Kawasaki Ex250jaf

Model Ex250jaf made by Kawasaki got 5 consumer complains. Consumer complaints with reference, among others things, to electrical system, steering.

Model 2010

Consumer Complaints

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 Tach shows rpms 1000 rpm higher when warm up. when the motorcycle runs to operate temp the engine stumbles between 7500/9000 rpm could cause me to crash feels like the motor will foul out. idle increase by 300 rpms
 Center fork bolt, which bolt's the fork of the motorcycle to the frame, became loose. was cautious of this happening as it happenend to a friend who bought the same make, model and year of motorcycle, though we assumed one time. once the odometer hit 2400 miles the bolt began to spin off. was able to have re-torqued at dealer. of grave concern, as my own friend was lucky, his bolt went missing unnoticed on a highway.