Kia Spectra5

Model Spectra5 made by Kia got 23 consumer complains as well as 2 service bulletins. Consumer complaints with reference, among others things, to air bags and fuel/propulsion system. Technical service bulletines regarding electrical system.

Model 2006


BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
TSB-01506/01/201110041265Kia motors: installing an additional ground cable to the battery may cause sensor problems. *rm09/26/2011

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 Air bag light on dash came on and stayed on. passenger air bag message on dash does not come on anymore after starting vehicle. took vehicle to dealer and they gave code as b1448 internal fault in passenger seat mat. est. repair $1450. called kia consumer number and asked if this was the same problem as kia rio recall. i was informed that the ntsa did not make them recall any other models and only if they were made by ntsa would there be a recall and they would contact me if there ever was a recall. so after seeing other complaints i am asking the ntsa to please include all kia models in the recall. i have 93500 miles and was going on 7 years of trouble free driving with my kia until now. i can not afford $1450 repair so it will remain as it is. thank you.
 I bought this used vehicle 4 months ago. i will make a copy/paste of previous complaints. without any real reason when the car is started with a passenger or driver, either one may display that the air bags are not engaged while driving at any speed. it is not predictable. this means that the airbags may not deploy. at this time we have a trust issue with this vehicle in case of an accident. i think the manufacturer should make a recall for this situation.
 Without any real reason when the car is started with a passenger or driver, either one may display that the air bags are not engaged (possible electrical issue) while driving at any speed. it is not predictable. this means that the airbags are not operational. this started shortly after the transmission was replaced by a dealer. the dealers claim that it is not related but does not know what the cause is. they do not guarantee that they can fix it. they will charge for the attempt to fix it but will not guarantee that they will succeed. we assume it is an electrical issue... possibly that contacts are worn out. if that is the case, it should be happening to other spectra owners and is a serious safety issue for these owners
 The air bag light started coming on without incident. since it started we have taken it to the dealer more than three times. the sensor was changed a couple of times, than the fuse box was changed. each time so far the problem has returned. this last time i asked the service manager about when the light is on is the bag operational? he said no and that's when i got a real concern for the situation. that service dept. has been attentive to my situation but to no avail its still a problem. the one consequence at this time is our trust in this vehicle in case of an accident. kia was contacted monday 2/22/10 and today is wed 2/24/10. i mentioned to manager about my concern for my wife's safety in this vehicle and said he mentioned it in his report to kia. *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 2006 kia spectra 5. while driving 35 mph, the driver failed to come to a stop which caused her to crash into the vehicle in front of her. the front end of the vehicle was damaged. the air bags failed to deploy. the dealer has nt been notified since the contact believed it was a manufacturers defect. the vin is not available. the current and failure mileage was 46,000.
 The strap that holds the fuel tank came lose due to the fact that the bolt was not properly installed at factory. they had a recall for corrosion of the straps, this has nothing to due with corrosion. this is poor quality control that can cause serious injury in the case that the fuel tank has contact with the road surface.
 Tl-the contact owns a 2006 kia spectra 5. the contact stated that while driving at various speeds and the vehicle would decelerate without any warning. the vehicle was taken to the dealer. after diagnosis they advised her that the front and rear brakes and calipers failed and needed to be replaced. the vehicle was repaired. the failure recurred approximately eight months later. the vehicle was taken back to the dealer and they advised her that the front brake caliper fractured causing damage to the brake line hose. the vehicle was repaired. the manufacturer was contacted and they covered the repairs. the failure mileage was approximately 35,763. the current mileage was approximately 37,000. the vin was unavailable. tb
 The molding around windshield popped out on passenger side of car and is beginning to bulge out from driver's side. this appeared overnight.
 Tl*the contact owns a 2006 kia spectra5. the contact was driving approximately 25 mph, approaching a traffic light. the vehicle surged forward unexpectedly. when the brake pedal was engaged, the vehicle continued to accelerate under the speed of 26 mph. there were several attempts before the vehicle was able to slow down. the vehicle was taken to an authorized dealer. the technician stated that the computer software was not an updated version who also stated that the vehicle should not have been sold without the updated software. the vehicle was not repaired for the failure. the identical failure occurred which resulted in a crash. the vehicle was completely destroyed. there were no injuries. the vin was not available. the failure mileage was 500.