Kme Ariel Cat

Model Ariel Cat made by Kme got 1 consumer complain as well as 2 investigations. Consumer complaints with reference to equipment. . The car had one investigation (equipment).

Model 2008


NHTSA IDManufacturerDate openDate closeSubjectRecall campaign
PE11027KME FIRE APPARATUS08/16/201102/17/2012Fire truck aerial ladder failure12V027000
 On august 16th 2011 the office of defects investigation (odi) opened this preliminary evaluation (pe11-027) on kovatch mobile equipment (kme) aerial cat 2003 - 2011 fire trucks concerning an alleged failure related to a fire truck's aerial ladder.the electronic-over-hydraulic controller that is used to move the aerial bucket fails, causing an unintended movement of the aerial device on certain kme aerial ladder/platform trucks.this unintended movement of the aerial ladder bucket constitutes an unreasonable risk to safety as the movement may occur in an unintended direction possibly near electrical power lines, structures, or a fire.the manufacturer will conduct a safety recall.the remedy kme will implement updates the software for the controller, including a triple redundancy of the systems disables all platform aerial movement controls immediately upon actuation of the dead man's switch at the turntable.this pe is closed with a safety recall (12v-027).the odi reports cited above can be reviewed at under the following identification (odi) number: 10418106
PE11027KME FIRE APPARATUS08/16/2011Fire truck aerial ladder failure
 On august 9th 2011 the office of defects investigation (odi) received a vehicle owners questionnaire (voq) concerning an alleged failure related to a fire truck's aerial ladder.the electronic over hydraulic controller that is used to move the aerial bucket fails, causing the ladder to move in the wrong direction unexpectedly.moreover, a secondary mechanism that controls the aerial bucket from the ground called a dead man's switch also allegedly fails to control the aerial bucket, moving it in an unwanted direction.the complainant alleged this is a second failure related to the fleet, both on different fire trucks but related to the same models.improper movement of the aerial bucket could present a safety. this pe is open to ascertain the scope and failure mechanism related to this alleged safety defect.

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 Electric over hydraulic controller failure on a arial fire truck platform.when you step on the dead man switch the bucket moved unexpectedly to the left. this could have contributed to death or injury during a working fire or if you where in the vicinity of high voltage wires.possible electricution of firefighters.the part # of the controller is parker 20011366 and iqan-lsl-eo-dn-//-s.this controller moves the the ladder up and down,in and out or left and right..this is the second failure of this controller in the past 3 months on 2 seperate trucks. it is the same part number on both trucks and serves as the same funtion.