Kawasaki Vn1600g6f

Model Vn1600g6f made by Kawasaki got 5 consumer complains. Consumer complaints with reference to engine and engine cooling. .

Model 2006

Consumer Complaints

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 I ride a 2006 kawasaki vulcan nomad 1600. on the kawasaki vulcan nomad 1600, years 2005-2008 the engine sometimes stalls if the rider is coasting with the clutch pulled in. this is the topic of a current recall with the 2009-2010 kawasaki voyager and was also a problem and later corrected in the kawasaki vulcan 900 several years ago. i belong to a nomad forum and all owners of these years/makes and models of the kawasaki vulcan nomad 1600 experience this problem. the engine stalling could cause a crash, injury, or death. i have on several occasions when coasting with the clutch in and/or accelerating into traffic been left with no power to control the motorcycle., the failure occurs randomly. it appears that the only way to counter act this problem is to raise the idle to a too high idle. with a passenger, and no power this problem becomes even more pronounced and dangerous as the bike is more top heavy and harder to control.