Lexus Gs460

Model Gs460 made by Lexus got 3 consumer complains as well as 6 service bulletins. Consumer complaints with reference to traction control system. . Technical service bulletines regarding electrical system and power train.

Model 2008


BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
LSB-0015-1002/04/201010034245Lexus: techstream ecu flash reprogramming procedure. flash reprogramming allows the ecu software to be updated without replacing the ecu. flash calibration updates for specific vehicle models/ecus are released as field fix procedures des10/29/2010
SB-0001-11 REV101/06/201110037625Ready05/31/2011
SB-0001-11 REV101/06/201110037625Lexus: information on an improved transmission fluid. *rm05/31/2011
L-SB-0016-1103/23/201110037563Lexus: steering will be notchy or will not smoothly self-center when on the highway. there is a repair procedure. *rm05/25/2011
LSB-0059-1207/10/201210045639Lexus: precaution information on removal, inspection, installation of accelerator pedal sensor assembly, which requires no lubrication. models 2001-13 ct200h, es300, 300h, 330, 350, gs300, 350, 450, 450h, 460, gx460, 470, hs250h, is f, is09/12/2012

Consumer Complaints

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 I have a 2008 lexus gs460 which was having issues with not starting, on two occasions it needed to be jump started, on the second occasion after being jumped, i was advised to drive to the lexus dealer to have it checked out again. as before, there were many dummy lights lit up on the dash board, one of which was the traction control light which i attributed to the battery being dead. as i was driving to the dealership, i accelerated slightly (about 30 mph) to pass a vehicle that had stopped to make a left hand turn and my lexus started to fish tail across two lanes of traffic, thankfully i did not hit anyone but i did crash my car into a snow bank, causing damage to the car and a minor case of whiplash. the dealership told me that the traction control was not functioning due to the fact that the battery had died but even after being jump started still did not have enough power to run the traction control. they also told me the reason the battery kept dying was due to a lumbar support button that was draining the battery. so my issue with this is that i could have very well been seriously hurt or hurt someone else because unbeknown to me my traction control was not working in december in wisconsin on roads with icy patches. this seems like a design flaw to me, i don't see any reason why a vehicle would be/should be driven with out the traction control working if the vehicle is equipped with it.