Kawasaki Kawasaki 1981-2003

Model Kawasaki made by Kawasaki got 11 consumer complains there is 1 recall as well as 21 service bulletins. Consumer complaints with reference, among others things, to electrical system, engine and engine cooling and equipment. Technical service bulletines regarding engine and engine cooling, equipment and power train. There was one recall concerning unknown or other .

Car model

Model 9999


CampaignManufacturerManufacturing dateType# of units affectedDate Owner notified MfgRecall Initiated byManufacturers of recalled vehicles/productsReport Recieved DateRecord Creation DateRegulation Part NumberFMVSS Number
88E013000KAWASAKI MOTORS CORP.from 01/01/1977 to 01/01/1988E (Equipment)7806/16/1988MFRKAWASAKI MOTORS CORP., U.S.A.06/01/198806/07/1988
Defect SummaryFailure of the backrest mounting arms due to improper heat treatment.
Consequence SummaryBackrest may break from weight of passenger duringacceleration, possibly injuring passenger.
Corrective SummaryCustomers will be requested to return backrest and receive a refund for the full purchase price.
NotesSystem: seat/backrest.vehicle category: motorcycles.


BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
020810/25/200210000350Oil application for air cleaner element. all kx, klx, kdx, kl models. *tt02/24/2003
14401/01/2001631552Belt squealing/creeping when parked in gear, engine idling. *tt05/31/2002
01010301/01/200310001468Motorcycle assembly and preparation manual. vn1600a1. *tt05/09/2003
14401/01/2001631559Information on strange gear clunking or grinding noise when accelerating or decelerating, a gap between the shifter handle rod and/or false indication of the reverse lamp. *tt05/31/2002
14401/01/2001631553Concerns with slipping belt. *tt05/31/2002
14401/01/2001631555Subject regarding reduced top speed. *tt05/31/2002
14401/01/2001631556Information on knocking noise at idle coming from the cvt (continuous variable transmission) area. *tt05/31/2002
14401/01/2001631554Subject regarding belt squealing at engagement. *tt05/31/2002
14401/01/2001631551Information on sluggish acceleration condition or bogging at start. *tt05/31/2002
14401/01/2001631557Information on sluggish response coming out of a turn. *tt05/31/2002
01020202/01/2002632478Assembly and preparation manual. model zx1200-c1/d1 *tt07/16/2002
01010201/01/2002632476Assembly and preparation manual. kvf360-a1 model. *tt07/16/2002
9993113795201/01/2001620526Subject regarding motorcycle assembly and preparation sheet for zr750-h1 models. *tt08/13/2001
15101/01/2002638149Subject regarding k-tech news - the kawasaki technical magazine - tech tips and training. *tt12/10/2002
MC030109/24/2002MC0201635756Subject regarding motorcycle chronology. *tt10/31/2002
ST020203/01/2002632477Subject regarding special tools for the all new jt1200-a1 and zx1200-c1 models. *tt07/16/2002
01080108/01/2001625952Information pertaining to motorcycle assembly and preparation sheet for vn1500-j2 models. *tt12/12/2001
01080108/01/2001625953Informatin pertaining to motorcycle assembly and preparation sheet for vn1500-l3 models. *tt12/12/2001
01080108/01/2001625954Information pertaining to motorcycle assembly and preparation sheet for vn1500-n3 models. *tt12/12/2001
30030103/30/2001620525Cover letter regarding service bulletin / manual submission. *tt08/13/2001
SP990407/23/1999SP9501607699Information pertaining to products such as battery acid, coolant, brake fluid, etc. which contain potentially hazardous chemicals. *tt10/06/1999

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 Attorney writes on behalf of client in regards to safety defects allegations relating to the kawasaki concours 14 police motorcycles involving a blown main fuse and improper routing of a wiring harness. *tgw kawasaki determined that the electrical modifications could cause an electrical overload on the charging circuit between the regulator and the two batteries. over time, this could lead to the main fuse overheating, thus melting the relay fixture. it could also lead to a blown main fuse. also, a secondary wiring harness was improperly routed under the fuel tank. the placement could lead to chafing of the wiring harness during operation that would wear away the wire coating, leading to additional electrical problems. further, over time, the routing of the wiring harness could keep the fuel tank from sealing properly, creating a risk of the tank cracking and presenting a fire hazard from leaking fuel. *jb
 Starter lock-out switch failed, causing loss of power to ignition, then engine to surge, throwing driver off motorcycle. *skd
 The following one time incident was documented and also posted on a kawasaki internet forum: july 26, 2008, date of occurrence re: zx10r on this day, the engine died in the middle of the ride. hello i was riding my '08 zx10r today when all of a sudden, the engine died at about 60 plus mph in the fifth gear; the engine light came on (solid red) and the bike was slowing down fast while i had the clutch all the way in; then, i hit the starter button instinctively and the engine restarted and i was able to restore back to speed. at no time did i touch the kill switch or the key. i rode several more miles after this episode and plan to have the electronics tested on monday. does anyone have any thoughts on this? i think that there was no human error that i could think of. the bike has been not used on the road since because it has to be checked by the dealer before it can be explained as to why the engine died. there was no injury. i was able to ride back home. the reason for reporting is because this particular model is not very common yet plus the fact that it is a significant design change in every respect since 2007 zx10r according to the company reports and other reports. again, the incident remains unexplained as of submitting this report to your database. *tr
 9-12-04 i brought my 1994 kawasaki ninja zx-9 motorcycle in for a rear tire change and mini tune,to include only spark plug change and oil change,coolant check,to the following dealer/service shop on 8-31-04:cascade motor sports of oregon 20445 cady way, bend or. 97701 ph; 541-389-0088, owner/pres william r. howard.i asked that i be returned my used rear tire, used spark plugs, and a sample of my used engine oil,and a sample of my coolant for inspections after completing the service to my motorcycle. i picked up my motorcycle on 9-1-04.i was told that they did not have the tire, that they did not save any fluids or spark plugs for inspection. i noticed upon starting my bike, that something was wrong. it ran awful. i rode it home that night, and called william r. howard the next day, 9-2-04. we discussed the problems that the motorcycle was having, as well as an overcharge on my bill. he suggested that i bring my motorcycle back to his business for further review the next day, 9-3-04. when i got there, the service manager,rex harris,and the mechanic that worked on my bike,ty koskela,and william r. howard,were waiting for me in the service shop area. they were rude, and defensive, and hostile toward me. i have a witness who will testify they were stunt riding my motorcycle away from the dealership and service dept.stunt riding is a term used to describe trick riding,such as high rpm burnouts,front wheel stands,and wheelie's among others. i recovered a valuable piece of evidence from the incident,and i am preparing litigation to recover damages for the repair needed to my motorcycle.what i did not know, was that when i went in for the second time, while my motorcycle was out of my sight,the oil was drained from the engine crankcase.i rode it home like that.the engine could have seized,and i could have been killed. please advise me as to when this claim will be processed, and if i can please be provided a copy for my records. thanks and regards kip thomas du browa. *ak
 On august 10, 2004 i had an accident on my kawasaki eliminator motorcycle which has a motorcycle tour conversion voyager kit attached. i was lucky not too get killed. i received stitches, lacerations & bruises. kit will be removed from my bike and is available for viewing. *jb
 Carburetor design causes vehicle to run rough and stall in the first fifteen minutes of operation when vehicle is cold.
 Gas tank rusted resulting in failure.
 While driving the fork clamp cracked and the consumer lost control of the bike and caused an accident. ( kawasaki zx 7rp 2003) *mr *scc *jb