Lexus Lx470 1998-2007

Model Lx470 made by Lexus got 1 consumer complain as well as 1 service bulletin. Consumer complaints with reference to exterior lighting. . Technical service bulletines regarding unknown or other.

Car model

Name Recalls Bulletins Consumer Complaints
Lexus Lx470 1998 1 36 6
Lexus Lx470 1999 1 37 13
Lexus Lx470 2000 1 19 13
Lexus Lx470 2001 1 20 4
Lexus Lx470 2002 1 15 9
Lexus Lx470 2003 1 31 19
Lexus Lx470 2004 1 18 4
Lexus Lx470 2005 1 21 8
Lexus Lx470 2006 0 12 11
Lexus Lx470 2007 0 8 9

Model 9999


BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
SS0020108/26/2002SS00201633758Special service tools regarding immobilizer key code reset for certain 2001 and later models including the gs430. *tt09/24/2002

Consumer Complaints

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 I am not personally an owner of the vehicle(s) in this discussion. however, i have observed on numerous occasions that vehicles manufactured by toyota/lexus equipped with daytime running lights also illuminate the instrument panel when the drl are operating without the headlamps on. this leads the driver to think that they have the headlamps operating when they are in fact not in the on position. this is especially dangerous at night and/or during periods of reduced visibility conditions as the only lamps illuminated on the outside of the vehicle are the drl's. the front parking and tail lamps remain dark unless the headlamp switch is placed in the on position, yet the driver is unaware of this dangerous condition because he/she can clearly see the instrument panel and also have a limited amount of outside illumination from the drl's. i feel that this is a clear design defect on the manufacturer's part and a significant safety hazard as it reduces the visibility of the vehicle from behind, especially during periods of reduced visibility when visibility is most important to reducing the possibility of collisions and risk of injuries to occupants of these and other vehicles. *jb