Kawasaki Vn1700b9fa

Model Vn1700b9fa made by Kawasaki got 5 consumer complains. Consumer complaints with reference to vehicle speed control. .

Model 2009

Consumer Complaints

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 2009 kawasaki vulcan voyager 1700 abs motorcycle. throttle intermittently stays open when slowing down to stop, in traffic or a corner. engine revs range between 1800 - 2400 rpm, meaning i have to ride the brake into the corner to control the speed letting go at the last second to safely take the corner, or when stopping i have to hold the clutch in with the engine reeving high stop and wait up to 1 minute for the rpm to fall back to normal idle speeds. this issue has created many dangerous situations for me and my pillion. kawasaki officially denies a problem and can provide no answers to my dealer. the problem occurs randomly about twice per week and lasts most of the day over numerous stops and restarts. when this is occurring i can flick the throttle and the rpm stay at what ever engine speed is reached for about 30 secs. eg 3000 rpm. i have owned the bike 1 month (second hand) still under warranty, stock standard, all kawasaki's starting instructions followed. i am in australia with according to kawasaki australia, supposedly different fuel mapping on the ecu but the problem remains that same as american owners are having