Kawasaki Vn1600a6f

Model Vn1600a6f made by Kawasaki got 3 consumer complains. Consumer complaints with reference to fuel/propulsion system. .

Model 2006

Consumer Complaints

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 Noted a heavy fuel smell while riding and parked in garage. the fuel smell was never present prior to this incident. went to change out the battery and noted fuel in the battery compartment and in the main wiring connectors. the connectors were full of fuel. the leak appeared to be coming from the rear of the tank. i took the bike to a local repair shop to trouble-shoot. the diagnosis is that the braised tabs that hold the rear of the tank down had flexed and cracked the tank allowing fuel to leak. this is a dangerous condition as my wife and i frequently ride together on the bike and fuel is leaking into the electrical components under the driver seat. not sure what i would have done had the bike caught fire while riding on the parkway. i would likely have been burned had the fuel ignited.