jb
 Three times since i purchased the 2007 jeep wrangler unlimited the engine stalled for no apparent reason. twice i was climbing a mountain pass at approximately 55 mph, and once i was at an intersection going approximately 15 mph. all three times the engine cut off, all lights on the dash came on, and the momentum of the car started the engine after about two seconds. there was no power steering or brakes while the engine was off. luckily, there was no need to make immediate stops or turns while the engine was off. these incidents happened about 3,000 miles apart.*ak
 While driving my 2007 jeep x unlimited w/ automatic transmission, build date 12/06, on a long trip engine had been running for 4 hours straight. approached a stop light at about 35 mph and engine stalled. all dash lights came on and radio cut out. i had my ipod hooked up to the auxiliary jack. had over 1/4 tank of gas. *ak
 On two occasions the engine in the jeep jk, 4x4 sahara has cut off momentarily and within a couple of seconds cut back on. the first time was more noticeable than the second time. i have less than 4000 miles on the jeep. i have taken the vehicle to the dealer and nothing was found. this could potentially cause a serious accident. reading message boards, i have seen that others have reported this as well.*ak
 When traveling on the highway at 70 mph the jeep will turn off for a few seconds ,and all the lights on the dashboard will come on, and then the jeep started back up like nothing ever happened. i took the vehicle to the dealer, and of course they couldn't recreate the problem , and no codes were found so they sent me on my way. it did this at 1680 miles ,and it was very unsafe, especially at highway speeds, someone could rear end the vehicle ,or i could lose control. the vehicle is a 2007, jeep, wrangler unlimited 4 door sahara edition.*ak
 While driving, the engine will cut out and all electrical power will be lost. after a short outage, electrical power will be restored and the engine will restart. tsb 18-036-06 (computer reflash) was performed after the first occurrence however it did not prevent additional failures. second failure occurred at 65 mph and resulted in a near accident with a tractor trailer. vehicle was checked by dealer following most recent failure and no cause could be found. *nm
 Engine stalls while driving
 1: driving at highway speed with 3400 miles on the car. 2: all dashboard lights came on and engine stopped. within a few seconds, the vehicle resumed operation. 3: nothing has been done. i have been researching and waiting for this issue to occur, as it has for many other 2007 jeep wrangler owners. it will be going in to the dealer, but as of late, there is no fix for this issue.
 I had no previous problems with the vehicle stalling. the vehicle was running with no noticable difference the day of the incident. i was pulling off from a traffic light and i felt the power from the engine cut out. i looked at my instruments and the tach dropped to zero and all the instrument lights went out. no more than one to two full seconds later all of the instrument lights came on and went through the normal sequence like the vehicle was just started. the engine came back to life and the vehicle ran as though there was no problem. i took the vehicle to the dealer and they said it did not store a code in the computer and they could not replicate the prblem. i have had no other failures. i don't remember the exact date of the failure, but i am sure i have a copy of the service record in my glove box from when i took it to the dealer. i will be happy to cooperate with any investigation and provide the documentation if needed.
 Vehicle stalled without warning while traveling at slow speeds under low engine load. one occurrence was pulling out into traffic. throttle becomes unresponsive, engine bogs down and stalls. *tr
 On multiple occasions, the vehicle has stalled at speed. four out the five times it has happened so far, it started back on its own. one of the stalls required stopping and restarting the vehicle. each stall has occurred randomly, twice with cruise control on, once while accelerating, once while braking and once while driving steady without cruise. two times it stalled on the highway at speeds between 65 to 75 mph, two of the times it stalled on an on or off ramp to the highway between 35 to 45 mph, and once in a parking lot at about 15 mph. each time it has stalled, the engine shuts off, all electrical equipment shuts off completely (radio, a/c, lights) and the gauges drop to zero like the vehicle is off. all but one of these time, the vehicle then starts right back up within about 1 to 3 seconds, the gauges return to normal, radio turns back on, etc. each time the vehicle stalled like this, the transmission was fully in gear (no clutch being used at the time). i have taken the vehicle in three times for repair. the first times were supposedly to update the vehicles computer system. the third time, i don't know if anything was done or not, but dealer told me that neither they, nor chrysler can figure out what is wrong with it and will not fix it at this time. obviously, this is very much a safety concern and hope for this to be resolved soon. *tr