Kawasaki Ninja 250r

Model Ninja 250r made by Kawasaki got 7 consumer complains. Consumer complaints with reference, among others things, to electrical system, fuel system, gasoline and latches/locks/linkages.

Model 2008

Consumer Complaints

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 The tachometer needle began to jump around wildly as if there was an issue measuring rpms or as if the vehicle was losing power. when stopped at a red light the vehicle suddenly shut off. this could be an issue with the cdi, starter relay solenoids, or another electrical component. the starter relay simply clicks when pressing the ignition button. the battery has adequate charge and this issue came on suddenly during a ride that had many successful miles of highway travel prior to this incident. replacing the cdi did not solve the problem. bypassing the starter relay did not start the engine.
 Tl*the contact owns a 2008 kawasaki ninja 250r. when the contact started the vehicle, the fuel cap made a squeaking sound. when he unlocked the fuel cap, it popped off of the vehicle. the vehicle has not been diagnosed by the dealer. there were no warning indicators prior to the failure. the current and failure mileages were 51.
 2009 kawasaki ninja 250r after a period of heavy rain (~4 in.) water was found in the gas tank of the motorcycle. after inspection by a kawasaki mechanic, it was determined the seals for the cap were intact. however, due to the amount of rain and the inadequate size of drainage holes on the cap, water pooled in the indentations of the cap causing the water to drain through the key slot directly into the fuel tank. kawasaki refused to replace the part or cover repairs. *tr
 This affects 2008/2009 kawasaki ninja 250r motorcycles. the problem is the cdi overheats and begins giving false tachometer readings, as well as possible emission problems. it most often occurs in temperatures above 60 degrees. the main safety concern is that this bike is mostly ridden by new riders, they could read the tachometer and speedometer and assume they were not in top gear in which they actually were, upon trying to upshift into a non-existent gear the resulting disengagement of the clutch could lead to a rear wheel spinout and loss of control. *tr