Consumer Complaints

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 Dashboard has curled up in front (against windshield). because of this the defroster will not defrost the driver side of the windshield. as a result i am unable to see adequately to drive anytime my windshield is foggy. this may also cause problems with airbag deployment but i'm not sure.
 The center of the dashboard near the windshield vents has peeled away over the last year or so from the dash frame. right now it is standing around 3 from the frame and i am afraid that it will continue to transgress into my line of sight. i have also noticed that the defrost/defogger on the car does not work well anymore since the peeling has occurred. the dash is also lifting away from the frame just above and to the right of the instrument panel. my car is equipped with dual front air bags and i believe that this warping of the dash may in some way either cause a premature release of the passenger air bag or prevent the release of the bag when it may be needed. i have noted this same phenomenon on other kia sephias in the city where i live.
 Dashboard was warping. dashboard began discoloring a year 1/2 ago, and currently was falling apart. dealer advised that it was simply wear and tear. consumer feels that passenger's side airbag may deploy. *ak *slc
 The dashboard on my kia is folding and buckling preventing the defrost system to blow correctly. thus, make it a hazardous condition when it is raining and the windshield fogs up. the blower cannot reach the windshield due to the buckling of the dash.
 I've had to replace both front seat belt recepticles due to failure of latch. the engine check light stays on constant even after it is reset. i would like to know why. *ak
 Vehicle would not start at certain times, then the transmission went out while driving. dealer replaced transmission, and now engine check light is back on. *ak
 The first month i had car the ignition/steering locked and needed towing by kia-nothing charged to me. the check engine light has been coming on and staying on shortly after 'repair' ever since i bought car 3-28-1998. i just got run-around' from western diversified/kia and independent repair shop over axles. kia told me nothing covered after 36,000 mi.. after i thought i could send in bill for axles to extended warranty instead of calling at the time (male chauvinist mechanic) and after western diversified seeminly indicated axles part of routine maintenance (cv boot-didn't know were going bad) and i couldn't afford $200-300 for dealer to check car earlier-- dealers and kia then say i have 5/60 warranty on engine/trans and now won't cover axles because of independent mechanic touching car and he won't back up his 'warranty'. i just started full-time work not as a temp (but term) with co i worked 5 1/2 yrs before. all my money is going alternately to car repairs then catch up on car pmts and ins and i still need to move and can't afford to and really steamed and writing to atty general about kia--y2k means yuck to kia. *ak
 Repetedly repaired for same problems and still same things not needing to be replacd had to be car is a lemon
 Check engine light illuminates, indicating a malfunction within the system, cause unknown. dealer cannot identify the problem. please give any further details. *ak
 Was driving vehicle when the engine check light came on. had taken vehicle to dealer at least a dozen times. each time told problem fixed, but it reappears. *ak
 Engine check light constantly stays on. dealer was contacted. *ak
 Brake and engine light continuously come on, light switch broke off.
 The engine check light came on, one month later the engine locked up. dealer could not find why. *ak *slc
 Upon depressing the clutch, the rpms drop and vehicle stalls. also, check engine light came on twice. *ak
 Engine: check engine light comes on and vehicle stalls right in the street with no warning at all. has been in shop several times for this, and they can't find a problem. *ak *slc
 Engine light comes on intermittently.
 Clock failed.
 Check engine light comes on.