Kawasaki Vn1700a9fa

Model Vn1700a9fa made by Kawasaki got 11 consumer complains. Consumer complaints with reference, among others things, to engine and engine cooling, vehicle speed control.

Model 2009

Consumer Complaints

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 Tl- the contact owns a 2009 kawasaski voyager vn1700a9-fa . the contact stated that while driving 60 mph when the contact received second degree burns on both legs from the exhaust pipe. the contact states that its a safety hazard because it produces excesses heat resulting in burning when its in motion . the dealer and manufacturer were informed about this issue and they stated that there is no heat problem and when the 2010 models were manufactured they stated that they fixed the heat problem. the motorcycle was repaired with a heat shield. the failure mileage was 400 and the current mileage was 7500.cv
 Re: 2009 kawasaki voyager motorcycle the motorcycle was purchased in mid june 2009. by the end of june 2009 i was complaining to the dealership about excessive engine heat and concern about it burning me. the dealership after conversations with the kawasaki factory in june and july 2009 told me that there was no problem and that the heat was normal. i told the dealership service department that i was going on a long road trip and wanted to make sure that the heat would not be a problem in the summer. the dealership assured me that there was no problem with the heat based on conversations with the factory. in the process of riding the motorcycle on an extended trip (750 miles oneway) i noticed that my right leg was slightly burning. however, i continued the trip home. the next day i went to the doctor's with a significant blister (2nd degree burn with the surrounding area on my right leg also showing second degree burns and my left leg also showing some second degree burns. medical intervention was required to remove the burned skin, clean the burned area, and cover it with burn medication and then properly dress the wound. for the 2010 voyager ad campaign kawasaki trumpeted that the heat problem had been solved (although they had continued to deny there was a problem to that point.) this was prominently portrayed on their website for the motorcycle. in fact it was mentioned twice on the website site. as a result kawasaki sent me a letter offering to fix the heat problem by installing, for free, a heat shield. i had the heat shield installed. the heat shield moved the excessive and dangerous heat problem from the driver to the passenger. the resulting heat deflected to the passenger was so bad that my normal passenger refused to ride with me for fear of getting burned herself. kawasaki has refused to admit that the fix does not work and could injure the passenger. help. this model, even with the fix, is still on the market.
 2009 kawasaki vn1700a9fa voyager motorcycle. consumer states unintended acceleration *tgw the consumer stated the motorcycle would rev occasionally while riding after it was warmed up. the incident would happened when he made a turn and while coasting up to a car stopped at a red light. the consumer was able to pull the clutch to stop further movement. a factory representatives rode the bike and caught his gloved hand on the cramp buster lever on the throttle and said that was the cause of the acceleration. however, the consumer disagreed with his theory. the consumer has since sold the motorcycle. *jb