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01801/01/200710021561Automatic transmission adaptive value reset/relearn. *kb05/15/2007

Consumer Complaints

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 Vehicle has been suffering from constant power loss with esc light illuminated. now it suddenly accelerates with the light lightest touch on pedal, lurching as it accelerates. it happens especially often when engine is under stress, such as climbing up a hill. i was parking in garage when is rapidly accelerated and my side bumper in front grazed garage door sidewall. it has also happened in reverse with rear side bumper nicking same spot on garage. this vehicle is a safety nightmare. fault codes p2135 and p2106 often appear. *tr
 Over the past year, i have replaced struts, bushings, cv boots, & countless other items on suspension. i have had sedona looked @ by multiple mechanics. have driven around w/ me on both occasions. had three ase certified guys at one time checking everywhere for lose or broken parts. we even checked spare tire & the pressure in it. when i go over any uneven surface, something rattles or clunks under the van. not a little, a lot! everyone can actually feel it, not just hear it. cannot pin point location.it seems mostly around spare tire area, but i feel it under driver & passenger area too. middle & back can feel & hear it. you cannot make it happen over things like speed bumps. just uneven surfaces. random.. so embarrassing & making me crazy! i also have had on 5 or 6 occasions when driving, i will take foot off gas as cars slow or exiting up a hwy ramp. when i push to excel, it wont catch but the engine rpms go crazy & engine races. i have to try to let off & reapply foot to gas to get it to grab. i almost got rearended twice! it happens fast, suddenly & far in between. scares me to death. it is like the transmission is slipping, but had at dealership long ago for this & just like the other stuff, if they cannot make it happen... sorry, out of luck! i now am just under the 100k mark & still cannot get resolve. cannot sell a clunking car! *tr
 Problems with stalling and rough shifting. this van has been in the shop 10 or more time for the same problem. it has been serviced at capital kia in austin, texas all 10 times. the transmission has been replaced 2 times, the main computer has been replaced. air sensor replaced. the list goes on and on. my service advisor is gene. while he has been helpful he is limited on what he can do. i have called corporate several times and they have advise the service technicians on what to fix but the van is still not working. we need help in getting rid of the van. *tr
 I purchased a 2006 kia sedona in august, 2006. on 08-14-2006 it was returned for malfunction of the airbag system, repairs were made. i also stated to them that it was pulling to the left, which to this day they have not corrected. on 11-13-2006 at approx. 3,300 miles the engine light came on, the van began to sputter and cut out. it was towed to the dealer( misfire in cyclinder)and repairs were made. the van was returned to the dealer again on 01-03-2007(scanned system, could not find code),01-18-2007(multiple misfires),02-08-2007(random misfires. also repaired shorted out hot wire to driver's side parking light),04-09-2007(they stated that the gas cap was loose, even though the van is skipping),04-12-2007 (random misfires). after sending a final repair attempt letter to kia they picked my vehicle up on 04-23-2007 and brought techs in from california to assess the problem. i was going to pick my van up on thursday 04-26-2007 but kia called and stated that after they test drove it the engine light once again came on. they stated that they hope to have it resolved on 04-27-2007. on 04-27-2007 they hope to have it resolved on 04-30-2007. on 04-30-2007 they hope to have it resolved on 05-01-2007. on 05-01-2007 they stated that they would be pulling out the drive train to ship to california and in turn kia/california would be shipping a new one. now they hope to have it resolved on friday, may 4, 2007. i have major safety concerns/issues regarding this vehicle. there is obviously severe electrical/mechanical problems and this vehicle is not stable/safe enough to be roadworthy. the people at the dealership are wonderful and understanding to my concerns, however kia motors of america does not seem to address the safety issues as a concern. i am still pursuing this issues between myself and kia, but this is way too much hassle to go through to try to keep myself, my family and other motorist safe against this vehicle being on the road. *tr
 Tl- the contact stated that his 2006 kia sedona has had safety issues since he purchased the vehicle in 04/2006. the contact stated that after purchasing his vehicle in 04/2006 the vehicle started having stalling problems. the contact informed the dealership of the problems he was having such as stalling, and the when trying to shift the gear to drive the vehicle wouldn't go into drive nor will the vehicle go forward. the dealership informed the contact that the vheicle needed a new transmission because of the front pump seal was ripped. the contact stated that they replace the transmission on 08/11/06. the contact stated that after that time he continued to have stalling problems. he also stated the brakes started to lock up, started smoking and making a rumbling noise. the contact stated that he was infomed by the dealership that there was a recall for his vehicle with campaing# 06v26500, for service brakes; foundation components; hoses; lines/ piping and fitting. the contact stated that they replaced that recall on 09/20/06. after that the contact stated that something burned the fuse box in the engine compartment and the wipers and lights stopped working and had to replace the fuses on the vehicle. the contact did inform the dealership of this problem and he was infomed again by the dealership of a recall for campaign# 06v349000 for the electrical system; wiring. the contact did call the manufacturer about the many problems he's had with his new vehicle and was given a case # k1213970. the contact stated that he spoke to tavares davis at the corporate office and was told that they will discuss a buy back from the contact. the contact stated that this coversation took place in 01/2006 and mr. davis hasn't called him back regarding the buy back. the contact does have all repair orders that were done by the dealership. (plh)
 Tl*the contact owns a 2006 kia sedona. the contact stated that after placing her vehicle in park, she would had to take a screw driver in order to move the gear shifter. in addition, her brake lights would not appear when depressing the brakes and the opposite occurs when she does not depress the brakes. the vehicle was then taken to the dealer who advised her the shift controller was fractured. the vehicle was not repaired. the failure mileage was approximately 70,000.
 Tl-the contact owns a 2006 kia sedona. the contact stated that after placing her vehicle into park, she would have to take a screw driver in order to move the gear shifter. in addition, her brake lights would not appear when depressing the brakes and the opposite occurs when not depressing the brakes. the vehicle was then taken to the dealer and they advised her that it was a fractured shift controller. the vehicle has not been repaired. the failure mileage was approximately 70,000. tb
 Kia sedona 2006.i was parked. i went to back up and it started forward.i never stepped on accelerator only the brake. it continued to accelorate faster and faster all the while my foot was on the brake. there were skid mark to show that i had my foot on the brake. a cinder block wall stopped me.
 I purchased my kia sedona in april 2006. on average, four times a year i will press the accelerator pedal and the rpm's will go up but the vehicle will not move forward. i have to then release the accelerator pedal and press it again for it to catch and move forward. the 1st time was while on vacation in san diego in 2006. on 4-5 occasions the problem almost caused a serious accident. i have reported it several times, but since kia cannot find a code they claim that they cannot fix the problem.
 Tl*the contact owns a 2006 kia sedona. while driving approximately 45 mph, the vehicle failed to shift into the proper gear. the vehicle appears to be in neutral when this occurs. prior to and during the failure, the engine warning indicator is not illuminated on the instrument panel. the dealer could not duplicate the failure and provide a sufficient remedy. the manufacturer did not assist. the failure mileage was 2,000 and current mileage was 39,849. updated 03/17/09 *lj updated 03/17/09. *jb
 Tl*the contact owns a 2006 kia sedona lx. the vehicle has a remote starter manufactured by audiovox, model number pro9556. when the contact pre-started her vehicle inside her home with the device, she noticed that the vehicle switched into gear. she drove backwards and crashed into another place of residence. after inspecting the vehicle, the contact noticed that the starter device allowed the vehicle to shift into gears without having a key in the ignition when pressure was applied to the brake pedal. as a consequence, the vehicle could easily be stolen and increased the risk of a crash or serious injury. she notified the manufacturer of the equipment and the vehicle, but neither sources would assume liability. the contact has pictures of the failed component and the crash. the failure and current mileages were 40,000. updated 12/11/08 *bf the vehicle came out of park without the keys being in the ignition. there were also times when the key would get stuck in the ignition. the consumer realized the vehicle could be shifted into reverse without keys. updated 12/11/08 .*jb
 In may of 2007 transmission locked up at a stop light. i was unable to move the vehicle out of the middle of the roadway. the vehicle was towed to the dealership where the computer was reset. in november 2007 i was driving in heavy traffic when the transmission locked up again. i came within inches of being rearended as the vehicle came to a sudden stop and i could not get it out of the roadway or warn the driver of the vehicle behind me of what was happening. he did manage to slam on breaks and avoid hitting me, but in doing so nearly caused a major pileup behind him. *tr
 My kia sedona is in the zieser service center again. i had to take it in for the horn and other concerns. the horn does not always work and this is a safety issue. the dealer said they can not duplicate, but when my husband and i drive the vehicle it does not work on a consistent basis. they have had to replace parts on this horn already on several occasions. and i have had to bring it back on several occasions since they can not duplicate at first. on my last visit the service dept turned the rotors for the brakes. i told them that it is now squealing since they did this and i wanted to know why. when they called to tell me my car was ready, they said i owed $25 to look at the brakes. i ask why and dave in service said that their tech took over 2 hours to look for problems and no one was going to pay them (meaning kia), so i needed to pay. i told them i wanted to know why i did not have a squeak before and then after they did some warranty work on the van i did have a squeak. i also stated that i have a safety concern about the car feeling like it is being pushed when you are slowing down and you get to 30-35 mph. he said this is normal. lastly, the cruise control does not decelerate when going down hills (even a slight grade). it does not do this on a consistent basis. they told me this is normal, but when i drive it accelerates and if i have it set at say 40 mph i have to apply to brakes because i have had it accelerate past 60 mph. again, i am very concerned about my vehicle and the fact that there are safety issues that i feel need to be corrected. even though they state that the horn is working correctly, when i was driving this weekend, i was cut off by a car and when i went to honk the horn it did not work. and when i tested on several occasions, it did not work. my husband also was cut off (there is in intersection that is notorious for this by our home) and he could not get it to work.
 On more than four occasions i have been driving this van and when pressing the gas pedal to accelerate the engine revved , but the van did not move. two of these incidents have been while merging onto interstate 95, once on us route 1 and another merging on to route 234. on at least one occasion my one year old daughter was in the vehicle. it was an extreme safety hazard to merge on to interstate 95 in the middle of rush hour while traffic was moving at 65 mph plus and not be able to accelerate. in one instance there was a tractor trailer coming up behind me, and i had to cut off another vehicle trying to merge in order to get back off on to the ramp that i just merged off. the first time we took it to the dealer and they said is was a speed control sensor, the second time they said it was low on transmission fluid. the third time they had the vehicle for a couple of days and stated that they were unable to reproduce the issue. we have a case number with kia motors, and have requested a buy back under the virginia lemon laws. we picked up the vehicle from the dealer today and still have not heard back from our case worker with kia despite a call asking if we should pick up the vehicle or not. *ak
 Tl* - the contact has a 2006 kia sedona van. the vehicle has had a knocking sound on the driver's side, under the hood. she was told by a tire manufacturer and a mechanic that the cv joints and motor mounts were causing the knocking sound. from 0 - 5 mph, when she turns or brakes, or when the vehicle moves forward or backwards it makes the knocking sound. the weather is not a factor. the knocking was constant and got louder upon driving the vehicle. the current and failure mileage were both 14,289 miles.
 I purchased a 2006 kia sedona october 21st of 2006 and ever since then i have had it in for service about 8-9 times. first few times were for the engine light going on all the time. then it was shaking of the vehicle and they did a wheel alignment about two times. took it in again for same shaking problem so they replaced the struts on it. than the horn went out and the under carriage of the vehicle started shaking while trying to accelerate to 50 miles an hour. they replaced some part on the under carriage but the vehicle is still shaking and is still in the shop waiting to hear from kia in the next part to replace or fix. i have had a rental each time which is fine and dandy, they have picked up the cost but it is just getting frustrating to have a brand new vehicle with only 20 miles on it when purchased to be serviced as many times as it has in the past year. somehow i do now know if this vehicle is even road safe anymore!! *tr