Consumer Complaints

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 Throttle body failure on 2004 lincoln ls (v8). engine cuts out intermittently and goes to etc engine failsafe mode, reducing maximum engine speeds to 10-15 miles per hour. occasional stalls at full speed have also occured, twice during turns at intersections. replacement is necessary per ford / lincoln dealer.
 Vehicle runs very rough. will not accelerate over 2800 rpm and shakes badly. check engine light is flashing. checked codes p0304 and p0306. chop states it is faulty ignition coils.
 2004 lincoln ls v8 throttle body failures result in reduced rpm until the car is restarted. on occasion car will stall. safety issue especially on the high way. internet search shows known problem with 2003-2004 throttle position sensor. search also results in vehicles 2003-2006 exhibit this failure. dealer trying to procure new throttle body but on national backorder...only one company in us fabricates. approximately $900 part per dealer (contact info available upon request). this is a ford design problem. *tr
 My 2004 lincoln ls after i put it in drive it accelerated at a very high speed. i hit a pole totled my car. *tr
 I have been have been made aware of a issue with my lincoln ls sedan 2004 v8 with the failure of the coils. there has been an extended warranty by lincoln ford pertaining to the recall or damage parts on my model.the warranty was extended for 10 years or 100,000 miles for this problem. the issue is that with the coils failing it affects the throttle body in every instance with the coils failing. i believe lincoln/ford should be including this part for warranty repair as it comes hand in hand in the problems with coils failing and putting the vehicle in safe mode. there are many people with the same problems of coils failing and then the throttle body failing thereafter. i would that this problem that now has arrived for the lincoln ls sedans 2004 and other years be resolved and not creating a finacial bind to try to repair the throttle body of $900.00 dollars. please forward any parties that may help me and others solve our continous problems with are cars. thanks
 2004linclon ls. this is the third time that i have had problems with the exceleration. when you push on the gas petal the tool light comes on and the speed that i can drive is around 30 miles per hour. i can not drive the care on the highway. i have changed the ignition coils and now i have been told that it is the throttle body. i have been having this problem for about 4 years on and off.
 Driving down road - etc engine failsafe mode light comes on, and car drives terrible and slow. then, as drive down the road, abs light and check autotrac light come on. pulled over to wait to for tow truck, as ford place told me the car would eventually shut down on the highway if i kept driving it (i was just trying to drive it to the ford place) problem ended up being throttle body, which was replaced for $1255 parts & labor. after throttle body replaced, rear wheel sensor for abs is bad, and needs to be replaced for $220. i told them to hold off on that, as it was already expensive enough, and they have had my car for 3 days already. this is a safety issue to just come on without warning while driving down the road. also, the car barely moves in this mode. my car is a 2004 lincoln ls with 78,000 miles. this has happened sooner than would be expected, and i wonder if it is a lemon car with all of the issues that just began occuring. i also had the battery replaced a little over a week ago.
 Lincoln ls 2004 - throttle body failure - engine fail safe mode - no parts available nationwide from october 2009 until present date march 4, 2010 - unsafe to drive and car remains at dealership with no date from ford for replacement as apparently they are trying to re-engineer and fix whatever is the problem. after looking on internet this is apparently a problem that is running throughout the entire ford line. it seems like this is in complete contrast to the problem that toyota is having in that without warning the engine shuts down to 20 to 30 miles per hour leaving you vulnerable on the highway and unable to warn anyone driving behind you that you have a problem that you have no control over throttle. many owners report cars jump forward or reverse without warning. *tr