Kawasaki Zg1400

Model Zg1400 made by Kawasaki got 1 consumer complain. Consumer complaints with reference to service brakes, hydraulic. .

Model 2008

Consumer Complaints

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 On a recent trip, i spent some time in north carolina on hwy 129. a certain section of this road is known for it's curves. after several trips along this highway and some hard braking, a noticeable pulsing of the brake lever developed and occurred on all subsequent stops. the effect was most disconcerting during light braking in corners (it severely altered the feel of the motorcycle during cornering) but also affected heavy straight-line braking, making the bike shudder. the pulsing was evident for the remainder of my trip (1500 miles). after returning home, i immediately took the bike to the dealer. after a conversation with the manufacturer, the dealer agreed to replace the rotors and the pulsing vanished. the dealer related to me that the manufacturer representative had admitted that the rotors were undersized for the bike. in my estimation, this is true; the same rotors are used on a much lighter version of this bike. the replaced rotors are in my possession. *tr