Kawasaki Vn1500n4

Model Vn1500n4 made by Kawasaki got 1 consumer complain. Consumer complaints with reference to structure. .

Model 2005

Consumer Complaints

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 2005 kawasaki voyager 1500 original owner 9,200 miles well maintained owner 70 years of age. side stand came down while in operation causing vehicle to stall in traffic. it i were making a left turn when this occurred, motorcycle would have flipped over. the hole in the metal that holds this side stand in place became reamed out in only 9,200 miles causing the spring to fall off and the side stand to drop down. this does not appear to be an uncommon problem since the dealer has a process in place where they send the bike out to have the hole welded close and redrilled. the day i picked up my motorcycle, there was three more waiting to be sent out for the same problem. this is just a matter of time until someone has a serious accident because of this inferior material. i called manufacturer and their response was that this is a normal wear. cost of repair $227.57, cost of human life priceless. please help thank you *tr