BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
022202/04/2002630628Some vehicles may exhibit an intake manifold crossover (first runner) coolant seepage condition. *tt04/19/2002
981601/19/1998605565Some vehicles may stall during deceleration and / or turning with no diagnostic trouble codes (dtcs) store in continuous memory. *tt07/09/1999
987404/13/1998601343A new silicone gasket and sealant. *yc07/24/1998
0124612/10/2001630515Engine oil system priming procedures, service tips for reports of premature engine failure. *tt04/18/2002
021401/21/2002630001Some engine assemblies with aluminum cylinder heads repaired in-vehile have been found to leak coolant and/or oil from the cylinder head gasket area. *tt04/11/2002
1515808/01/2001624571Some vehicles may exhibit a fead belt jump-off toss. *yh11/07/2001
014703/05/2001619424Subject regarding engine oil recommendations for use in 2001 vehicles - sae 5w-20 motor oil. *tt05/30/2001
1217411/01/1998613224Some vehicles may exhibit a hard start/long crank, cold start stall, cold rough idle concern. *mjs06/19/2000
98322002/12/1998607432Some vehicles may experience an intermittent stall when stopped within the first mile following a cold start. *tt09/23/1999
9981605/03/1999606420Ford motor company now recommends sae 5w-30 viscosity grade for servicing any ford gasoline-powered vehicle regardless of model year. *tt08/19/1999
BC328897020602/06/199751884Vehicles may exhibit a cold start engine fead belt chirp noise. *tw07/17/1997
471508/01/1998615254Some vehicles may exhibit a customer concern of loud ping / crackle from the exhaust system during cool down. *tt01/10/2001
672808/01/1999608448Some vehicles may exhibit a bang popping noise heard from the exhaust system during cool-down. *tt11/03/2000
830004/01/2000613634Some vehicles may exhibit a bang / popping noise heard from the exhaust system during cool-down. **mr07/26/2000
98509011/01/1998613219Some vehicles may exhibit a customer concern of loud ping / crackle from exhaust system during cool down. *tt06/19/2000
830003/01/2000612724Some vehicles may exibit a bang popping noise heard from the exhaust system during cool-down. *tt06/12/2000
1302507/01/1999610768Some vehicles may exhibit a bang popping noise heard from the exhaust system during cool-down. *tt05/12/2000
98201010/12/1998603695Experiencing a buzzing or rattling noise from the exhaust system. *yc03/02/1999
98267604/01/1998603574Some vehicles may exhibit a customer concern of loud ping / crackle from exhaust system during cool down. *yc02/25/1999
986403/30/1998601312Information on a buzzing or rattle noise from the exhaust system. *tt07/21/1998
98231011/23/1998603724Mass air flow (maf)- sensor contamination- service tip. *ak03/03/1999
05N0412/14/200510018959Extended coverage program 05n04 - extended coverage for composite intake manifold. this program is being provided as a settlement to a class action lawsuit. the terms of the settlement extend the coverage of the all-composite intake manif01/25/2006


NHTSA IDManufacturerDate openDate closeSubjectRecall campaign
 Based on the low rate of fire incidents (2.5 incidents per 100,000 vehicles sold) where failure of the scds is involved and the age of the vehicles

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 My vehicle started smoking out of the exhaust. anti freeze loss and smoke, anytime it is running. car has been in a garage, awaiting new, improved intake manifold to replace defective original one. i have purchased the parts. has not been installed yet; big job, i am told by dealer. ford apparently admitted about the defective part in court. *tr
 Small piece of plastic from intake went into the cylinder #4 and rapped around one of the values causing this value to stay open so cylinder #4 has no compression. *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 1996 lincoln town car. the contact received a recall notice regarding the cruise control. while approaching a stop or making a left or right turn, the engine shuts off. the failure was noticed while driving 15 mph. the dealer attempted to diagnose the vehicle on four or five occasions, but was unsuccessful. the dealer also drove the vehicle and was unable to duplicate the failure. there were no warning lights present and the failure persisted intermittently. the recall number was unknown. the failure mileage was 45,000 and current mileage was 71,000.
 Manifold developed 4 crack while on mass pike. lost coolant in short time and overheated. removed alternator after cool down and covered with duct tape and filled with water. made 3 more fill stops on ride home without overheat (80mi). replaced manifold, but started using anti-freeze. replaced engine a month later. *jb
 Cracked intake manifold. *tr
 1996 lincoln towncar defective intake manifold. *kb the engine overheated. *jb
 Melted intake manifold. *jb
 Plastic manifold crack, engine and engine cooling system blew up on a busy parkway. should be liable for this big engineering problem on it cars. i brought this car new and to get it fixed it cause a lot of money . was never notify of this condition . *nm
 I own a 1996 lincoln town car v-8 4.6 engine, wich has a plastic intake manifold, terrible mistake by ford engineers, i made a temporary repair to move the vehicle from the middle of no were, it worked until i install the thermostat again to make the smog inspection to the car, the manifold crack again, leaking the anti-frezze, i get this car from a used car lot dealer, it only has around 85,000 miles, i check that there is a recall in this failure for the kind of engine, but not every owner qualifies for the repair, why? i all ready run my vin number in the ford website and do not show anything. from my point of view, ford motor company is liable for this engineering mistake, every body in this world that is mechanic oriented knows that plastic do not hold for temperature and pressure. my car vin # 1lnlm81w1ty730875. this is a expensive repair and this is not part of normal wear or missed use, so i, in use of a tort law, award the same of others in similar circunstances, i want to have my car repaired by ford motor company.
 Intake on motor was made of plastic and it cracked. the replacement was redesigned with aluminum front in place of plastic. if part was designed right why was replacement made with aluminum. the cost of the part was over 550.00 plus labor and other parts. *nm
 Car stalls both when idling ready to move and turning corners where it loses power steering
 1996 lincoln town car turned key to start car with engine cold, there was a very loud explosion-like noise. the engine suffered internal engine damage from hydraulic-lock caused by coolant from a plastic intake manifold leak. *jb
 While driving on the highway the engine overheated w/o warning and vehicle stalled. dealer determined that the plastic intake manifold cracked in half. ts
 Engine fails intermittently.
 Cracked intake manifold. *tr
 I would like to inform you about a safety problem with certain lincoln town car models. i am the owner of a 1996 lincoln town car (signature series). on june 16, 2006, while driving in town with the air conditioning on, i saw smoke pouring from under the hood and antifreeze leaking from under the car. after opening the hood i saw antifreeze all over the engine block. i managed to drive the car to a nearby jiffy lube. the technician there could not find any leaks in the hoses or the radiator. after allowing the car to cool for about thirty minutes, the technician filled the radiator with a 50-50 antifreeze-water mixture. i started driving home, about five miles away. before i arrived, the temperature gauge reached the maximum point, and the high-temperature alarm sounded. i immediately stopped the car and opened the hood. again, i saw antifreeze all over the engine. when the car had cooled, i checked the coolant level: it was completely dry! i had the car towed to a local garage, where the mechanic found a two-inch crack at the rear of the intake manifold! this mechanic told me that a large number of ford vehicles had experienced a similar problem with intake manifolds, which were fabricated from plastic, rather than metal. he said that dozens of north carolina highway patrol cars (crown victorias equipped with the same 4.6-liter engine that's in my lincoln) had been recalled because of defective intake manifolds. this kind of problem warrants a safety recall. imagine what could happen if a car being driven on an interstate were to suddenly lose all of its coolant from a leaking intake manifold! in view of the safety hazards a leaking intake manifold can (and does) create, i believe that ford motor company should reimburse me for the costs i incurred for a new manifold and the labor to install it. (i kept the defective manifold, in case you want to inspect it.) *nm
 Service manager stated that the intake manifold blew while checking engine rpm , resulting in loss of coolant and engine failure. further stated that his facility had replaced 30 defective plastic intake manifolds so far this year , 16 since april. he indicated that ford motor will replace at no cost to taxicab , police,and ford thunderbird owners , but not to individual out of warranty owners. cost to replace by the dealers book including labor $1241.00 design defect : intake manifold in replacement part changes the front coolant transfer section with metal section instead of plastic. rear section that transfers coolant also is not changed ,remains plastic. when is projected failure of rear plastic coolant part as this vehicle only had 59,126 miles on the odometer at the time of failure. ? i have retained the defective intake manifold and have documented with photo graphs the defective section with replacement part labels. *jb
 While driving at highway speed temperature gauge went to maximum, and the intake manifold blew. this caused anti freeze to spread onto engine without warning.*ak
 The plastic intake manifold cracked and leaked coolant onto the engine. *nlm
 Ford has a history of composite intake manifold failures on their 4.6l v-8 engines. the crack, noted by ford, is on the first crossover directly behind the alternator. the leaking freeze sprays all ove the engine's electrical system and causes the engine to stop. this sudden loss of power could cause unnecessary accidents. ford, at present, does not offer an entended warranty on this design failure. dt
 While vehicle was parked consumer noticed that coolant was leaking underneath the vehicle. dealership was aware of problem.*ak
 Cooling system fan belt failed without warning. the part had been repaired five times, however the problem still exists. *ak
 While driving, steam emitted from under the hood. the consumer found that the intake manifold cracked, which caused water to spray over the engine. the consumer claimed the manufacturer was aware of the problem but would not repair the problem. *ak three of the local dealers were well aware of the problem. *sc *jb
 The consumer noticed fluid leaking from underneath the vehicle. the driver was able to maintain control of the vehicle and drove it to a body shop. the mechanic informed the driver that the engine needed to be replaced due to an engine blow out. please provide any additional information. *nm
 Under acceleration the intake manifold cracked and sprayed coolant all over the front of the engine, and caused over heating. *jb
 The engine in the 1996 lincoln town car is faulty and should be investigated. i had 80,000 miles on my engine when the engine threw a rod. i have spoken to several mechanics, who stated that the engine is the same as the engine placed inside of 1995 through present ford crown victoria's. on person told me no matter how well i took care of my vehicle the engine was made to fail. i changed the oil in the vehicle every 3,000 miles and without fail. what ever my maintenance book recommended, i did. i had an extended warranty until 75,000 miles. the vehicle engine failed at exactly 80,000 miles. i contacted lincoln mercury division and was told, oh well, your vehicle has 80,000 miles. this may seem like a lot of miles, but i should still be able to drive the vehicle for another 80,000 without the engine failing. i spoke to a mechanic that installs engines for yellow cab in san francisco. he advised me that they have crates of engine blocks for the ford crown victoria's, because the engine fails between 75,000 and 80,000 miles. this is ridiculous.
 The engine manifold cover cracked and leaked anti-freeze. *jb
 The intake manifold was fractured, which resulted in a coolant leak.*jb
 Engine dies at a traffic light or at an intersection when making a turn. dealer contacted and was aware of the problem. approximately three different dealers were involved. problem still exists. provide further information. *ak
 Plastic intake manifold cracked on 1996 lincoln town car with 4.6l engine at approximately 102,000 miles. *nm
 No summary. dt
 Consumer states that vehicle will stall out without any warning, unable to restart vehicle.this happened 5 to 6 times,dealership couldn't find problem.after the 6 time,dealersip replaced the powertrain control module. mr
 While driving and without warning vehicle will stall, resulting in vehicle losing power steering. consumer has notified dealer and manufacturer, dealer could not seem to find a solution to problem.*ak. *jb
 Consumer was driving when water and steam started shooting out onto windshield. window was so fogged up, it affected consumer's driving ability. *ak consumer states that the water jacket on intake manifold had split throwing coolant into alternator fan and over entire engine causing window to fog. *yd
 When appliying brakes vehicle will stall out. the vehicle has been to dealer 10-15 times, and the problem has not been corrected. *ak
 The engine will randomly stall, has stalled in intersections two times inducing near loss of steering control. i was able to restart after a number of tries. on 10-21-99 i had a mechanic check it out, change filters, clean injectors. the engine still has the random stall feature. today, when i drove the car home, it died in my driveway. i let it cool down. restarted it and continued to stall and die as i tried to back out my drive. **note**i notice your database has other stall reports---the loss of steering control and the random failures seems dangerous. please check this out immediately. i'll notify my dealer and also congress & the us senate to find out whether nhtsa has or should have already acted on this possible serious problem.
 While trying to make a turn vehicle stalls. dealer has been contacted. *ak
 Engine failed.
 Vehicle stalls causing loss of control.
 At any rate of speed the vehicle will stall without warning, cause unknown. dealer cannot identify the problem. please give any further details. *ak
 Was driving approximately 20 mph down hill and curves when the engine just shut off. there have been other times when the vehicle's engine would shut off with no warning . consumer contacted lincoln dearlership, they said that the consumer should get a lawyer. manufacturer knows about problem, suppose to start a program for repairs. dealer putman lincoln/mrcury dealership --- (501-646-8251).
 Vehicle fire.
 Engine stalls.
 While driving with vehicle in drive gear, the engine shuts down, causing the vehicle to stall. *ak
 While driving in traffic conditions, the vehicle engine shuts down, causing the vehicle to stall. *ak the vehicle stalls at least twice a day and the dealer had replaced 15 different parts but the problem was not solved. *yh
 The brakes drag/ pull/ squeak/stick and they are just like rubber when stepping on them, this is on normal road condtions. the system has abs. consumer statess the engine will stop running frequently, dealer states there is not a problem. *slc
 Exhaust gas sensor failed. nlm
 Exhaust gas sensor failed. nlm
 The exhaust converter went bad at the mileage specified. notice - i also own a 1990 lincoln towncar, on which the identical right side tie rod wore out. on the 1996 towncar the tierod was so bad that the right side control arm seperated at the tie rod upon pulling into my driveway! if this component would have failed at highway speeds the resulting lack of steering control would have caused loss of life or equipment.
 Tl*the contact owns a 1996 lincoln town car. while driving approximately 5 mph, the tie rod detached from the vehicle. the vehicle was towed to a mechanic and he stated that the failure occurs frequently for that year, make, and model vehicle. he further stated that there was no lubrication in the zerks on the tie rods for that year, make, and model vehicle, which caused the failure to occur. the contact was responsible for paying $229 to repair the vehicle. the intake manifold cracked and all of the water left the exhaust system. the contact was responsible for paying $900 for that repair. the manufacturer was unable to assist. the failure mileage was 94,000 and current mileage was 100,000. updated 02/15/08. *lj
 Tl*the contact owns a 1996 lincoln town car. while driving 55 mph, she smelled steam coming from the vehicle. the dealer stated that the intake manifold cracked and was the cause of the failure. the current and failure mileages were 114,000. updated 01-29-08. *kb the consumer stated the intake manifold was of plastic. updated
 Tl*the contact owns a 1996 lincoln town car. the contact noticed anti-freeze leaking from the vehicle. the dealer stated that the manifold intake failed and they repaired the vehicle. however, the silent recall on the manifold intake was not honored because it expired in 2006. updated 12/12/07.
 Tl*the contact owns a 1996 lincoln town car. while driving 65 mph, the engine began to overheat and the check engine light illuminated. the contact opened the hood and noticed antifreeze on the engine. the dealer stated that there was a crack in the intake manifold and they made the replacement. there had been no further occurrences. the failure mileage was 106,895 and current mileage was 111,082.
 Plastic intake manifold cracked on 1996 lincoln town car with 4.6l engine at approximately 101,000 miles. anti-freeze leaked over engine and interior had toxic smell. mechanic who repaired this ($900) indicated that this was very common and a default in the design by the manufacturer. *jb
 On 3/20/04, i noticed an unusual amount of an engine fluid dripping from my 1996 town car as i backed out of my garage, so i took it to the repair shop that has done the majority of the maintenance on the vehicle. they diagnosed that the plastic intake manifold was cracked and leaking and needed to be replaced. they told me that this is a common problem with this engine and that they had repaired quite a lot of them. *jb
 Dt*: the contact stated at 60 mph steam came from under the hood. the vehicle overheated, was pulled over, and towed to an independent repair shop. the repair shop determined the intake manifold cracked and needs to be replaced.
 Dt*: the contact stated while descending a mountain at an unknown speed, steam was coming from under the hood. the vehicle was taken to an independent repair shop, where it was determined the manifold had cracked. the manifold was replaced and there have been no further problems. the contact felt that it wasn't right that ford knowing about a serious flaw in an engine component, such as fuel/air intake manifold, should continue producing these flawed components and not have to issue a recall. for ford to pay only for these component failures for the first seven years after original purchase is unfair to many owners of lincoln/ mercury vehicles. *ak
 Dt: the contact stated vehicle was leaking radiator fluid. the vehicle was taken to the dealership. they found the intake manifold cracked and it was replaced. *ak updated 1/4/2006 - *nm
 I've just been notified by my father that the intake manifold leaks are going to be taken care of by ford motor co. by means of a free intake manifold replacement. please tell me how i need to proceed to get this done as soon as possible as my 1996 lincoln towncar is definitely losing water through that port. thanks very much. *nm
 While accelerating the engine stalled without warning. the dealer states that the intake manifold was cracked causing the vehicle to overheat and stall. please provide additional information.
 Defective plastic intake manifold-ford refused to replace on 1997 mercury grand marquis and 1996 lincoln town car. *bf ford and mercury refused to take responsibility for the failure. the consumer was driving and the temperature gauge began to run hot and white smoke poured out of the hoods of both vehicles emitting the smell of the engine coolant. *tc
 Vehicle was taken to repair shop for leaking coolant out the intake manifold. vehicle was repaired, and a few weeks later it was still leaking coolant. once again it was taken to repair shop, and mechanic determined gaskets needed to be replaced. leak still exist. ford will not pay for repairs because warranty expired. *ak
 9/12/04 cracked coolant crossover passage of the intake manifold drained all coolant from my 1996 lincoln town car, on to the garage floor, while smoking and smelling. i was told this has been an ongoing problem since 1996, ford/lincoln has replaced this part in , cruisers, fleet car, rentals etc, what about the consumer in general. please see 97m91 recall bullletin for further info.also tsb 02-2-2 feb 02 intake manifold-cross over channel coolant seepage. i had to have this repair done to my 1996 lincoln town car mileage of 74675. the cost was $535.00. the mechanic and the service manager told me this was an on going and very prevalent problem. they have done alot of these replacements. the new part is made out of metal, ?aluminum or steel.i called customer service and was told it was my problem. i feel that i have been totally ignored and basically blown off by ford motor co. they definately are not very customer oriented as fas i am concerned. i am a widow, and therefor have no other means of transportation, this was definately a very costly and totally preventable occurrence. i have retained the defective part.*ak
 Intake manifold developed a crack. as a result, vehicle overheated, and engine leaked anti-freeze. a recall was issued. however, this vehicle was not included in the recall due to vin. *ak
 My complaint is about the intake manifold on the 1996 lincoln town car. i am a avide car person and i have worked on car all my life. i have come across a problem that i have found out a lot of people are having. the intake manifold on the 4.6 liter engine. this engine is common in the big ford car. my car developed this problem after 136,000 miles. so when i started looking for the part i had a problem finding it. after a long search i started getting the samething, we are out of the part, and the people that had the part wanted just as much or more than the part cost new. then i was told by a person at the junk yard that i should check to see if there was a recall because he stated that he gets a lot of calls on this same part. i called ford and found out that there was an extended warranty on the part, seven years. my warranty expired last year. so i started doing research and found out that this problem was all over the country. so i went to the dealership. i went on 8/18/2004 and i asked about this and a mechanic took me to a work station and on the floor was 4 intakes all with the same things, cracked! i wrote ford and was told that they could not do any thing for me, my time has expired. now i am out of a car with no job and no money and ford will not do anything. i think that this is something for you to look into. ford should issue a recall! i have done a lot of research on this matter. please contact me!
 While driving the temperature suddenly read hot. then, steam came form the engine compartment. vehicle was towed to the dealership, and mechanic determined that plastic intake manifold cracked, and coolant leaked into the engine. manufacturer had a partial recall for this issue, but it only applied to commercial vehicles.*ak
 I have a cracked plastic intake manifold that nearly caused to to reck my car and or destroy the engine *ak
 The intake manifold cracked. as a result, coolant leaked onto the engine. *ak
 1996 lincoln town car - service tech - car overheated - mechanic found cracked in the plastic intake manifold. ford dealer stated no recall issued. replacement part appox $625.00. dealer stated intake manifold is a defective part they keep this part in stock. major problem ford replaced all fleet vehicles intake manifold under a agreement at no charge police vehicles showed problems quickly due to type of use. ((ford put up a good front making these vehicles look as if there were no problems why offering to fix them at no cost but hiding the problem to the public.))) vehicle repared $650.00 (old part available) mileage 86000. *ak
 While driving at 55 mph vehicle reached high temperatures due to intake manifold failure. coolant leaked inside the engine. dealer notified. dealer stated sorry no recall, and it would cost $ 650.00to fix it at consumer's expense. *ak
 Plastic intake manifold cracked, causing coolant to leak into engine.*ak
 1996 lincoln towncar plastic intake manifold crack. *ak
 While driving consumer saw steam coming from the hood and pulled over immediately. once the vehicle cooled off consumer drove the vehicle to a repair shop, and mechanic determined that antifreeze leaked from the plastic manifold. *ak
 While driving consumer saw steam coming from the hood, and pulled over immediately. once the vehicle cooled off consumer drove the vehicle to a repair shop, and mechanic determined that antifreeze leaked from the plastic manifold. *ak
 While driving , the air conditioner cut off, and the engine overheated. technician serviced vehicle, and determined the intake manifold cracked. *ak also the heater core failed. *jb
 The intake manifold burst and flooded the spark plug wires. as a result the vehicle lost power and coolant was everywhere. *nm the coolant vapor covered and fogged the vehicle's windshield which then caused poor visibility. *nm
 The vehicle stalled due to a cracked manifold. the vehicle was towed to a dealer who replaced the manifold. *nm
 Lack of honesty concerning a recall of the 1996 lincoln due to a faulty intake manifold which cracks and leaks coolant all over the engine. i phoned the lincoln division in toronto and was told by the representative there yesterday there was no recall for this car for this problem. i went to the all data site and found it. tsb 97m91 mar 99. *la
 Under acceleration the plastic intake manifold cracked causing the loss of coolant, overheating and it also took out the heater core. vehicle had to be towed from out of town to my local dealer for repair and replacement of these items. ford motor company has recalled fleets of town cars with this problem, but have not recalled private consumer vehicles. there have been numerous reports of this problem from private consumers, but nothing has been done for us. *la
 While driving, the engine overheated with smoke and steam engulfing the vehicle. upon inspecting the vehicle, the mechanic indicated that the intake manifold needed replacement. *ak while driving the plastic intake manifold failed and caused the vehicle to overheat. *ph *nm
 1996 lincoln town car with plastic intake manifold. ford recalled all for fleets however not for private consumer. how can they only cover some? almost started a fire, and we were out of town. *la
 While driving approximately 30 mph vehicle started to smoke. dealer determined that the plastic manifold blew out and was replaced. *ak
 While driving at 45 mph intake manifold failed , causing vehicle to stall. *ak the manifold is made out of plastic which is the common problem. consume was informed that the police vehicles were recalled. consumer noted when the manifold split, it spilled antifreeze all over the engine compartment. *ph *nlm
 While driving at highway speed temperature gauge went to maximum, and the intake manifold blew. this caused anti freeze to spread onto engine without warning.*ak
 Intake manifold was plastic. owner went to the dealer to get a replacement and was given an aluminum intake. *ak
 The faulty intake manifold caused the vehicle to stall while driving. dealer notified. *nlm
 Intake manifold has developed a crack and leaks over the engine. consumer has experienced smoke and a burning smell. please provide any further information. ph. *ak
 Consumer noticed, the crack intake plastic manifold on the cooling system is broke. dealer has been notified. please provide further information. ts
 While driving noticed water spraying from front end of vehicle in engine area. there was a crack in manifold. please provide any further information.*ak
 Heard a loud pop from under the hood, instantly smoke and steam bellowed out from the engine compartment. diagnosed the problem as blown intake manifold, replace part and notice that the engine was ruined. not included in the recall for the police cars on the underdesigned manifold.