Kawasaki Ex500

Model Ex500 made by Kawasaki got 2 consumer complains. Consumer complaints with reference to engine and engine cooling. .

Model 1993

Consumer Complaints

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 The flywheel (rotor/generator) of a 1993 kawasaki ex500, , manufactured in such a way that the magnets on the rotor itself will break apart. a licensed mechanic has told me that it could pose a possible safety hazard concerning that if part of the magnet where to become jammed it could seize the motor of the motorcycle up. this happened to me, i was only parked in my driveway, but imagine driving down the highway at highway speeds and all the sudden your motorcycle engine seizes up. this poses a series safety risk not only to a motorcycle rider, but also pedestrians or other motorized people. this could result in death! in 1993 the rotor was manufactured in a way that allows the magnets to come apart due to poor/thoughtless design flaws. now i am told that a 1994 ? present, rotor has an inner liner that holds the magnets in place not allowing them to become loose and cause a possible seizer. i suppose ably can also purchase a brand new rotor for my motorcycle that has been redesigned to the new standard with an inner liner. i do not feel that is my responsibility to purchase this replacement part. i have a broken rotor/flywheel as we speak and they tell me it will cost be over $400.00 for a new one?! i do not think so! there needs to be a recall or a warning sent out to the dealers. people need to be aware of a threatening situation cause by poor design by kawasaki. i feel it is kawasaki?s responsibility to provide my official kawasaki dealer or myself with a replacement part at no charge. what would happen if this were one of the big three auto makers? there was a recall on a coil spring guard on my ford taurus because of the possibility of the coil spring, if broken, could puncture a tire. this flywheel/rotor issue is much more important that ! please help anyway you can, kawasaki is not very helpful! sincerely keith j fisher *tr
 On exhaust pipe, black paint is bubbling and peeling. peeled hot paint flies into other riders face and eyes. please describe details. tt