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05171010/07/20050525810018064Noise from rear wheel hub bearings. *tt12/14/2005

Consumer Complaints

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 Multiple failures in 2003 lincoln aviator. difficulty turning , starting, jerk in steering wheel, vibration in tires, gear changer loose and ect. *bf the consumer purchased the vehicle with 18 inch rims but ford requires 17 inch rims to be legal (oem) equipment. the consumer felt that this was maliciously dishonest sale of an automobile. the side fender had a gauge on the inside, the rear storage section leather ripped, the tire monitor system kept coming on with a warning sign from the computer of a mechanical defect, difficulty starting the vehicle, jerking in the steering wheel, noise in the steering wheel, noise in heating/vent bubbling, passenger front windows were rattling, there was motor noise upon acceleration, front end noise, rear hatch rattled and was shaking, the wheels squealed and rubbed, the doors did not automattically lock when the vehcile was engaged into drive, and the engine knock as if it were running rough. when the service tech tried to shift the gear lever out of park, the entire gear lever had come apart in pieces. the consumer stated that the vehicle was worse than ever. currently when the brakes were applied the steering would go out of control, jerk left and right, shaked out of control and unable to steer. *sc
 Consumer states that dealer put aftermarket rims tires on vehicle. the vehicle experienced the following; difficulty turning the vehicle, heater bubbling making noises, difficulty starting the vehicle, jerking in the steering wheel, noise in the steering, noise in the heating/vent bubbling, pulsating in the steering wheel, vibration of the tires, the tire monitoring system had to be cut off reconnected and adjusted, the passenger front windows rattled, motor made loud noises when the vehicle accelerated, front end noises, rear hatch rattled and would shake, the wheels squealed and rubbed, the wheel jerked when taking off, the gear changer lever was loose, the vehicle would shake and vibrated when in motion, and the engine sounded as if it was knocking or running rough. *sc
 Left front and left rear wheel bearing failure - 52,000 miles - ford lincoln aviator 2003. *tr
 Left front and left rear wheel bearing failure - 52,000 miles - ford lincoln aviator 2003. *tr
 Dt*: the contact stated a whining noise was heard coming from the rear of the vehicle while driving 55 mph. the vehicle was taken to the sales/service dealer for repairs. the right rear axle and pinion were replaced as well as the c b shaft assembly and gear and pinion locking pin. this was the third time the rear end was replaced in a two year period. the manufacturer was notified and a technician was sent to inspect the vehicle.*ak the vehicle pulled to the left, the door lock switch was inoperative, the rear shock was leaking oil, the e power steering hose was replaced, there was a ticking sound coming from the engine compartment. the timing chain and gasket were replaced. the door ajar light came on after all the doors were closed. the consumer stated the shifting of the gears were harsh, the dealer replaced various componets in the transmission. the right rear brake light bulb was replaced, the master cylinder was replaced. the front seat climate control was not cooling. the battery was replaced, the accelerator cable was sticking. updated 12/05/06. *jb
 In the lincoln aviator, a loud whining noise is coming from the rear end of the car. it appears to be a rear differential problem. in the front seat the noise is pretty loud but can be overcome by turning the radio up real loud. in the rear seats the noise is more intense. i have read many complaints about this problem. a simple search on edmunds, google, deja news, etc. shows that this problem has been around a while and ford motor company refuses to correct the issue. the dealership says it is a known problem without a fix and that i should just live with the problem. i am going to pursue legal action under the lemon law to try and correct the situation. *la