Consumer Complaints

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 During snow/ice weather conditions i lost control of my vehicle on 01/11/07 going straight on rt.380 in stockton, ny. my vehicle rolled over, and landed front end down, upside down in a ditch. during the crash, none of the three air bags engaged/released. because of the impact on the front end of my vehicle, think they should have released. no injury was done to myself, and no one was in my vehicle, but i was very lucky. nothing needed to be done to correct this failure. *jb
 While traveling at 60 mph the consumer lost control of vehicle and rear ended the vehicle in front. none of the vehicles air bags deployed. the consumers right shoulder was injured as a result. *nlm
 Consumer states that the air bag module failed causing the driver and passenger front air bags to become inoperative. dealer repaired in 06/02 and now air bag has failed again. dealer is unable to determine cause of current failure. mr
 Front end continuously falling off, brakes not working properly, air bags not working properly.
 Front end continuously falling off, brakes do not work properly, air bags do not work properly either
 Recall 99v325000 work was corrected. since recall work was done engine check light illuminated on the dash. consumer contacted the dealer. dealer noted that recall problem has failed and wires went bad. also, air bag light was illuminating on the dash. please provide any further details.*ak
 Windshield wiper on passenger's side stopped working. windshield wiper never started working again. also, airbag light stayed on until consumer took it to be repaired a month after consumer had the car. *ak
 Air bag warning light flashed on and off. in august or september of 1999, they corrected the problem. about a month afterwards, air bag light began to flash again. problem has not been corrected. please provide any further informtion. *ak
 Airbag light came on, indicating a problem with airbag system which deployes unexpectedly or wont deploy in event of a crash, and wont protect the occupant. dealer will replace parts in the airbag system. please provide further information. *ak
 Seat belt would continuously chime. the air bag light stays on after starting vehicle. vehicle would start erratically. door frame would leak. convertible top did not stay closed. vehicle would idle at 2000rpms when slowing down & almost stall out. will be taking vehicle to dealer. *ak
 When driving at any speed and applying the brakes vehicle shakes. also, air bag light and abs brake light stay on, and driver's side shoulder belt doesn't work.*ak
 Upon being at a stop engine revved, and vehicle accelerated, landing in an intersection; which caused a collision. consumer's vehicle hit a semi truck. upon impact, the air bags did not deploy. due to a previous incident vehicle was in cruise control mode. however, vehicle accelerated, and took off on its own. consumer had to slam on brakes to stop the vehicle. *ak
 Vehicle collided with a guard rail and air bags failed to deploy. *ph on a separate occasion, the consumer had a falt tire, and when she removed the spare tire, the door and gate would not close. *jb
 Vehicle was involved in a frontal collision in which an impact was sustained at 50 mph. upon impact, both frontal air bags failed to deploy. also, vehicle came equipped with knee bolsters underneath the steering column. as a result the driver sustained back injuries, and vehicle was totaled.*ak
 Consumer states hit another vehicle in the rear at 34mph. both driver and passenger air bags did not deploy. mr
 While driving at 40 mph an accident occurred, and air bags did not deploy, injuries were involved, including a broken neck and ribs. please provide any further information.*ak
 While traveling 30 mph vehicle went into a skid and struck an object head-on, and neither airbag deployed. *ak
 While driving about 35 mph lost control of vehicle due to a frozen spot. crashed vehicle into a guardrail, and neither air bag deployed.*ak the seat belt failed. *yh
 I bought the kia last year and have had the brake pads/parts replaced twice. the first time the brakes became bad, the vehicle had only about 8,000 miles on it. they explained that the brakes were wearing down because i was too hard on them. i have driven a ford pickup and never had problems with the brakes until i replaced them at 35, 000 miles. furthermore, i recently took it for an air bag light malfunction and there were two other people complaining about the brakes and apparently they had taken their kias for brake work before. one of the service personnel tried to explain to the couple that it had been 13,000 since the last brake work. the male stated that he has owns another car with no brake problems and it has about 25,000 miles on it. i feel they are using defected or cheap brake pads or something. as a matter of fact, i owned a kia sophia before trading it in for the sportage and the sophia had brake problems too.*ak
 Vehicle experienced the following problems: 1.) dealer replaced passenger's air bag due to an electrical short; 2.) front axle failed, causing vehicle to jerk while making a full left turn/ replaced by dealer, and 3.) front right tire was replaced because of a bubble on tire. *ak
 While traveling at about 65 hit a slick spot and the front passenger's side hit side of a bridge and slid across the bridge. upon impact, passenger's airbag came out a little, but driver's airbag did not deploy. *ak
 Vehicle involved in a frontal collision of 40 mph. upon impact, both air bags failed to deploy. also, both seat belts failed to lock in place. injuries were sustainrd by both driver and passenger. dealer notified. *ak
 As a result of an accident air bags did not deploy. dealer has been contacted. please provide further information. *ak