Mazda Fribute

Model Fribute made by Mazda got 1 consumer complain. Consumer complaints with reference to exterior lighting. .

Model 2002

Consumer Complaints

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 Both fog light lenses have shattered for no apparent reason while highway driving. mazda tribute is 8 months old. taken to dealer for repair after first one broke, and shop man said they have replaced about six of them. the lenses are glass, and obviously very fragile glass at that. was told that warranty would not cover as it is due to road hazard. shop man also said at the time, that it would cost about $190. to repair, and i might want to hold off until there are some after market products available that would be less expensive. since that time, the second lens shattered, also during highway driving. i have notified mazda usa, and let them know i am disappointed in the less than adequate quality of the lenses. *jb

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