Kawasaki Vn1700caf

Model Vn1700caf made by Kawasaki got 8 consumer complains. Consumer complaints with reference, among others things, to electrical system, engine and engine cooling.

Model 2010

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 Vehicle- 2010 kawasaki nomad motorcycle. engine stalls frequently when clutch lever is pulled in (clutch disengaged) when coming to stops or cornering causing loss of power and control of the motorcycle during stops or cornering. engine stalling began within the first full day of riding this brand new motorcycle. the stalling is impeding safe operation of the motorcycle's front brake lever since the operator usually tries to apply some throttle to prevent stalling while applying the front brake at the same time. the right hand operates both throttle and front brake. i contacted the dealership i purchased the vehicle from immediately to advise them of the stalling problem and brought it in the day after purchase for their shop to look at. they checked idle, which was ok and put some fuel additive into the gas tank. they took it for a test ride for 15 minutes and returned it to me saying there is no problem. i continue to have stalling problems and so contacted the dealer again and this time was advised that kawasaki knows that there is a problem with the motorcycle's electronic control unit or ecu which causes the stalling problem and that they are working on a fix. no resultion dates for a fix/repair have been provided to me. meanwhile, i am left with an unsafe condition with the stalling engine problem.
 2010 kawasaki vulcan nomad motorcycle. engine stalls when you are coming to a stop and pull in the cluch lever. this happens often and you never know when it is going to stall. this has been occuring since i bought the bike new in june of 2010.