Kawasaki Zx600j7f

Model Zx600j7f made by Kawasaki got 12 consumer complains. Consumer complaints with reference, among others things, to engine and engine cooling, power train.

Model 2007

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 The valve cover leaks and the fan stopped working i only had the motorcycle for 11 months it started a couple months ago. *tr
 I own a 2007 kawasaki zx6r. from day one it has had an incredibly audible valve ticking noise. the noise is so bad that even at 6000 rpm with a helmet on the ticking can be heard. i have taken the bike to authorized kawasaki repair shops 3 times and they have replaced the camshaft chain tensioner but have not fixed the problem of the ticking. they keep telling me it normal. i have even tried to contact kawasaki but they do not care about the problem and just respond by saying take it to the dealer. i have also had to replace the valve cover gasket 3 times because it keeps leaking. *tr
 Oil leak. happened twice. both times were fixed with new parts and covered by warranty. *tr
 The engine of my motorcycle developed a ticking noise after ridding around 750 miles from new,this is noticeable when hot or cold,through a kawasaki forum i use i found out this is a possible cam and tappets failure to fix may result in the engine locking up causing a possible crash if not death. kawasaki however where i bought it say it's normal for kawasaki's to sound like that. *tr
 Im a member on the kawiforums at www.kawiforums.com and it seems like every other person that is a proud owner of a 07' kawasaki zx6r is having major issues with the motors of the motorcycle. the cams failing and the motors having an aggressive tick. i believe that this is very dangerous and can lead to serious injuries and very possibly death. the malfunction of such parts should be recalled because of the volume of complaints and problems on the forums. im sure kawasaki doesn't want something so silly like this painted onto their reputation. hopefully, this problem will be resolved and the customers would be safe and very happy to own the bike they bought and represent. *tr
 Oil leak on left side engine on 2007 kawasaki zx-6r. *tr
 There was excessive noise, like a tapping, coming from the cams. i go back to the dealer but they said the noise was normal. i cant believe i bought into the garbage. i then look online on the forum boards and a great deal of other people have had this exact same problem. it is extremely noisy from the valve area and i feel as if the valves and cam are going to fail anyday. everyone else says this is a common problem with this model but kawasaki will not suck up any cost to fix this. extremely unpleased with this result in buying a new bike. i will never buy a kawasaki again. please tell them they need to recall this model, as it is the only way they will take responsibility since they are such a shady company. *tr
 Valve cover leak on 2007 kawasaki zx6r. also a 'ticking' from the engine that has to do with timing chain. the oil leak is a danger being that it's on a motorcycle. the 'ticking' is just a little annoying until it causes engine failure. *tr
 I have an 2007 kawasaki zx6r and i had the same oil leak that alot of people are getting for this year and model bike...i took it to kawasaki hope it doesnt happen again . *tr
 2007 kawasaki ninja zx-6r, owned for less than one year, experienced a catastrophic engine failure and the bending of two valves while riding. could have caused a serious accident, damage was due to a manufacturer defect which a local dealership is now repairing. vehicle has been out of service for over 100 consecutive days and i am filing a suit under the lemon law to get manufacturer to repurchase vehicle. *tr
 Just letting you know of the cam and tappet failure in the 2007 kawasaki ninja zx6r, i have one and have heard many horror stories of the engine locking up after the cam/tappets going bad and making the rider wreck. it is getting to point where it is not longer a coincidence. there is definitely a problem, and kawasaki knows it. they need to issue a recall to get this fixed before it is too late. i don't want this to happen to me or my friend who has the same bike. *tr
 Bought a 07 zx6r after 218 miles the cams and tappets went bad, kawasaki replace both cams and tappets, now it has happened a second time at 12,500 miles not even a year later. have heard of many others with the same problem. *tr