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040050210/25/2002040010010000248Inadvertent disabling of brake shift interlock. *tt02/20/2003
0601200406/01/200410013965Programmable module installation. ( 2004 mazda b series) *jb04/27/2005

Consumer Complaints

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 My gas pedal get stuck, car jerks when driven & make noisy, car sakes brakes problems & more. *tr
 Catastrophic jerking of the transmission while accelerating causing extremely slow acceleration and dangerous conditions in heavy traffic. *tr
 Catostrophic jerking of the transmission while accelerating causing extremely slow acceleration and dangerous conditions in heavy traffic
 Tl- the contact owns a 1999 mazda 626. the contact stated hat the overdrive warning light illuminated sporadically, causing the vehicle to shift from fourth to second gear. as a result, the transmission was destroyed. the vehicle was taken to the dealer where the contact was advised that the overdrive failure ruined the motor and that the transmission would need replacing. the failure and current mileages were 105,000. kmj
 Tl- the contact owns a 1999 mazda 626. the contact stated the overdrive light illuminates on and off on the instrument panel. this caused the vehicle to shift from forth gear to second gear and destroyed the transmission. the vehicle was taken to the dealer were it diagnosed and needing a new transmission because the overdrive failure ruined the vehicles motor. the failure mileage and current mileages were 105,000.rl
 99 mazda 626es has been giving me transmission problems. it slips on 1 and 2 gear. i have to drive 5-10 mph until it kicks-in but if i reduce speed i have to go trough the same process again. a mechanic changed the range-sensor, i think it's call but the problem has continued. i took the car to the dealer and after the diagnose the said you need a new transmission, for about 3,000 dollars. *tr
 Total transmission failure. my 1999 mazda 626 4 cyl. vehicle was heading south on i10 in phoenix when suddenly my speedometer went to 0 and smoke started pouring out from under my hood. upon arrival at the aamco repair shop, i was told that the transmission needed to either be rebuilt or i needed to buy a brand new one... this cost me 4000 dollars to fix. *tr
 August 26, 2003 the mazda was in an auto accident. approximately 2 weeks before the accident the mazda started stuttering. we had the mazda put on computer and was told it needed new sensor. the check engine light continue to go on and off. immediately before the accident the mazda started stuttering and lost speed and that led to not being able to keep speed up and when we entered the traffice light it turned yellow then while we were under it it turned red and we were hit on the passenger side. sept 26, 2003 i am approximately 115 miles from home the over drive light starts flashing and i lose speed again the engine is smoking. the car is towed back to charleston, sc where i live. i had to spend 3hrs at a rest area all alone with my 15 yr old daughter. this is the exact rest area were a woman was murdered 2 years ago. we were scared to death. the check engine light is back on. i am on my way to the mazda dealership today for estimate. i think mazda has a major problem in putting out lemons not cars. i want and will join class act lawsuit.
 Automatic transmission problems
 I had the transmission replaced at about 65,000 miles. the replacement transmission is very jerky and shifts very hard, and i would not be surprised if it failed again at some point in the future. apparently, the automatic transmission for this model has a high rate of failure. transmission problems can be potentially dangerous and very costly to repair; mazda should issue a recall.
 Tl* the contact owns a 1999 mazda 626. the contact was driving 65 mph when the gears became stuck, the vehicle decelerated and the rpms increase greatly. the vehicle was towed to a local repair shop where it was diagnosed that the transmission was defective and would need to be replaced. the manufacturer was contacted who did not offer any assistance since the vehicle was not included in any recalls. the vehicle was not repaired. the failure and current mileage was 113,000.
 I had the transmission replaced at about 65,000 miles. the replacement transmission is very jerky and shifts very hard, and i would not be surprised if it failed again at some point in the future. apparently, the automatic transmission for this model has a high rate of failure. transmission problems can be potentially dangerous and very costly to repair; mazda should issue a recall.
 Tl* the contact owns a 1999 mazda 626. the contact was driving 65 mph when the gears became stuck, the vehicle decelerated and the rpms increase greatly. the vehicle was towed to a local repair shop where it was diagnosed that the transmission was defective and would need to be replaced. the manufacturer was contacted who did not offer any assistance since the vehicle was not included in any recalls. the vehicle was not repaired. the failure and current mileage was 113,000.
 I had the transmission replaced at about 65,000 miles. the replacement transmission is very jerky and shifts very hard, and i would not be surprised if it failed again at some point in the future. apparently, the automatic transmission for this model has a high rate of failure. transmission problems can be potentially dangerous and very costly to repair; mazda should issue a recall.
 Tl* the contact owns a 1999 mazda 626. the contact was driving 65 mph when the gears became stuck, the vehicle decelerated and the rpms increase greatly. the vehicle was towed to a local repair shop where it was diagnosed that the transmission was defective and would need to be replaced. the manufacturer was contacted who did not offer any assistance since the vehicle was not included in any recalls. the vehicle was not repaired. the failure and current mileage was 113,000.
 I had the transmission replaced at about 65,000 miles. the replacement transmission is very jerky and shifts very hard, and i would not be surprised if it failed again at some point in the future. apparently, the automatic transmission for this model has a high rate of failure. transmission problems can be potentially dangerous and very costly to repair; mazda should issue a recall.
 Tl - the contact owns a 1999 mazda 626. the contact stated that while driving 65 mph the gears were stuck, the vehicle decelerated and the rpm when up. the vehicle was towed to a local shop who diagnosed that the transmission was defective and needed to be replaced. the manufacturer was contacted who did not offered any assistance since the vehicle was not included on any recall. the vehicle was not repaired. the failure and current mileage was 113,000. pm
 The mazda 626 transmission is not known for its reliability. it fact, there have been numerous complaints about problems encountered with the mazda 626 transmission. a common problem on the vehicle is the failure of the automatic transmission. when this fails, this may cause the overdrive light to flash. other problems include slipping and vibration. not understanding why there are no recalls on this product being that this has been going on for years why is mazda not liable for this issue.......
 Rough shifting, slipping ,rough idle, overheating transmission.
 I purchased a 1999 mazda 626 automatic 4 cylinder vehicle. after driving the car for approximately 10 minutes the vehicle starts to jerk and the tachometer gets very erratic as is the shifting. the vehicle now uses excessive gas and the jerking motion has continued. it is my understanding (after going online to check this problem) that mazda is aware there is a problem with this transmission but won't issue a recall or provide any assistance for the problem.
 Gear slipping & rpm reving transmission faliure, need to replace. *tr
 1999 mazda 626: the drive chain inside the transmission was slipping. when you put it in gear, and tried to go, you could here it jumping over the teeth on the sprocket. the transmission had to be rebuilt. *tr
 This is the 3rd transmission failure of 1999 mazda 626. car only has 136k miles. *tr
 My 1999 mazda 626 transmission has been acting up a lot. from what i have found with research mazda used the ford probe transmission in the production of the 626 up until 2002. the transmission that comes with the car is designed for a smaller, lighter vehicle and thus it is doomed to fail, no matter how many times you replace it. i cannot afford to pump $2,000 into a car that is going to have the same problem down the road. plus even if i could afford it, i can't find the part in tampa, fl. mazda should be forced to upgrade all 626 2.0l i4 transmissions for free, as they made no attempt to correct the issue. *tr
 1999 mazda 626 - replaced transmission 75-80 k miles. now 110 k miles and beginning to observe same symptoms prior to last failure. transmission design is defective. *tr
 I noticed problems right away after i bought my car from my mom. she rarely drove it, and i drive approximately 500 miles a week. first the car wouldn't not go into drive, then it would not move at all. a friend of mine is a mechanic and found that the trans. cable had come detached. after time consuming repair, the car was fine for a week. now the car only goes into drive when i first put it into second. it slips in and out of overdrive. the transmission is obviously faulty. *tr
 Automatic transmission on a 1999 mazda 626 has failed for a second time. car's automatic transmission was replaced around 60,000 miles and now needs replacement again at 122,000 miles. *tr
 I have a 1999 mazda 626. automatic transmission. 4 cylinder lx. this car has 80,000 miles on it, and the transmission is slipping! i have read complaints about this all over the internet and mazda forums. why is there not a recall on this transmission?!? it is too small for this car and more than half of 626 owners have had to replace their transmissions, only to continue to replace it as it will always go out again! *tr
 1999 mazda 626 , 2.0 l at stopped on highway. got it towed with the help of auto club.diagnosis says the car need transmission work. now need to spend nearly $3500.00 to get the car running. this is more than the car's value. i could find from the net that this model has extensive transmission problems. still there is no action from the manufacturer's side to correct these problems. *tr
 1999 mazda 626 automatic transmission went out. this is a constant issue for this model car. *tr
 Transmission on 1999 mazda 626 2.0 automatic failed and needed to be re-built. the odometer reading was 114,200 miles. re-build occurred in september 2007. *tr
 The transmission on my 1999 mazda 626 had failed for the third time now. the problem has been repetitive and requires continuous expensive repairs. after extensive research, i have found that the transmission on this specific car is common occurrence with very high failure rates. i want the manufactures to recall the transmissions of provide reimbursements for my past repair bills. *tr
 My mazda transmission keeps on having problems. i avoid driving on free ways as i never feel safe to drive the car whose transmission may fail any time. i fixed it 1.5 yrs before. cost almost half of the car's worth. it failed again now. the estimate is again huge to fix it. it is failing even after rebuilding new transmission and changing the faulty parts. i believe that there is some thing wrong in design itself and have no confidence that fixing it will resolve the issue or make it safe for driving. i am avoiding driving it for safety reasons. i contacted mazda explaining the problem. they advised that recalls are mandated by the federal government, not by individual car manufacturers. i am writing this letter in a hope that the problem will be probed and my vehicle be recalled. *tr
 In late january of 2007 i purchased a 1999 mazda 626 for my daughter for her to use in the years she would be in college. the vehicle had approximately 79,000 miles on it. she has driven the car to college and back and forth to work. on november 12, 2007 she was driving south on a busy highway in tulsa, oklahoma. suddenly the vehicle lost power and would not go any further or go in reverse. we had the vehicle towed to a transmission shop that was recommended by our mechanic. the transmission shop completely overhauled the transmission replacing factory parts that the owner said were deficient with better parts. the parts that the shop used were an: overhaul kit valve body repair kit solenoid pack torque converter reverse drum forward piston i am very disappointed in the failure of this vehicles transmission. i have never had a car that had a transmission problem. i have been made aware since the failure of this transmission that this is a problem that has been frequently a problem on the mazda 626 model. *tr
 1999 mazda 626 automatic transmission problems has been rebuilt two times in less than one year. now it is out again i have too much money in it,too quit now. some one needs to do something to help. *tr
 While driving home, automatic transmission wouldn't shift into 2nd or 4th. transmission was rebuilt at approx. 98,000 miles. at a cost of $2,800.00. car now has approx. 160,000 miles and transmission needs rebuilt again. have heard alot of complaints about this problem. car is otherwise in great shape, can't afford a new car so i guess i'm stuck again paying to have a transmission repaired that mazda knows is a major problem and they refuse to do anything about it. can we all get a little help with this problem?? *tr
 76,000 miles on car. while doing highway driving, after about an hour, the overdrive light started to flash. transmission fluid released into engine compartment. took it to garage and they said error code indicated transmission overheating. the fluid was burnt and transmission may have been damaged. the fluid had been good a couple of weeks earlier. actions taken include: flushed fluid. added an aftermarket cooler. wait and see if the transmission performs correctly and if the flashing light returns. *jb
 After there were repeated times of bad gear shifting, delayed, not at all, etc. my automatic transmissions failed. will turn over but, not shift into to gear. *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 1999 mazda 626. the contact has experienced transmission failure twice. she only had the vehicle for approximately six months when the first failure occurred. while driving 45 mph, the engine light illuminated. she took the vehicle to a repair shop and the mechanic stated that the transmission failed. the transmission was rebuilt and a year and a half later, the vehicle would not shift into reverse and the contact felt as if the gears were jumping when driving. she returned to the repair shop and was informed that the transmission failed again. she does not believe that a vehicle should go through two transmissions within two years. the vehicle is currently parked in her driveway. the current mileage was 87,000 and failure mileage was 76,000.
 Our mazda 626 1999 was well maintained. at 72,134 miles i took it to a transmission place for a transmission flush. i drove home for 5 miles and in the evening on the freeway. the mazda now felt a bit jerky at 55-60 mph. (i never noticed that before.) after 23 miles the mazda suddenly lost power and stopped. i was lucky to get to the side of the freeway without accident. i was stranded on the freeway in darkness and heavy traffic for 1 1/2 hours. scary!!!! there was a long trail of transmission fluid behind the car, a puddle under the car, also under the hood and along the driver's side doors. the towing service noticed a disconnected transmission hose under the hood. i was towed home and the next morning to the mazda dealer. they say i need a new transmission for $3225. the dealer says the 30a egi inj fuse is burnt. fluid level of trans was at least 3 qts over full, was dark brown and had severe burnt smell. fluid appears to have leaked out of cooler line and valve body pan due to high pressure. (i never saw a leak on our garage floor.) transmission is stuck in reverse. (i don't know how it got into reverse from my driving on the freeway???) this is costing us big bucks and aggravation: new transmission, three times towing charges, diagnostic by dealer, transmission flush, rental car, loss of work... and no guarantee that things will be made good! after reading all the complaints about bad mazda transmissions, i am not sure whether the fault here lies in a bad product (transmission) or bad workmanship with the transmission flush. now the mazda is back at the transmission service place that originally did the transmission flush, in hopes that they will make good. i could have been road kill! can somebody investigate and help? *jb
 Tl*the contact owns a 1999 mazda 626. while driving 65 mph the transmission overheated and failed. this was the third transmission failure for this vehicle. the dealer has not inspected the vehicle to determine the cause. the current and failure mileages were 136,000 miles.
 '99 mazda 626-lx, 4-cyl. transmission problem: day 1, stuck in traffic, moving very slowly for 30 minutes, 80 degrees outside, the transmission started feeling clunky. day 2, driving 72-78 mph on the highway for 3 hours, the o/d off light started to blink. got home fine. day 3: significant transmission slippage. *tr
 1) events leading up to failure- normal non-daily usage. maintenance on transmission within the previous year. driving on pa turnpike, the transmission failed. 2)consequences- towed to transmission repair shop 3) what done to correct failure- total repair/rebuild of transmission. cost over $2500.00. *tr
 My transmission failed on july 22 due to over heating etc. *tr
 Automatic transmission locks up, burns up and car no longer moves. *jb
 We bought this car for our son in 2005 with about 55,000 miles on it. it now has 120,000 miles and is in need of its 4th transmission (rebuilt)! it is also on its second engine. i've never heard of anything this bad. has mazda done anything to correct this? *jb
 I have a 1999 mazda 626 lx 4 cylinder and for a few years have noticed harsh shifting that has only gotten worse. the other day the odometer light started flashing, and i took vehicle to a transmission shop, and they scanned and codes, and told me that i had an overheating problem with the transmission ,and that it had to be replaced. this seemed so wrong because the car only had 111,000 miles on it, and it was wrong because i knew this problem started a lot earlier when i got this car at 64,000 miles. if mazda knew about this cooling issue because they have released a service bulletin about it , and if they knew they will ultimately fail why didn't they issue a recall? if they knew they had inadequate cooling they should have installed a cooler at their expense not t at he owners , and they should also replace the transmission at their expense.*ak
 My1999 mazda 626 has had a total of 4 front seals and 2 back seals replace on the transmission. the car has 80k miles on it. two weeks ago the o/d light started blinking off and on then the transmission went out. i have had this car into the service department since it was a month old with transmission issues only to be told it was normal. i had to have my first seal replaced after one month with less then 6k miles on it. mazda replaced the seal but did not fix the problem (since then i have had 5 seals replaced, of course out of warranty). there is a major problem here that mazda knows about. i just paid 2k for a rebuilt transmission 2 weeks ago with 80k miles. this needs to be a recall issue. there are just too many people having the same problem with these vehicles. *tr
 Complete transmission failure. *tr
 Car have a knocking noise when you first take off. i sent it to the mazda dealership and was told that it was my transmission and it would cost $4000.00 to fix it. then it took it in for a second opinion and was told it was my transmission also. i have done my research and notice that there are several complaints with the transmission. over the years i have had the car i have taking it to the dealership to get repairs or the normal service. i think that it is very unusually that everyone is having the same problem, and that the mazda dealership will not do anything to help with this problem. that is not professional for there company and they will lost business like that.*ak
 Transmission failed after 80,000 miles. i had it repaired and i am still having problems with the transmission overheating a year later. i now know that the problem is the the transmissions mazda used the the 626 were too small for the larger 626 cars. *nm
 I have a mazda 626 1999 model. the transmission went bad at about 80k miles last year and i had to send it to a shop (spending over $1600 for it to be rebuilt). in less than 1 year, the same problem occurred and was more serious. now the car starts very slow and takes several minutes to reach 40 mph. whenever i try to speed, the rpn going up wildly and does little to speed. recently i just searched several internet bulletin board and found out many mazda 626 owners have the same problem. they point out that mazda admitted that they put a ford transmission meant for a small-sized cars on its mazda 626 model. the government should force mazda to recall the model and ask them to reimburse all 626 owners for repair. until the problem is solved, this will be my last mazda car. *nm
 I am the owner of a 1999 mazda 626 lx and at 118,000 miles and no signs at all the transmission went out on my car. i am a mother of 2 and i also baby sit for a living. i had 3 children with me when the transmission completely went out of my vehicle and left us on the side of the road. thank god for cell phones. i never had any signs of a problem at all nor was i aware that there have been complaints about the transmission in the 626 until this happened to me. i still have 4 payments on my vehicle since i bought it used and i am heart sick that i am still paying for a vehicle that i am unable to drive. i wish that i had known about all of the problems with the 626 before i purchased mine. *jb
 1999 mazda 626 major transmission problems mazda shop told me $4500 to fix. *jb
 Transmission replaced twice in mazda 626 first time under warranty at 20 plus miles and just replace again at around 130 plus miles. very disappointed in this car. called the first time and reported to mazda home office and nothing was never done on my complaint. *jb
 1) overdrive light flashing 2) transmission over temperature condition, excessive slippage, temperature exceeded 132 degrees centigrade (270 degrees fahrenheit. fluid is up-burned and clutch material in oil. 3) replaced transmission with rebuilt assembly, replaced engine real main seal, flush transmission cooling lines, add oil, road test, recheck for leaks and cleared codes. *nm
 The 626 lx model made by mazda in 1999, seems to have major transmission problems. there have been complaints sent by people with the exact model and year with the exact same problems. due to the lack of complaints, mazda does not wish to take responsibility for their faulty transmission. *jb
 A 1999 mazda 626 was purchased in june 2006 from carmax in tampa, fl. we traded in our 2004 ford explorer for this 626 to save on gas. the mazda has been in the shop 4 times for transmission problems, none of which have been clearly explained to us; nor are they explained on the receipts. the first problem we experienced was an overheated transmission which caused it to get stuck in second gear. the mazda dealer recommended a transmission cooler once the transmission was dissected to be sure there was no internal damage. carmax towed the vehicle from the dealer and had aamco do the repair work. new parts were ordered though carmax said aamco didn't know what was wrong with the car. upon driving my 1 year old son home after this first repair, the transmission began to leak and make grinding sounds, none of which did it do before being repaired mind you. the second time we simply experience the stuck in gear issue again, however, this time belts were also squealing and our fuel efficiency has dropped. the third time seemed do be the charm, or so we thought. this morning driving the car to work, we experienced the same stuck in second gear problem we had originally! after calling the local store they said to take it to aamco. i never dealt with aamco before why should i take it there now. i also called the carmax corporate help line and they said they would call the local store we originally purchased the car from. i have yet to receive any phone calls or get the service or guarantee that carmax promised when i purchased this car. *nm
 Own a 1999 mazda 626, 2.0 4-cylinder. it only has 52,170 miles but the automatic transmission burnt out. according to the local transmission shops and mazda dealers, they have seen and repaired lots 626 (1999 -2001 models) due to the fact that they have automatic transmissions which had been designed by ford for much smaller and lighter vehicles than the 626. consequently, if one drives long distance, it does burn out. the dealers and aamco shops recommend to have the cooling pump to cool the transmission. it is well known and documented the case of automatic transmission failures and should be recalled by mazda. *nm
 I own a 1999 mazda 626 with known transmission problems. this is extremely unsafe for my daughter to drive. *jb
 Transmission failed four times in two years. the first time (august 2004) it failed it was 24 hours after we bought it from a mazda used dealer, holiday motors in fond du lac wi. they pulled the transmission out and replaced gaskets. i asked then to put on the cooling kit and they did not. a year later (october 2005) my daughter was stranded north of chicago il with this car and a puddle of transmission fluid under it (gaskets again). the third time (may 2006) it was smoking and leaking fluid (gaskets). two months later (august 2006) it was smoking and leaking fluid. this time it left my daughter in a very un-safe neighborhood of milwaukee wi. a cooling kit put on this car two weeks before the last problem but it was already too late. this time the shop is replacing the torque converter (?) they say it over heated. repair cost have been about $600-$300-$150 (cooling kit) $700-$300. *nm
 Transmission problem, shift gear locked up, o/d off blinking, checked by mazda dealer, recommend rebuild transmission. *nm
 (1) jerking motion of vehicle when driving. mazda dealership informed me that was normal for mazda transmissions. (2) transmission failure. (3) rebuilt transmission $1600.00. 1 year later, it failed again, due to over heating. needs to be rebuilt again. i had no knowledge that there was a tsb on the transmission for this vehicle requiring a cooling unit to avoid overheating. now, i have to pay for more repairs to the transmission, with no end in sight. this is not fair. had i known about these problems, i would never have purchased the vehicle (brand new) in the first place. this is just not fair. *jb
 I own a 99 mazda 626 4 cylinder i have only owned it for a year and since i bought it the transmission has acted up and after doing a lot of research i have come to the conclusion it isn't just mine everybody's is messed up first it started with the transmission overheating making the o/d light blink on and off and then slipping really hard and now it is out. *jb
 Purchased mazda 626 (1999) new in 12/98. at 27870 miles transmission overheated. dealer said i had to purchase a cooling kit for trans at my expense. i knew then i would never buy another mazda. what customer service! problem recurred and i discovered it was a know problem to mazda about transmission failures in the mazda 626. now at 74000 miles they tell me i need a new trans at $3600, no way. don't buy mazda. *nm
 O/d light flashes on and off at high speeds. car starts smoking and transmission fluid flows out of a tube from the transmission. the transmission losses speed and begins slipping. then check engine light comes on. i can only drive my car locally for fear of being stranded, as i have been several times. *jb
 Transmission failing at 120,000 miles. *nm
 I have a 1999 mazda 626 lx 2.0 that i purchase in october 2001. what seemed to be a pretty reliable car turned to crap in 2003 when the transmission failed suddenly without much notice. i had the transmission rebuilt at aamco (the biggest rip offs on the planet next to mazda) for $2650.00. the car ran fine for 2 more years when once again with out much notice the car starts making a grinding noise in reverse, i took it back to aamco where they told me that i once again needed a replacement and that my extended warranty just ran out go figure. so here i am left with this car that i owe $1500.00 on and i need $2000.00 worth of work. i come to find out that i am one of many with the same problem with this car. thanks mazda, after much research i bought a honda a much more reliable car. *jb
 Dt*: the contact stated while driving on the freeway at 65 mph, the vehicle geared down suddenly. the contact pulled off of the road and the vehicle was towed to an independent transmission shop. an independent mechanic at the shop determined the transmission had failed and would have to be rebuilt. the mechanic informed the contact this was a common occurrence in these vehicles. updated 7/13/2006 - *nm
 On march 27th 2005, i was returning from a 4 hour trip when the overdrive light on my dash started flashing, the transmission shifted into overdrive and smoke began coming from under the hood, transmission fluid covered my engine. i stopped to allow for the transmission to cool, it was fine after this. the same thing happened 7 months ago. at that time i had the transmission fluid replaced. mazda dealership told me that the mazda transmission were known for this problem, that on long trips at roadway speeds they tend to overheat and should have a transmission cooler installed. this is the second time this has occurred, my fluid has only 5000 miles on it. there is no reason for this to continue happening, or happening in the first place. mazda/ford, whoever, should be replacing all these transmissions. *jb
 The chain in the transmission is breaking off the teeth of the sprockets. car sputtering and jerking. makes a clicking/popping sound. have contacted mazda only to be told i would have to have the transmission rebuilt. *jb
 Transmission failure, automatic with 4 cyl mazda 626 1999. *nm
 Purchased this vehicle and transmission has been faulty. aware that this is very common as each transmission shop that i have called for repair detailed exactly what it was doing before i even told them about it. repair cost of $2000 with addition of transmission cooler and 12 month warranty were fairly costly and warrants a recall on this vehicle. *jb
 Faulty automatic transmission in mazda 626. this will be my second transmission failure. both transmissions began slipping and overheating many miles before failure. the dealer never informed me of any bulletins or problems with the transmissions. *nm
 My wife was enroute from work to home when the 626 started losing speed. it wouldn't pull-off from stop light. uneventfully it would move for the distance of a football field and quit in high speed traffic. i took it out for a drive and barely made it back home. the transmission will disengage and engage from time to time. *jb
 I purchased a mazda 626 (1999 model). the transmission is now overheating. this is such a prevalent problem that mazda needs to pay for it. putting a ford transmission in a big mazda was a huge mistake and then need to make restitution for the thousands of dollars those of us who got duped must pay. bottom line: they manufactured ticking time bombs and all transmission rebuilds do is add a few seconds to the bomb counter. *nm
 Transmission went out; failure to engage and overheating when running; had to have transmission completely rebuilt at 85k miles. *nm
 1999 mazda 626 -complete transmission failure in march,2003. replaced with rebuilt transmission for $2048.00 - jan-2006 - complete transmission failure again. i have also replaced catalytic converter twice, within one years time. *nm
 Refer to odi 10150361. want to clarify that purchased vehicle new 6-28-99. trans went out at 87000 miles. had rebuilt. never shifted correctly when new. even worse after rebuild. reverse shifted very roughly after very apparent pause. called mazda dealership purchased from, they didn't care. said nothing was wrong with it. had rebuilt 23 months ago. already went out at christmas 2005. had rebuilt. lasted two days - returned to trans shop. went back to the shop today for the 5th time since was rebuilt again at christmas. no one drove the car/sat in driveway after picked up the last time. decided to take through car wash today, and didn't make it out of the driveway - so no car wash. wanted to get it ready to trade off, and trans started slipping and jerking again. o/d light flashing, check engine light on again. won't shift into reverse. same thing again. i certainly wish i was a millionaire and i would pursue a lawsuit against ford and mazda for their expensive junk cars! my car has always had regular maintenance, oil changes, tune-ups, etc. it has never been abused and still looks like brand new inside and out. too bad it's not reliable. just like everyone else has said here, word of mouth, saying they will never purchase another mazda or ford again. the same definitely goes for me. so, in the last two years i've spent over $4000 for transmission repairs, and it still won't run correctly! i'm just fed up!*jb
 Dt*: the contact stated the vehicle began jerking, and then the reverse would not engage. the vehicle was taken to an independent repair shop, were the transmission was rebuilt. less than two years later, the overdrive light illuminated intermittently and the reverse failed again. the transmission was rebuilt a second time. the overdrive light illuminated and the vehicle began jerking less than a week later.
 I purchased this 1999 mazda 626 used in november 2002. i had the dealer check the car to make sure all was okay; they said yes. a few months later, with 3 people in the car and some luggage for the weekend, we embarked on a trip. two hours into the trip at speeds no higher than 75 mph, the transmission blew. i had the car towed to a mazda dealer where i was informed that driving at such high speeds (70 to 80 mph) for 2 hours with 3 people in the car was too much for the mazda 626. i did have them put in a transmission and a transmission cooler which we found out was not standard for the 1999 626. it was quite difficult to do, but mazda agreed to pay part of the cost. interestingly, when i called to speak to the mechanic who informed us of the missing transmission cooler about 1 week after the car broke down, he no longer worked there. anyhow, to note i did put this information in at the time, but i noticed today my complaint was not in the system. moving on, it is one thing after the other on this car. i really want to get rid of it, but i do not even want to imagine putting somebody else through this. i have put more money into repairs in a couple years, than i ever did with the saturn. this is my third car and the one with the most problems. my first was a used dodge k, and my second, a wonderful saturn sl1. i thought i was moving up in the auto world when purchasing the mazda. sorry to say, i do not have good reports about the company. it is their responsibility to pay for parts they know are faulty. it appears from other reports they were/are aware of this. if anyone from mazda is reading this, consider the kind of press unhappy consumers are giving your company. i am sure others agree, when mazda is ready to make this right, we will be quite happy to also give positive reports of the company. when a company cares about their product and the consumer, they do all they can to assure quality product and service. thank you.*jb
 If only i did more research on the 626! wife drove 30 miles with no problem. had previously replaced cable linkage for the transmission. wife tries to put car in reverse, but couldn't. o/d light flickering on and off , fluid coming out of dip stick onto motor. mechanic says the trans is completely gone or some electrical problem. *jb
 Several month back, after 2 hours of a 3 hour trip on i-77, the o/d off light began flashing on my 1999 mazda 626. it remained in the od (4th) gear, but i slowed down anyway as i thought this may have something to do w/ overheating. after checking with my neighbor (has his own transmission shop) he noted inherent problems with this model transmission, and that it was likely due to overheating. this was at around 96,000 miles. now, at 104,000 miles, the transmission has failed completely. at first, it was slipping on the highway. then it would only go forward if shifted into 1, 2, or drive, but not overdrive. lastly, it lost all forward power while almost at the top of a hill at a red light. fortunately, i was able to coast in reverse down the hill and into a parking lot, let the tranny cool, and get a police escort to my apartment 4 blocks away (in reverse), up a one way street. replacement costs per my transmission guy (for a used tranny) around $1000 + labor.*jb
 I own a 99 mazda 626 w/ 120k miles on it. on new years day i was driving home on a highway and the check engine light came on. about 20 minutes later the car started revving up persistently. it seemed like the transmission was slipping. quickly the car acted like it was in neutral in all the gears. there was enough momentum to get the car to a side road. luckily i was nearly home. i had the car towed to a local transmission place to get looked at. the final quote was about $3000 dollars. supposedly the transmission pump went out and the tranny burned up. the torque converter, solenoid block, 4 gears, and all the bushings need to be replaced. i thought this was just bad luck but after checking online i found that transmission failures were common for 93-2001 mazda 626's. apparently there have not been enough complaints or publicity for mazda to issue a recall, yet they stopped producing the vehicle due to problems with the transmission. *jb
 (1) the transmission started slipping at 120000 miles when accelerating hard (2) i had the car checked out prior to departing for my cross-country trip from fl to ca, only to find out that i did not have the time nor money to replace the transmission; i had to take my chances and barely made it. the car now cannot be driven, it cannot make it up a hill, and i'm stuck with no transportation. (3) nothing has yet been done; i'll be dropping the car off either at a mechanic to get it fixed (if i can get a credit card) or at a dealer as a trade-in for another car. *nm
 Replaced 1999 mazda 626 transmission three times in 100,000 miles. *nm
 Dt: the contact stated the vehicle jerked while driving. he took the vehicle to a mechanic, and they were unable to diagnose the problem. also, noticed the check engine light and the odometer light flickered on and off. at one point, the vehicle would barely move while attempting to accelerate. in addition, the contact smelled something burning. the vehicle was taken to a mechanic. after the diagnostic test they found that the transmission needed to be replaced. the contact traded the vehicle in and no longer owned it. *ak updated 03/28/06. *jb
 At approximately 65,000 miles, the transmission failed, with fluid spraying the interior of the car with fluid, shorting several fuses. the family (one baby, one toddler and 2 parents) were stranded 300 miles away from home and needed an expensive tow and repair. the transmission was replaced with a re-build. *jb
 Have a 1999 626 with 72000 miles on it and transmission has failed. i understand that this is not an isolated incident with 626 owners. *nm
 It has come to my attention, that many other mazda 626 owners have had transmission problems. my 1999 mazda 626 started to run very roughly on the way home. when my wife parked the vehicle in the garage, it could not be moved after parking. the car was towed to a transmission shop, where it was found to have a defective transmission. it was rebuilt at a cost of $2800.00. the car had 73,693 miles on it, and had the transmission fluid flushed at 51280 miles. *jb
 I own a mazda 626lx (4cyl) year 1999. the car has never been in any kind of accidents or any harsh conditions. it currently has 102,000 miles on it. i just had a major transmission failure right on the state highway while driving in the right lane. the transmission failed and would not even pick-up a first gear. i had to call a towing truck and now i am facing a major repair bill. i filed an official complaint with mazda customer service, however that is all they could do for me. i would like to point out, that honda has a first tune-up at 100,000 miles, not a major repair! i think this is unacceptable.*jb
 Dt: the consumer stated while accelerating the transmission slipped. there was a slight chattering noise. once the vehicle was in gear it worked correctly. a local mechanic changed the spark plugs and the wires. also, checked the cv joints and they were fine. the mechanic had not looked at the transmission. he eliminated all of the other things first. this has been happening for about three or four months. *ak (11/17/05) the mechanic suggested that the automatic transmission was the problem. *sc
 Dt: the contact complained about vehicle problems on february 27, 2001, when driving at 60 mph the vehicle shook. the contact took the vehicle to the dealer and they stated there was nothing wrong with the vehicle. the contact stated transmission needed to be replaced and the dealer replaced it. the contact stated on march 15, 2005 the engine had to be replaced because it was running hot, the engine was replaced by a local mechanic. there was no warning and no noise.*ak the head gasket and alternator failed. updated 11/16/05. *jb
 Transmission blew out twice. once the day after we bought it on august 21, 2004 and again on october 5, 2005. *jb
 The 1999 mazda 626 that i purchased had cost me over 4,000 in transmission repair cost and had been the worst mistake of my life. *jb
 1999 mazda 626 transmission died i have been informed by reading on the forums about transmission problems on the mazda 626. i just purchased this car about a year ago with about 110k miles (the car was in excellent shape). i have put about 7k miles and three weeks ago the transmission started to slip. a couple of months ago i took a trip and on the way back home the o/d light came on and it did not turn off until i stopped at a rest stop and the car cooled down. i guess it was a sign the transmission was overheating. well, i have since taken it to a transmission shop and have been told that it needs to be rebuilt ($1500 min.). i have since tried driving it to another shop and now it runs for a couple of minutes and quits. will not move at all. i turn if off and wait a couple of minutes to let it cool off and it works again for another couple of minutes. what a crock!! if mazda new about this issue and reluctantly issued a tech bulletin about the transmission overheating, why did they put this car out to begin with. motor and tranny are the life of the car, if neither work what is the car good for! *jb
 My car is mazda 626 lx 1999 with 66k miles. this car has bad transmission. 1. from 30k miles. this car sometimes had transmission jerking 2. one day my wife drive this car. the she put shift on reverse, but the car was forward on flat parking lot. she shifted back on park then shifted on reverse again, the car was still forward. so she turned off the engine, then started the engine, the car worked fine. 3. july 30,2005. after driving one and half hours. the o/d off light came out, then the transmission began jumping and the car lost power. i took exit right away. i stop the car and took a look. i found white smoking and a lot transmission oil already spilled out. the transmission was overheated. for this car i took all maintenance service since i bought this car. actually i found the transmission fluid leaked many times. i let mechanic guy checked. they didn't found anything wrong because i didn't drive the car more than one hour before checking. *nm
 I bought a 1999 mazda 626 lx in november of 1998. vin 1yvgf22c3x5825750 about the time the warranty ran out i had taken my car into an oil change franchise. they suggested that i flush and renew the transmission fluid. so i did. that's when all the problems began. i then drove the car from nj to fl where i lived. it started burning up a lot of oil so i took it into to mazda. they said that it was well known that my make and model car runs hot. they said they could not see anything wrong with what the oil change franchise did. they recommended that i put a radiator on the transmission to keep it from boiling...which is what it was doing. i believe it is the boiling transmission which has cause my engine to heat up so much that the oil has gunked my engine. anyway, i took the car to a mechanic and they put in a radiator which seems to help some but now i'm continually having problems with the oil burning up without there being any leaks. i have continually had problems with the vehicle every since. in and out of the shops. no one seems to be able to get the car right. i have seen numerous reports of other mazda owners having problems of this similar nature on the net. mazda should take care of these problems and admit publicly that they've got problems with their vehicles and they should make it right. *jb
 I was driving in my mazda 626 99 lx on hwy 41 to chicago and near milwaukee it lost power and slowing down. i pull down to the side.i try to start the car again and found that the car doesn't move. i have to tow the car to nearest mazda dealer.
 Transmission failure - 1999 mazda 626. mechanic indicated that transmission overheated causing failure.
 Auto transmission has been leaking and shifting poorly since about 40,000 miles. now at 87000, the o/d light is flashing on and off. suspect i'll have to have it rebuilt. found many complains on this transmission, but mazda and ford appear to want to do nothing about it.
 Normal city driving. automatic transmission failure. overheating, catastrophic. rebuilt.
 Driving for a couple of hours, 1999 mazda 626 the transmission od light flashes and the transmission overheat and blows the extremly hot transmission fluid out into the envronment and onto the exaust pipe and engine component and could cause a fire. not very environment friendly if all mazda and ford do this, and according to http://atxprobes.com/cd4e.html and mazda tsb 05-005/02 this is a common problem. mazda say to replace the radiator and add a transmission cooler at owners expense. i say you and the epa need to make mazda and ford recall and make the repairs.
 Transmission failure made it impossible for me to move my car ,and allowed emergency vehicles to access an mva further ahead in traffic.*ak
 1999 mazda 626 with 68,000 - according to dealer transmission is failing and requires replacement. vehicle will not shift out of overdrive and several times od light has begun flashing while driving. dealer claims code 736 - improper gear ratio. dealer explained that she had seen this exact problem many times and requires $2900 replacement of transmission. *ak
 While driving,the vehicle stalls the driver was able to maintain control of the vehicle and pull over. the driver tried to restart,but was unable to do so. the vehicle was towed to the dealer. the mechanic informed the driver that the transmission needed to be replaced. please provide additional information. *nm
 Mazda 626 transmission failure with only 69,000 miles in the engine. bought the car brand new and perform routinely maintanance on it and it still failed.*ak
 Driver was accelerating up on a hill and vehicle started decelerating. then, vehicle jerked uncontrollably. driver was able to maintain control, pulled over, and turned the vehicle off. driver was able to restart vehicle, and took the it home. the next day, driver was unable to shift the vehicle in reverse and unable to move it. *ak
 I brought a 1999 mazda 626 at around 64,000 miles. i always got my fluids check and change around every 3,000 miles. it drove fine until recently at 115,000 miles when it had a hard time going into 2nd gear. the check engine light came on and the o/d light also started flashing. it finally got the place where it wouldn't move forward at all. i had to miss a day at work because of it. i had to get the car towed and look at by a mechanic. the mechanic said that it sounded like my 2nd gear was about to go out. he tried to get it to work by changing my transmission fluid and replacing my alternator belt. the car ran good for only one day and on my way home from work the check engine and the o/d light came on. luckly, my car made it home, but the next day it wouldn't even move forward. it will cost between 1,200 and 2,500 dollars to get it fixed. this is money that i do not have! i still got two years worth of payment to make on it and i have no idea how i'm going to get to work every day. hopefully i can come up with the my to fix this problem.*ak
 I have had consistant transmission problems after around 50,000 mile. i have spent thousands of dollars taking the advice of mazda transmission experts and other techs. i have experienced tranny leaks that would make the car look like it was floating on a cloud caused by the fluid falling on a hot exaust. now at 104,000 miles right after having my seals changed the transmission apears to heat up within a few minutes and leaves me stuck in first gear hoping i can make it home. this transmission is garbage and has given me nothing but problems. who ever let this engineering disaster be sold should pay for all the problems they have caused.
 I have a 1999 mazda 626 and i have changed the automatic transmission on this vehicle twice. the transmission has overheated twice. i have the regular maintainance on this vehicle and have spent $5000.00 for both transmission.*ak
 Engine and transmission both faulty. engine did not reverse, soon after engine exploded.*ak
 While driving to a weekend getaway with my wife and a few friends my 1999 mazda 626's (85,000 miles) overdrive light startet to blink. i thought since i was going 80 mph and i have never driven that fast that it ment that the overdrive would not work. i checked the users manual and there is nothing in there about a blinking overdrive light. so when i got off the exit i noticed that it was shifting hard so i pulled ofer and the car was smoking. there was nothing wrong with the temperature or the coolant but there was transmition fluid all over the engire. i have just had the car towed to the mechanic and i belive it will need a new transmition. i have heard many many horor stories of 626's transmitions going out with relativly low miles and thought i would bring it to your attention since this should not be happening at 85,000 miles
 Complete trans failure at 76,800 miles. required a complete rebuild 1950.00. *jb
 Vehicle continuously stalled when braking from 40 mph or more and when coming to a stop position. vehicle had been to the dealer on two separate occasions. dealer informed consumer that transmission needed to be replaced the first time, and the timing belt spring needed to be replaced the second time. consumer had both parts replaced, but problem recurred. *ak
 Was not experiencing any problems. my car just died in the middle of the road. transmission failure- mazda 626- 60,000 miles. *jb
 Mazda 626es, 6 cylinder. transmission snaps into and out of gear at irregular rpm's. check engine light stays on and overdrive light flashes. mileage = 86268.*ak
 The transmission is horrible. *nm
 While driving our 1999 mazda 626 on an interstate highway for an hour, the o/d dash light began blinking. after pulling over i discovered transmission fluid had spilled out from vent tubing. we had the car towed home and inspected by the dealer. the dealer did not find a problem and flushed the transmission out. we got several other opinions which included rebuilding the transmission at $1800. we were not satisfied with the information we received from our dealership on this problem and after some research found many others with the same and worse situations (very costly transmission repairs ).*jb
 My mazda 626 transmission failed withuout warning. i have heard there is a classaction suit against ford for this transmission. a new transmission is needed that is estimated at $2000. this car is nothing but problems and something should be done about it.*ak
 The od off light came on and started flashing, then there was smoke coming from the hood. the consumer exited the vehicle, popped the hood, and noticed transmission fluid everywhere. the consumer drove to a garage, but no leaks were found from the transmission. *jb *sc
 Upon starting the vehicle, if it was not allowed to idle for at least 5 - 10 minutes, it would slam into drive. it would also down shift at 60 on the highway and when at a stop it would jerk/stutter as you push the accelerator.*ak transmission has to be replaced.
 Check engine light staying on. caused by transmission. lead to rebuild of transmission. car only had 90000 miles.*ak
 The transmission overheated and failed on the mazda 626 v6 1999. *ak
 3 mazda 626's one 1999 and two 2001. they all have the same problem transmission starts slipping and jumping especially in reverse all three transmission have failed and had to be replaced mazda supplied the transmission for the 1999 at 81,229 miles i had to pay for installation and a cooling system for the new tranny. i took the second one to the place i bought the vehicle( a wreck rebuilding services) and they installed a used tranny for $1500. the third is in the shop now and mazda has refused to help. incident dates: 1st 1999 model nov 11, 2003 2nd 2001 model sept 20, 2004 3rd 2001 model in the shop now this is nov. 8, 2004. *ak
 I own a 1999 mazda 626 es with an automatic trans axle. the vehicle has been serviced regularly, and has 78,000 miles on the odometer. last week the transaxle failed as it dropped down a gear, to go up a slight hill, at approximately 70 mph on the interstate. as a result, the transaxle will not shift out of second gear. the resulting rebuild of the transaxle will cost $2100, half the current trade-in value of the vehicle. my concerns are two-fold. first, the transaxle should not have failed at 78,000 miles; this is not a normal situation for a well-maintained vehicle of this age and mileage. second, after a search through internet discussion sites, and discussing the issue with a co-worker who had the same thing happen with a 1995 mazda 626, it has become evident to me that mazda 626 transaxle failures are a fairly common, seemingly systemic problem. *ak
 Mazda 626 1999. o/d light flashing on and off and check engine light coming on while driving making car chug and slow down not shifting gears correctly and tugging when at a stop with engine going like it wants to keep going or as if someone is tapping you in the back of car. have seen hundreds of the same complaints of this year and older and newer mazdas , is there something going on? any advice on this car? please investigate not fair to have to pay for a problem that shouldnt be in the first place. *ak
 Dealer diagnosed with bad transmission 96,000 miles. this is high mileage, but not high enough for transmission failure. *ak
 I bought my car used, and at 72,000 my transmission went out. i brought it into lancaster toyota mazda, lancaster, pa and they said my extended warranty would cover the transmission, however there is some external cooling unit that has to be added to it to make it work without overheating again. mazda is responsible for recognizing this error and not replacing every single one of these in their consumers vehicles. i am requesting a complete refund in the amount of $280.00 for this unit to be installed along with the deductible on my extended warranty.*ak
 I purchased my 1999 mazda 626 in 2001. the transmission stopped working in feb. 2002. i have read so many compliants about the mazda product that i am appalled. i purchased this car used and did not have the finances fo the repair. ironically, while investigating this car on the web i found that ford made the transmission for my car, and the funny thing is all of my family owns ford suv's ( brand new). should i for warn them that they are lookig at costly repair which may amount to paying double the price of the car? in the end i believe i have be ripped off by the car dealership. i will never buy mazda again, and tell everyone about this experience..... buyer beware...... *ak
 I am the original vehicle owner. the car has 120,000 miles on it. i had to replace the radiator, oxgen sensor and the transmission this summer. it seems unusual for a car this young to have such extensive, expensive problems.
 I have a 99 mazda 626 and have just experienced transmission failure. at first my car would sometimes hesitate upon accelerating. recently, as i was driving, the transmission gave out. the car would idle; however, would never kick into gear and the o/d light started blinking on/off. i put the car into d2 to make it to a safer enviroment and as i put the car in park it cut off. i was surprised to learn how many people have had problems with the 1994-2002 mazda's due to a ford transmission being installed. i also read that mazda and ford are aware of the problem and have never taken responsibility for it. while i receive literature to purchase new mazda's, i have never received information regarding this problem. now being quoted prices of $1800-$2100 to have my car repaired, i must foot this bill only to have the same occurance in a matter of months. i have also read that mazda ceased making the 626 model due to transmission/design problems. how long will it be before they own up to their mistakes?*ak
 When shifting gears, the transmission would slip gears. the dealership was notified, but did not resolve the problem. the cause was not determined. please provide more information.
 My daughter was driving out family's 1999 mazda 626 when she called me frightened as the car transmission was surging. with 68000 miles one would think that a car shouldn't have a trnasmission problem. the transmission shop (reprtable) is now replacing same for $2700.*ak
 Stalled out it first had to get the rpms up to get it to shift, od light flashed on and off. now the car wont pull at all. have only had the car two and half years. had it towed to coleman-taylor transmission. thet want $3,000.00 to rebuild the transmission. all this happened in a matter of two days. i don't have $3,000.00 to correct the problem. single parent trying to put my only child through college. i honestly can't believe there hasn't been some kind of recall with all the problems that have been reported. had to have the car towed back to my house. please, please help!*ak
 While driving 40 mph transmission failed. dealership was notified, but did not resolve the problem. *ak
 I purchased my 1999 mazda 626 in december 2000. since that time, there exists an obvious problem with the transmission, which downshifts roughly and has threatened to fail on numerous occasions. recently, a friend who has the same model told me that mazda installed ford transmissions in their 626 models and that these particular transmissions were not sufficient to operate in a 626. her transmission failed completely and she had to replace it. she told me that the mazda dealerships are well aware of this particular problem and that there is a hundred-dollar fix that can stop the transmission from failing. i looked through your database online. the problem with mazda transmissions is well-known and well-documented and yet: 1. there is no recall. 2. mazda has never informed me of a potential problem or potential fix. i suppose i will either have to take my chances with the fix and spend more money on a defective transmission that never should have been installed or pay approximately $2,000 when my transmission finally fails. if this is a documented condition which everyone seems to know about, what is nhtsa's position and why isn't mazda being called to bear responsibility for this obvious defect? thank you for your time. i await your response. *ak
 Transmission on my 99 mazda 626 lx is giving me plenty of problems. car warranty is almost gone. i have talked to several people who have the same car and all have had the same problem. i believe that mazda should recall the transmissions as they are faulty! *jb
 Transmission continued to overheat. as a result the part failed.*ak
 Check engine light on, revealed transmission was slipping. transmission had to be replaced. o/d light flashes after driving on the highway for an extended period of time. *jb
 We bought a used 1999 mazda 626 ex from a mazda dealership in november 2000. it was a gold check certified car. while we were buying the car, the dealership was sold to capital mazda of cary. we never received any recall notifications about the car, though we did receive solicitations for service and repair work, warranties, or to buy a new car. in april 2004, we drove the car from raleigh nc to charleston sc, and the transmission went out. we had our 3 year old and 1 month old in the car, in the heat, walking to get help. the aamco dealer told us it was a manufacturing defect of the ford transmission. there was a crack inside the transmission which he said was an inherent defect. we had no choice but to repair it so we could get home. we are very upset that we had to pay $2000 to fix it when it is clearly a manufacturing problem - we feel that mazda sold us a defective product. now, less than three months later our car broke down while my sister was taking it to get the check engine light looked at. she was stranded. we have had to spend another $275 on transmission work and the problem is not resolved. we are still paying for this vehicle and cannot afford to sell it, nor can we afford to keep repairing it. we are interested in joining any class actions being developed against mazda regarding this problem. it is my understanding that it is widely known that ford transmissions are no good, yet mazda has not taken any steps to recall these.*ak
 1) transmission slipped/ spurratic shifting/hesitation in all the gears. ) transmisson failed at 74,000 miles. 3 )mechanic says overhaul / still trying to located a working transmission to fit. *ak
 1999 mazda 626 with 86,512 miles started to smoke from the underneath car. upon inspection of the problem, transmission fluid was seen dripping from underneath the car at a moderate rate. transmission problem due to a rear crankshaft seal failure. total repair bill was $742.89. *ak
 Nar 07-15-2003 the consumer experienced problem with transmission failure a little after 60,000 miles. dealer notified. *cb
 In may of 2004 we were returning from albuqurque, nm and suffered a transmission failure in our 1999 mazda 626. we had the transmission replaced and on 7/13/2004 while returning from phoeniz, az we suffered another transmission failure.*ak
 1999 mazda 626 with 50,900 miles.transmission stuck in reverse. all gear shift positions resulted in reverse. after the vehicle was turned off, it would not restart. mechanic states that the gear interchange cable or the rod is broken. inspection of the transmission fluid indicates that the fluid is severely burned with quite a bit of clutch debri. my current choices are to purchase a new transmission at $3000 plus the gear interchange, or have the transmission disassembled and repaired at a cost between $1.5000 to $2.7000. the tranmission has not given any sign of problems until this current malfunction. previous mazdas have been excellent cars. this appears to be a prime example of ford's excellent engineering designed to fail as soon as warranty expired. *ak
 I was driving on interstate 95 north about 4pm last september. all the sudden out of the blue my overdrive light comes on. my speed drops from 70mph to 40mph cars on my bumper. smoke coming from the engine. luckily there was a rest stop less than one mile ahead. i barely made it into the roadside area. i had it checked out by someone there in that town. after much decision, i decided to have the car towed back to charleston, sc about 120 miles from where the problem happened. months prior to this event, my check engine light keep coming on. we kept taking it to mazda but they couldn't tell me what was wrong. so i continue to make my car payments. i can only drive my car locally. *ak
 Transmission failure. *ak
 I own a 1999 mazda 626 with the 4 cylinder engine and automatic transmission. the car has 44,000 miles on it and is on it's second transmission. the first transmission was replaced in 12/15/99. i am now facing replacing the transmission again. the car is well maintained and after reviewing data i find that i am not alone in my situation as this transmission is a problem with many other consumers as well. *ak
 While driving over 70 mph, the consumer noticed the over drive light flashing. the consumer inspected the engine and noticed transmission fluid was all over the wheel wells. the mechanic noticed the transmission was cracked. please provide further details. *jb
 Check engine light came on nov. 2003, code said transmission slippage; result: rebuild transmission($2600.00) any highway driving since then has resulted in 0/d light flashing on and off,transmission fluid coming out of vent hose. 1st time back: replace sensor, 2nd time back: replace burnt bushing. in shop (aamco) again today for third time since rebuild. incident only happens when driving at highway speeds, then shifting becomes hard jerks untill tranny cools down (automatic). *ak
 Dashboard lights went completely out. brakes began to fail, had to replace and 3months went out again and had to have more work dome.. this happened 3 times in 1year time..$400. 00 worth of work .. transmission started to act up.. 1st day car automatic transmission wouldnt go into 2nd gear the next day it wouldnt go into reverse and finally the 3rd day went to take it to the dealer and couldnt make it b/c the transmission had gone completely out. *ak
 My 1999 mazda 626 with 74000 miles was paid off 4 months ago and that is when warranty expired. now the transmission is bad. $1,300 to fix, $2,600 new from dealer. did some research and there seems to be a major proplem with these transmissions. i believe that mazda should be made responsible for there design flaws.*ak
 At 97,000 miles my transmission failed. the o/d light blinks continuously and the car is stuck in 2nd or 3rd gear. *ak
 Transmission leaks fluid when driving more than 1 hour. also, the overdrive light flashes. *la
 While driving 45 mph vehicle stalled. this caused the driver to drift off to the side of the road. consumer had the vehicle towed to the dealership for inspection, an d mechanic determined that transmission failed. *ak *nm
 The transmission began down shifting very harshly. within a few days i began hearing a popping noise and couldn't accelerate in the lower gears (below 35 mph) without hearing the noise. this became a dangerous situation when i was entering a major state highway from a stop and was almost hit by a semi- truck because the car wouldn't accelerate.*ak
 I have had my car a year and replaced the transmission 3 tims and the engine once, the tranny is on its 4th burn up, the o/d light flashes its spits out fluid and will not go in overdrive at all, from all the complaints i see on here something should be done about this. it is an insane number of complaints just on the 99 year model. im filing suit i dont know about the rest of you but ive had enuff..
 1999 mazda 626 transmission failure. *ak
 1999 mazda 626 sedan repeated transmission failures & problems related to the transmission
 The vehicle's transmission overheated. the cause of this problem has not been determined. *nm
 Defective automatic transmission, overheats, expunging fluid, which results in damaging transmission. repairs over $2500.
 The transmission failed without warning. the consumer had the transmission replaced three times, however they continue to fail. *nm
 1999 mazda 626 lx 4 cyl. 2.0, 90k; the transmission will not engage forward drive gears, the transmission will only engage in reverse. i have taken my car to have transmission pulled and diagnosed and i am awaiting result and price to rebuild. after reading other complaints here i am concluding that the transmission is no good, expensive to replace, and i will never purchase a mazda again. *jb
 After starting the vehicle transmission failed. vehicle was unable to accelerate. dealership was notified, but did not resolve the problem. *ak
 Transmission went out on vehicle, stranding me in the middle of a busy round-about with temperature falling below zero. *cb
 O/d light started flashing during a road trip. when i turned the car off and restarted, flashing light would stop. shortly afterwards the engine light came on. we called the mazda dealer where we bought the car and they advised that as long as the engine light was not flashing we were safe to drive the vehicle. if the o/d starting flashing again, cut-off/restart. they also advised us to go to autozone to get engine code and then call back. the engine code=p1744 and per the service tech at mazda it meant that the tcc cylinoid was either stuck; hanging or needed to be replaced. we asked if we could drive the car home (300miles) - he told us yes but if the o/d light started flashing to cut-off/restart. he also said that if the engine light started flashing that we needed to stop and have the vehicle towed. the engine light disilluminated altogether. we were on the road approximately 1 hour when the o/d light started flashing. we stopped and saw smoke billowing from under the hood. when we lifted the hood transmission fluid was all over everything. we towed car to mazda dealership. the service tech said that the transmission had overheated / purged the transmission fluid/ and burned some components in transmission which resulted in the need for the transmission to be replaced. repair bill estimate = $2,900.00. this is a flaw or defect as the fail-safe components failed to operate properly in that the engine light never flashed to warn us and to the contrary the light disilluminated giving the false appearance of all things being well.
 At present i own a 1999 mazda 626es and am extremely dissatisfied with mazda, ford, and this vehicle overall. the 626 has caused me a lot of headaches and money. every time i turn around theres something wrong with this vehicle. i recognize that all cars must be maintained according to the dealer suggested maintenance schedules to get the full life out of the vehicle (which i do), but this is absolutely preposterous! the priciest expense was the transmission that i replaced december 2002. with a price tag of $2900.00 for a rebuilt transmission, you would think it would be rebuilt to last longer than 1 year. yep, here it is january 2004 and the ford transmission that was placed in my car is slipping! and of course, the 12 month, 12,000 mile warranty the mazda dealership offers has now expired. i just felt a need to express my sincere disappointment in the mazda brand. i know that mazda has done away with the 626 and have replaced it with the mazda6&hope the mazda/ford motor company has taken pride in there name and try to rebuild there character and built a better vehicle. i am so disgusted with mazda, that one couldnt pay me to look at/consider to step foot in another mazda as long as i have breath in my body. disgusted 626 owner. *ak
 This is totally incredible!! how can this many complaints go by with out mazda doing something about this!? i bought a 1999 mazda 626, with just at 59,000 almost 60,000 miles on it, this summer. and now this winter, a few months later, with almost 67,000 miles... i am having most of the problems that everyone else is having...flashing od light and horrible transmission problems. transmission has to be warm to run smooth... other wise it hesitates when shifting into gear and even then it shifts hard when running down the road... so bad that i sound like i am peeling out when taking off from a stop. this mainly happens when the car has only been running a little while. after being warm and driving a while transmission is ok except for at stop lights. then transmission seems to shift (feels like i am being tapped by another car from behind). i will never buy another mazda or a ford product for that matter! i am a single mother and work part time while attending college full time. i don't have another car to use while mine is in the shop nor the money to deal with this issue!! this issue should be handled for the consumers sake and mazda/ford's reputation! *ak
 Transmission failure on 82,000 --1999 mazda 626 lx. have most of maintenance on time -- have records. transmission oil leak started at 2000 when car was under 5000 miles, i went to darcars mazda dealer for at least 5 times, never got my problem solved. *la
 My sister and i own a 1999 mazda 626 lx. i was driving out of town when my transmission failed. in order for the car to move i had to put it in overdrive. once the car was going at 60 mph it was okay but going any faster and the od light would start flashing. i am very upset because a majority of my friends that own mazda's had transmission work done. since mazda/ford would not take responsibiblity for faulty work the owners of these crappy cars are left with huge bills. we have to pay 1450.00 for this. i am definitely going to file a lawsiut because if so many consumers are complaining then they need to take action asap.*ak
 While driving on highway and with no prior warning overdrive light starts flashing, and vehicle jerks badly, barely shifting gears, and would not reverse. had the car assessed by two certified mechanics, both stating that transmission failed, and told me that this was not uncommon for this car-- called mazda corp and local dealer who both offered no help, as of course the car was out of warranty at 70,600 miles- this is ridiculous car was bought brand new and should need transmission replaced this soon!!!*ak
 The time lapse between the automatic transmission gears shifting was increasing, and vehicle won't shift into first gear. dealer recommendd to consumer to replace the transmission. *ak
 Auto: 1999 mazda 626 at 92,000 problem: looks like overheating of transmission and leakage or overflowing of transmission all over the engine: - od light is blinking - engine light is on and off - gear slipping *la
 Transmission went out of 1999 mazda 626 at 87,500 miles. until now no problems existed now dealer wants $3,500 to rebuild transmission. my research shows that the 1999 626 has major transmission problems and mazda will not recognize recall on all cars. *la
 Transmission failure at 58,000 miles. brought to mazda in july and told that the transmission was overheating. *la
 Whenever the transmission heats up on my mazda 626 it then jerks, and moving the gears. this has been estimated for a complete rebuild of the transmission at 55,000 miles and i was estimated at $3000 for the rebuild. i have noticed massive amounts of complaints for this car with the exact same incident. it started around thanksgiving 2002 and continues on to this day. *la
 Transmission failure. *la
 Tranmission acting up. transmission o/d light flashing at 70mph. trans fluid appers to be dark in color due to overheating of transmission. transmission has hard time shifting gears.
 I own a 1999 mazda 626. the transmission is dying and needs a new one. my car has 51,000 miles on it, and repair range above 1,000 dollars. checking around i have found multiple complaints on the car's transmission. please take appropriate actions to correct this deficiency. is my car still covered under factory warranty? *jb
 1999 mazda 626, with 39022 miles is having transmission problems. od/ light came on transmission fluid spewing all over engine. vehicle will not shift into gear, stalls and sputters. *ph
 I bought my mazda 626 in april 2003 and one month later my transmission went out and i had to have rebuilt. that mad me mad, but what made me really mad was that when i bought my extended warrenty i was told that my warrenty would completely cover repairs to keep my car running. even when i was at the dealership when my transmission went out everybody there was telling me don't worry the warrenty would cover it. well how come when i went to kennedy transmission (that's where the warranty company sent me to get the work done) i was told the total bill was $ 2,600.00 and that i had to pay almost a $ 1,000.00 out of my pocket ! that's right after i just got done paying $ 2,000.00 down on the car, and i had just made my first car payment which was another $ 380.00. kennedy transmission took almost three weeks to fix my trann, then the day after i got my car back my car wouldn't start because kennedy did something to my car and they had to take it for another day. now it has been three months and my tranny has a leak in it ! this is crazy and i know there are people out there with stories just like mine about there 626. something needs to be done mazda should not be able to sell cars with such horrible transmissions, and if a dealership like mine knows there is something wrong with the car (nad i'm sure they knew) should not sell the car or at least take the car back. i will never buy a mazda again . *ak
 The transmission on my mazda 626 has failed. the clutches are non operational and sadly in the owner's manual there is no reference to any kind of maintenance that needs to be performed to the automatic transmission. even in the 30,000 and 60,000 mile check up they do not change the transmission fluid or suggest that it be done. *nlm
 I have a 1999 mazda 626 with less than 60,000 miles on it today. i bought the car from hertz rental for my daughter in march 2000 and although there were some recalls on this car we have never received a recall notification.*ak secondly and most importantly, my daughter have been experiencing problems with the automatic transmission (i think). for instance, we took the car to san francisco and although we were flooring the accelerator we were barely able to go up a small hill at less than 5 mph. also, on several instances, my daughter would step on the gas to accelerate (from an intersection or stop) but the engine would just rev up and the car won't go (she has to take her foot off the accelerator, wait until the engine gets to a lower rpm and then slowwwwly step on the accelerator to make the car go). i check the internet today and was surprised to seee so many mazda 626 owners with transmission problems without a recall from mazda. what does it take to get mazda to take responsibility or have the nhtsa force mazda to fix these defects? i want to file a complaint so that the nhtsa and mazda is aware of how many people are paying for mazda's irresponsibility.
 My 1999 mazda 626 has 72000 miles on it and the o/d light started blinking and i am having problems with my transmission. it is currently in the shop to be prepared. i have researched and found that there are hundreds of other consumer out there that have the same exact problem with this vehicle and the transmission and this needs to be addressed. i put faith and confidence in you that this will be looked into to and that a recall needs to be made. thanks. *nlm
 I bought my 1999 mazda 626lx used in june of 1999 with 39,000 miles on it and throughout the two years that i had it i've gotten serviced more times than i can even count. over the past 8 months the problems with the car have been getting worse. initally the car was shutting off occasionally whenever i came to a stop. that alone scared me and i feared driving on the interstate because of this. the mechanic told me that my spark plugs needed to be replaced so i did that but the same day that i got it fixed the same thing happened and car started driving very rough. although the car has not shut off on me lately it has done some very weird things like driving while the car is in reverse. i parked the car one day in an awkward way so i wanted to correct myself and when i tried to reverse the car kept on driving forward (i'm lucky there wasn't another car in front of me) and it was hard to shift into park when i was finally able to do that i turned to car off but then couldn't get it to come back on so i had it towed to the dealership and they said it was a problem with the shift interlock gear. since i 've gotten my car back it drives worse than ever before the transmission slips, i can only drive in overdrive, the car shakes when it shifts gears and at certain speeds it thrusts forward with so much force that i it feels like i've just been rear-ended. fortunately, i haven't had to replace the transmission but after reading other reviews about this car i fear that the time maybe coming soon especially since i just reached 83,000+ miles. with all the complaints on this problem mazda should really take action on this issue because these cars are unsafe to drive and personally i will never buy another mazda again. *ak
 1999 mazda 626 transmission failure. *ak
 While driving, consumer states that the transmission began slipping, then vehicle stalled.*ak
 Transmission suddenly went out. car had only 66,000 miles.*ak
 The transmission in my 1999 mazda 626 burned up at 51, 590 miles. two delaer mechanics said the failure was due to driving at speeds over 70mph for an extended period of time. one of them said he has seen a lot of this in the 626s for a few years . of course, mazda no longer makes the 626. i was driving between 75 and 80mph for approximately 2.5 hours. it turns out mazda did not install transmission coolers on the 626 for several years. the cooler, according to mazda, is an after factory part. unfortunately, the consumer is not told that their car does not have this and that if they drive at highway speeds for an extended period of time they may face thousands of dollars in repairs. the cooler, which mazda does not make, costs around $100.00 depending on labor, etc. my car had just gone out of warranty, and i had the transmission and engine checked while under warranty to make sure everything was safe and well-working. i had taken it it for the check just months before, and the mechanic said everything was fine. i have spoken with mazda usa (1-800-222-5500) and they calim little responsibility, but did offer to pay for parts (thank you). the best bet for anyone with similar problems, issues is to call mazda, place your complaint with the nhtsa, carreview.com, safetyalerts.com, msnautos, and whoever else you consider pertinent. my intent is to inform drivers; i wish i had been. it would have saved me a lot of time and money, and i probably would have made it to the good friend's wedding i missed that day.
 O/d off light blinking. took to mazda dealer and was told transmission needs to be replaced. car has 70,000 miles. research shows this problem is consistent among the 626 models with the ford transmission installed. mazda will not acknowledge the over heating problem causing the transmission failure. *jb
 The car shifted really hard when i put the gear on reverse. it shifted so hard that the engine almost stalled. the car also jerks and hesitates when accelerating from a stop. i took the car in to a mechanic and they had to replace the transmission for $2,500. however, the problem was not fixed. it is still doing the same thing and the mechanics, after 2 weeks, still can not figure out what's wrong with the vehicle. this car only had 45,000 miles. i wish i had checked this website before i bought the car and saw all the transmission complaints. i will never buy another mazda. *nlm
 Transmission failure in 1999 mazda 626lx. *nlm
 The vehicle failed to shift into gear. *jb
 I was told to file a complaint, because i think there is a problem with the automatic transmissions in the late model mazda 626's. i just spent $1700 for a rebuilt transmission on my 1999 626 es with 62000 miles. the damage of the transmission was very significant. my mechanic whom i have known for 7 years said this not an isolated problem with these cars, he said just in february alone he did 4. he said these transmissions are junk, and very expensive to repair because of their design. this design does not have a pan on the bottom so you can check the vitals, it is on the side. he said this design of automatic was put into the 626, mx-6 , and the ford probe. if there are any questions please feel free to contact me anytime. john. *jb
 The transmission failed.*jb
 Automatic transmission shifting problem, irregular rpm's when idling, popping noise in front (suspension?) when driving over bumps at high rates of speed i.e. highways, interior light faulty,
 1999 mazda 626...just over 70k miles...o/d light flashing...transmission stuck in 2nd gear...hard shifting...research revealed many more drivers with similar experience.
 In june 1999, i purchased a 1999 mazda 626. i have 27,743 miles on it. (i ride mostly in my husband's suv). two days ago, the transmission began to slip. the dealer tells me the 36 month warranty has expired. i say warranty or not at 27,000 miles the transmission should not be slipping--unless there was a problem with it when it was installed. i refuse to pay $2000+ for a new transmission and am seeking arbitration against the dealer. i am astonished to see all of the other complaints about the 626 transmssion i read on the complaint station website. from what i read on this site, the problem is the ford transmission. something must be done concering this problem. a recall is in order. thank you.
 Consumer was driving on interstate when the overdrive light began blinking on/off. consumer then noticed smoke emitting from under hood and rear of vehicle and quickly pulled to the side of the road. dealer diagnosed transmission had failed. ts
 Consumer stated that while driving at 30mph and without warning the transmission failed causing the vehicle not to accelerate. dealer notified. ts
 1999 mazda traansmission problems
 It is crazy to have to replace a transmisson after less than 72000 miles. there are so many complaints on this type of vehicle, that it really should be looked into. it's really sad for people like me that can barely afford the monthly payment, then something like this happens. dt
 Transmission fluid was black. dt
 No summary. dt
 The vehicles clutch band was slipping and as a result the transmission had to be replaced. *ts *nlm
 Consumer states when the vehicle accelerates the transmission makes a clicking noise and jerks into gear. the torque converter was turning back and forth instead of one way which would cause the transmission to fall out. the dealer was informed. please provide more information. mr
 No summary listed for above vehicle. *ak
 Vehicle serviced and all fluids checked and topped off on 8/13/02. no transmission or fluid problems reported during that servicing. no other problems, light indicators, or transmission related issues before this incident. on 8/26/02, while driving on the highway, oil fluids began spraying the windshield and smoke poured from under the hood. vehicle stalled out in the median of extremely busy and congested georgia hwy 400. police and fire responded due to the amount of smoke and hazard of being stalled in median. vehicle was towed to mazda dealer who informed us that the transmission overheated and needs replacement at a cost of $2,700! my research has discovered several other complaints on the same issue. please advise as soon as possible.*ak
 In early 2001,my steering wheel started squeaking loudly.the dealer replaced the rack and pinion steering.the very next month i was driving on a long trip,stopped to get gas,and the engine started smoking.the dealer told me i had driven the car out of overdrive which i had not.in may,2002 i again made a long trip,stopped suddenly for a wreck,with another incident of smoke from the engine.the dealer now says it is the transmission which i have seen noted multiple times as a defect on this web site.*ak
 With the maintenance performed properly, transmission was too young to fail. nlm
 No summary listed for above vehicle. *ak
 When driving transmission malfunctions, and vehicle can only be driven in overdrive. please provide any further information, and identification number.*ak
 The o/d light was flashing just before i begin to see the car smoking, i look under the hood and there is transmission fluild on the motor and then i got back into the car trying to move the car...then the car began to jerk into the gear.*ak
 No summary listed for abov evehicle. *ak
 My transmission recently went out (no accident or injury). after taking it to the mechanics to have it looked at, the mechanic mentioned that mazda has a problem with their transmissions that gets them thru to warranty. after speaking with him, i spoke to a friend that had a neighbor that had transmission problems with 2 different models of mazda cars. (626 and mpv). after he spent a couple months trying to get mazda to pay for his transmission, he found out that mazda issued a dealer notice that there was a design flaw in the transmission and to contact the mfg. for a transmission rebuild kit. (mazda does not pay for this of course, because it usually happens after the warranty runs out. i just spent $1,800.00 on a car that is only 2 years old! if mazda is aware of the problem and has not corrected it, then they should be responsible for having a recall and fixing the problem free of charge. please advise as to what you find out. thank you.*ak
 No summary listed for above vehicle. *ak
 While consumer was traveling at 75mph on freeway transmission gave out and vehicle stalled. consumer contacted dealer, and the dealer stated that transmission was freyed. *ak
 The overdrive off light starts flashing on roadtrips when you have driven about 80 miles. the last incident it actually came out of overdrive at 80 mph. *ak
 Car jerks on acceleration and deceleration very badly. the car downshifts extremely bad. *ak
 Transmission shifts hard, the car jerks and makes a sound, engine revs high. *ak
 Transmission went out. vehicle will not go into reverse. contacted dealer, and dealer was not willing to do anything.*ak
 While traveling at various speeds driver noticed a jerking, no prior warnings. dealer has checked vehicle three times. *ak while driving, the transmission delays into geras and transmission slamed into gear when put into reverse causing the car to jerk backward. *yh
 I purchased the vehicle new on dec. 19, 1999. i noticed a problem with the transmission starting slipping in reverse. on feb. 8, 2000 i have taken the car back to the dealer for repair. the told me that the transmission had to be ordered and bring the vehicle back on feb 12, 2000. i picked up the car on feb 12, 2000 and had to take the vehicle back because of a loud humming noise. again its in the transmission. this time they tell that the front pump went out on the transmission. feb 13, 2000 another transmission had to be ordered. when they first put the transmission in it was a remanufactured transmission. in the warranty agreement it states, any repair or replacement of a covered component may be made with a functionally equivalent component, as determined by the administator. in the warranty booklet it states, a mazda dealer will make necessary repairs, using a new or remanufacutred parts, to correct any problem covered by this warranty without charge to you. i do not want a remanufactured part on the vehicle. i bought the vehicle new, i expect a new part on the vehicle obiviously the remanufactured transmission did not work. *ak
 I purchased this vehicle, new, on april 8, 1999. immediately i noticed problems, the car made an odd noise and vibration at rest, this was repaired, a missing bolt from the heat shield . the cd player stopped working within 10 days of purchase, replaced. warped wind deflecter replaced, and blown interior light fuses. the major problem of course is the transmission. car was taken to dealer on april 19, 1999 reported concerns with the transmission, shifting roughly, lurching and slipping at various speeds. technician test drove car, said there was no problem, did not do electronic analysis of transmission. i indicated my concern regarding the transmission to mazda corp. in the mazda care survey as well. on dec. 15, i went to dealership and demanded that a tech. ride with me as i expressed concerns. car had almost cut off while driving 3 days before. i had to rent a car to go to florida because i was afraid to put car on the road. car was left with dealer, and finally found to have transmission problem. they want to replace transmission, and then offer me a 12,000 mile warranty on the replaced transmission, when i currently have 35,000 miles remaining an my bumper to bumper warranty. this is inequitable, and unacceptable. this car was sold to me with a faulty transmission, and i want a replacement vehicle (new) or my money.
 While driving transmission comes to a complete stop when making a u turn. when consumer comes to a stop sign or a stop light vehicle rolls backwards and forwards when she applies the gas pedal. *ak
 Transmission fails upon decelereation. unit downshifts hard, then o/d light flashes and then engine compartment starts to fill with transmission fluid, causing much smoke and a potential for fire.
 Transmission: shift shock , fuel pump , makes noise .
 The o/d light started flashing while driving down the highway. stopped and found that there was a large amount on transmission fluid all over the engine compartment. i filled the trans back up and it all leaked out within five minutes. the fluid is coming out of the vent tube. i will be taking it to get it fixed. this is one of many problems i have had with this car. just replaced the cooling lines that rusted in half!*ak
 O/d light started flashing during a road trip. when i turned the car off and restarted, flashing light would stop. shortly afterwards the engine light came on. we called the mazda dealer where we bought the car and they advised that as long as the engine light was not flashing we were safe to drive the vehicle. if the o/d starting flashing again, cut-off/restart. they also advised us to go to autozone to get engine code and then call back. the engine code=p1744 and per the service tech at mazda it meant that the tcc cylinoid was either stuck; hanging or needed to be replaced. we asked if we could drive the car home (300miles) - he told us yes but if the o/d light started flashing to cut-off/restart. he also said that if the engine light started flashing that we needed to stop and have the vehicle towed. the engine light disilluminated altogether. we were on the road approximately 1 hour when the o/d light started flashing. we stopped and saw smoke billowing from under the hood. when we lifted the hood transmission fluid was all over everything. we towed car to mazda dealership. the service tech said that the transmission had overheated / purged the transmission fluid/ and burned some components in transmission which resulted in the need for the transmission to be replaced. repair bill estimate = $2,900.00. this is a flaw or defect as the fail-safe components failed to operate properly in that the engine light never flashed to warn us and to the contrary the light disilluminated giving the false appearance of all things being well.
 The overdrive off light starts flashing on roadtrips when you have driven about 80 miles. the last incident it actually came out of overdrive at 80 mph. *ak
 We have 1999 mazda 626 with 77k mile on it. the automatic transmission shift cable comes loose where cable attaches to transmission. end of cable has a rubber bushing that slide onto the transmission shift lever is deteriated and will not say attached. transmission remains in gear; engine must be shut off. once engine is shut off, it can't be restarted until shift cable is reattached. cable comes off when shifter is moved repeating cycle. bushing can not be replaced, entire cable must be replaced. madza service department quotes $655 plus taxes to make repairs. there is a design flaw. surely other mazda 626 owners are experencing the same problem?*ak
 The catalytic converter malfunctioned. also, torque converter became defective, resulting in major transmission problems. *ak
 I own a 1999 mazda 626 es with an automatic trans axle. the vehicle has been serviced regularly, and has 78,000 miles on the odometer. last week the transaxle failed as it dropped down a gear, to go up a slight hill, at approximately 70 mph on the interstate. as a result, the transaxle will not shift out of second gear. the resulting rebuild of the transaxle will cost $2100, half the current trade-in value of the vehicle. my concerns are two-fold. first, the transaxle should not have failed at 78,000 miles; this is not a normal situation for a well-maintained vehicle of this age and mileage. second, after a search through internet discussion sites, and discussing the issue with a co-worker who had the same thing happen with a 1995 mazda 626, it has become evident to me that mazda 626 transaxle failures are a fairly common, seemingly systemic problem. *ak
 Clutch pedal broke off when i was driving..i almost crashed. *nm
 Dt: the consumer stated while accelerating the transmission slipped. there was a slight chattering noise. once the vehicle was in gear it worked correctly. a local mechanic changed the spark plugs and the wires. also, checked the cv joints and they were fine. the mechanic had not looked at the transmission. he eliminated all of the other things first. this has been happening for about three or four months. *ak (11/17/05) the mechanic suggested that the automatic transmission was the problem. *sc
 My1999 mazda 626 does not shift correctly and the garages all tell me this is normal for this car. they tell me this starts as the car gets older and it is not an easy fix as mazda is having a problem fixing this.*ak
 My car failed the last week of january 2005. it would stop going into gear. i had the spark plugs replaced, transmission fluid changed, but still no change. finally it got so bad i stopped driving. i have yet found anyone who really wants to fix the car because they all say it is a piece of junk and not worth fixing. *nm
 Transmission went out in my 1999 mazda 626 after 91,000 miles.*jb