BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
03070904/01/200310002680Repeat air suspension compressor drier failures. *tt09/10/2003
1569203/01/2002636326Some vehicles may exhibit a squeak, snap, rattle, or clunk in the front end when turning or going over bumps. *tt11/07/2002
1315808/01/19996091971Some vehicles equipped with four wheel air suspension may require a ride height adjustment procedure be performed before setting alignment. *tt11/17/2000
693009/01/19996090270Subject regarding vehicles with four wheel air suspension may require a ride height adjustment procedure performed before setting alignment. *tt03/13/2000
9915707/26/1999608436Some vehicles may exhibit vibration, shimmy and body boom at speeds above 72 km/h (45 mph). *tt12/01/1999
99603706/01/1999606951Subject regarding alignment information. *tt09/08/1999
1550212/01/2001630612Concerns with pop/clunk/click noise from the front suspension when making low-speed turns in forward or reverse gears. *tt04/18/2002
1540711/01/2001630420Concerns with a pop/clunk/click noise coming from the front suspension when making low-speed turns in forward or reverse gears. *tt04/17/2002
1532610/01/2001630235Some vehicles may exhibit a pop/clunk/click noise from the front suspension when making low speed turns in either forward or reverse. *tt04/15/2002
039205/12/200310002775Repeat air suspension compressor drier failures. *tt09/17/2003
1601507/01/2002636202Some vehicles with air suspension may exhibit an initial or repeat compressor dryer failure. *tt11/06/2002
1565102/01/2002630704Some vehicles equipped with air suspension may exhibit an air leak and/or overnight bleed down of the air suspension. *tt04/19/2002
1536211/01/2001630374Some vehicles may exhibit air suspension malfunction. *tt04/16/2002
1552801/01/2002630059Subject regarding air suspension compressor quality. *yd04/12/2002
1435909/01/2000618633Subject pertaining to air suspension leaks. *jb04/18/2001
9825412/21/1998603643Some vehicles equipped with air suspension may exhibit an intermittent check suspension lamp on and diagnostic trouble code (dtc) c1770 and/or c1845 illuminated. *yc03/01/1999
05061801/01/20050512610016789Rear axle noise repair. *sc10/07/2005
008404/17/2000613578Concerns with a chattering noise from the rear axle heard when turning or cornerning. **mr07/21/2000
045403/22/200410008539Air suspension compressor noise. *tt08/04/2004

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 Tl- the contact owns a 1999 lincoln navigator. the contact stated the sparks plug burn out and pop out then burning the coil attached. the contact stated these had already been in the vehicle when the failure occurred. the suspension on the vehicle goes in and out as well. the contact stated when this happens the suspension does not inflate and they have to turn the vehicle off for about a half an hour to get it to reset. the vehicle had not been inspected at the time of the complaint. the failure mileage was 220000 and the current mileage was 240000.rl
 I was driving my 1999 lincoln navigator and suddenly my rear suspension failed resulting in a tremendous amount of bouncing up and down cause a very serious control problem. luckily there were no other vehicles around to cause a serious accident. i was able to get the vehicle home by driving slowly and scheduled an appointment with my local mechanic. he discovered that the compressor relay and connector plug was melted/burned and found the main air line also melted causing the sudden loss of air pressure. there were also numerous melted and burnt wiring. he was able to install a temporary air line to get the suspension temporarily working and recommended that i take it to a lincoln garage for further work. i scheduled an appointment with the local lincoln garage and he advised me that the relay, connector and wiring harness needed replaced/repaired. after a wait of 2 weeks he was able to get the parts and do the repair work. the parts replaced were: relay,p/n 2c013/a, cable connector, p/n 14488/a, cable connector p/n 14488/b, and wire assy p/n 14s11/ha. i am very shocked that there was no fusing mechanism to keep this from happening and the fact that the air line was routed over the relay allowing it to melt and get a hole in it. i have the defective parts and would like to know how to contact someone in the lincoln organization for reimbursement for a situation that should never had happened. i can see the relay failing but i cannot see why there wasn't a fusible link to prevent the fire or a re-routing of the air line to keep it from getting damaged.*jb
 Suspension failed. as a result , vehicle rose off the ground higher than normal. if a passenger left the vehicle he could have fall to the ground. *ak
 Heard clicking noise when turning corners. took 1999 lincoln navigator in for inspections and found that the following parts needed replacing: ball joints (front-left), remove and replace control arm, lower, one side, sway bar link-remove and replace stabilizer bar control, alignment cams/wedges (front-left including alignment adjustment. very costly and time consuming repairs. since i travel a lot i feel more than blessed that there was not a break down in route of a trip. was told that this indeed could be very dangerous if not repaired immediately. *nm
 No summary. dt
 On june 20, 2001 i turned on my lincoln navigator and the entire car began shaking out of control and i heard a very loud noise coming from the front of the car. i called ford and informed them of the problem and they asked me to drive the vehicle to the nearest dealership. i told ford that i was not able to drive vehicle because the entire vehicle was shaking out of control. i then arranged a flat bed to pick up the car the next morning. i took the vehicle to courtesy ford in the bronx, new york. i told the service personnel of the three problems i was having with the vehicle. the engine, the driver side powered window was not functioning and the winshield wiper recall needed service. i was told by the service coordinator that someone would call me the next day. no oe called and i was forced to consistently call the dealer all day to get an opportunity to speak to someone. i finally spoke to the asst. service manager(dave) and he told me that the engine had failed and ford instructed to replace the engine with a brand new one. i asked him what exactly had gone wrong with the engine and he told me that things like this happen all the times, and the only way to resolve this problem was to replace the engine i asked him again what happen to the engine and he responded my telling me that a spark plug fell into the engine, and the engine failed. thirty four days later i was asked to pick up the car. i did not receive and paperwork, the winshield wiper recall service was never done and the powered window problem still existed, and i contine hearing squeaky sounds coming from the front of the car. i've called ford several times and i've requested a new car and i've also asked them to log all my complaints(fordref#612921390). ford has told me that ford only replaces a car in extreme cases and at this point we did not qualified for a brand new replacement. i told them that replacement an engine is pretty extreme.*ak
 On flat surface at 25mph rear suspension snapped, causing consumer to lose control. dealer notified.*ak
 While driving 55 mph heard a loud bang, then, rear of the vehicle dropped on the tires. rear bumper was only 6-8 inches off the ground. no accident. vehicle not at dealer yet.*ak
 Air suspension compressor failure. i was driving along in the vehicle when all of a sudden the back of the vehicle dropped & started bouncing up and down which caused me to swerve..luckily there wasn't anything in my path. when i had the vehicle serviced i was told that this particular component fails in over 80% of lincoln navigators and now the dealer is selling an upgraded part because they're aware that the one installed in the vehicles was defective and i'm wondering why a recall hasn't been done already. *ak
 Air suspension compressor failure @ 40,000 miles.*ak