Kawasaki Kl650a6

Model Kl650a6 made by Kawasaki got 1 consumer complain. Consumer complaints with reference to engine and engine cooling. .

Model 1992

Consumer Complaints

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 During a near accident, i accelerated on my motorcycle in a low gear, there was no loud noise, but the motorcycle began to vibrate very suddenly. it continued to vibrate, and the sensation became more distinct during acceleration and braking. i was unable to diagnose the problem at that time, and had to ride the bike back home before i was able to locate the problem. the balance cam tensioner spring had failed, and metal shavings coated the inside of the motor. had i continued to ride it, the metal shavings may have gotten in the oil pump and ruined the engine, or had the cam chain seized, the motor would have seized and an accident may have resulted. after research, a non-oem part was replaced due to many reports of the same part failing. the aftermarket tensioner and spring are far larger and stronger than the oem part. *tr