Load Rite Utility Trailer

Model Utility Trailer made by Load Rite got 2 consumer complains. Consumer complaints with reference, among others things, to structure, tires.

Model 2000

Consumer Complaints

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 Rear door blew off while opening the door. there was no safety latch or warning label stating that rear door was not to used in windy weather. manufacturer notified and refused to repair ( model # sma10-101tr).
 While driving at 70 mph, i experienced complete tire tread separation of a carlisle trailer tire, size: 225/75r15. the only damage besides the tire was the trailer fender. if this was on a single axle trailer, this could have been disastrous. these tires were 4 years old and had approximately 3000 miles at the time of the failure. tire inflation was checked at the recommended 65 psi, the tires were not rotted. the trailer was rated for 10668 lbs and the actual load at the time of the tire failure was less than 8000 lbs. the remaining tires tread depths were measured at .240 in. the new spare tire tread depth was measured at .280 in. upon inspection of the other 3 tires, found 2 more tires with significant tread visual separation. called the tire manufacturer and a carlisle distributor and was told to only expect 3-4 years life on these trailer tires. apparently carlisle tire believes complete tire separation at highway speeds after 3 years of use is normal!*ak