Kawasaki Zg1000a17

Model Zg1000a17 made by Kawasaki got 2 consumer complains. Consumer complaints with reference, among others things, to electrical system, power train.

Model 2002

Consumer Complaints

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 Head light and all dash lights blink on and off at all speeds, including idle. it happens about 90% of the time. some times it will not happen for days, then it will happen continuously for days. not certain but according to what others have found it is probably a broken solder joint in the generator. the motorcycle is almost never ridden at night due to this defect. when it blinks on and off it is difficult to see at night. works good in the day time because it looks like i have a head light flashing device installed. engine can be heard loosing power as the lights on the dash and head light blinks. almost had a wreck the first time it did it at night ( i rarely ride at night and this could have been happening for years) last thanksgiving. *tr
 Differential broke 3 times in about 1 year. almost hit car head on the 3rd time because it froze up. 1st time rear brake locked up due to being soaked with oil from the differential. almost hit car when sliding in curve. 2nd time i passed between two cars at the center stripe to because i was unable to stop from 40 mph. 3rd time i almost hit a car coming in the opposite direction when the entire differential locked up and the tire was cocked to one side. also going about 40mph at that time. repairs were done under warranty, but i have barely ride the bike waiting for it to fail again. *tr