Kawasaki Kl650a7f

Model Kl650a7f made by Kawasaki got 1 consumer complain. Consumer complaints with reference to structure. .

Model 2007

Consumer Complaints

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 Unknown events caused the failure of both a sub-frame fastener as well as an integral weld within the sub-frame. after discovering significant movement in both the seat and fuel tank, both were removed to inspect their respective mounting points. once clear of the frame, an apparent weld failure at the seam joining the fuel tank braket to the frame became evident. after further investigation, i discovered the weld failure was likely related to, if not caused by, an automotive grade fastener that secures the rear subframe to the motorcycle, (this supports the seat, luggage rack, rear fender and a variety of smaller elements) had in fact broken inside the frame. the motorcycle was, at the request of the dealership, loaded and delivered at my expense for their own investigation. after having possession of the motorcycle for more than 3 weeks, their only conclusion was to contact kawasaki regarding the failed weld and not to disclose the sheared fastener. kawasaki had yet to contact either the dealership or me regarding this issue, leaving me to believe that they had no intention of doing so. the motorcycle is ridden by my wife, who is 5'3 and 120 lbs. she has never carried a passenger and at most may have an additional 30 lbs of cargo with her at any time. she does not operate the motorcycle off road and does not abuse it in any way. were this issue left unnoticed, it could've lead to a complete seperation of the sub-frame, carrying with it the seat and the rider. with my wife's minimum riding experience, it would certainly cause her death if not serious permanant injury were it to occur at highway speeds. neither the dealer nor kawasaki have done anything to correct this problem, in fact the dealer stated that kawasaki wouldn't address the broken bolt citing the expired warranty, futher stating that the repairs would be our responsibility. it's my opinion the this is not a warranty issue but one of safety.